Editions MSS
Editions MSS
Goldbarg’s Variants
§ 33.
Synoptic Atlas of texts, personnages, locales, species, auteurs, languages, and whatnot alluded to, mentioned, plagiarized, or variously entangled in the proximal, fulcral, and distal parts of this work.

AR, possibly Arnaut Raymond (q.v.), one of our associative faculty (OAF) at ISOCPHYS in Owlstain and author of Parlons Fouqqari (qq. v.) — informant in Ouida’s (q.v.) latest research 16.

Arathu River, tributary of Arathu Sea (q.v.) — its flippant shaved banks in Owlstain (q.v.) 1; its uptight psychological mouth near Glamporium (q.v.) 2; drab AR 4; foreign AR 4; moanzy aerie high above 4; raging AR 4.

Arathu Sea, mare nostrum (‘our sea’ [os]) — easy AS 3; setting sun reflected in 3; its immigrants 6; its sagacious mountains 10; sacrificial AS 10; its violet serpents 12; this side of AS 12; its sunstruck shores 14; its black water 15.

ATD Den, Asso Toloste’s Dynamic Den, a sex logur (heterotopian redoubt of haptic praxis) of MastersheenA Tara T. Dirty™ heteroptically produced there is recalled 16.

babur, Intrussyan coin current in the ochlocratic dorps of inner Wyoming — proverbial measure of guilt 16.

berdīwar, ‘wandering bard’ (Tg.); ‘reed marsh’ (HF) — gentle B 2; transliterated B 2.

Coltrane, Mona, founding managing editor (ME) of the Owlstain SCAT, a weekly; ISOCPHYS-certified Owlstain community member (ICOCM) — breathless and raging, she swoons 17; crumbling 1; false 1; favorite 1; my 1; pretty 1; talus-born 1; unexamined 1; vicious 1; watery 1.

D’Laumes River, tributary of Arathu Sea (q.v.) — its flippant shaved banks in Owlstain (q.v.) 1.

Duke Atta, haptic personnage of A Tara T. Dirty™ — titillates his fiery world in ATD Den (q.v.) 16.

Formicophagus maa Goldbarg, 1933, the singing or firing-pin or cannon antlion of the Tetrastics — MF words for imago and pupa of 17.

Formicophagus tlaatlata Strick., 1845, the Viridian Mountain antlion — MF words for imago and pupa of 17.

Fouqqari, Parlons, by Arnaut Raymond (q.v.), Paris, L’Harmattan, 2002 — not consulted.

Fukari, also Fouqqari in older (or francophone) literature (abbr. Fuk., Fouq., or F) — Fukari culture, Fukari customs, Fukari land, Fukari language, Fukari people, Fukari philosophy, Fukari undsoweiter, passim.

Fukari, Coast (Co. Fuk., CF), also known as Sihlaucal (Sih.) (q.v.) — CF mythology 7.

Fukari, Huerta- (Hue.-Fuk., HF) — customs, culture, topography of HF 2; some HF words 9.

Fukari, Mountain (Mtn. Fuk., MF) — 15; 16.

Girtablullu rbelagae Trober, 1893, a fistular portal scorpion endemic to the southern Tetrastic region — unspecified exemplar 2; its fistular sting 16; recessive coup from ditto 16.

Goldbarg, Otto X. (1882–1944), philandering ethnopsammophilologist of the Tetrastics — his buried portents 16; his children 16; his critical whale of a failure 16; his curse (awkward misery of) 15; his curse (chimeric bosom of) 15; his diaries 17; his fresh appeal 17; his garden (prophetic) 16; his garden (Tixputo) 16; his head and heart 17; his incredible way 16; his initiation into the “Masked Leader” cult 17; his Jardim quai viottoli si bifurcam 15, 16, 17; his late work 15; his legacy 15, 17; his lexical ecology 15, 16; his memory 15; his mind 15; his mold-loving ant 15; his obscure manner 16; his opinion 16; his papers 17; his polydactyl descendants 16; his proud hands 17; his Psammophilology 16, 17; his shabby appetite for womaninity 17; his travels 17; his wizened neck 17; his variants 16, 17;

Hamlet’s Mill, An essay on myth and the frame of time, by Giorgio de Santillana and Hertha von Dechend, various publishers, places, languages, editions, from 1977 (at least) on — grievous HM 16.

Keel, Lyra, ISOCPHYS-certified Owlstain community member (ICOCM) — her arrogance 1.

Kidjaki, Djuma, ISOCPHYS-certified Owlstain community member (ICOCM) — autumnal 1; idiotic 1.

Moanzy ninsrata L., the Stormy Auk of Hamiltonia — a bustling bousculade of M. burrasca Strick., 1845, the Lazy Goose of Wyoming and Flouziana, misidentified as an insurgent eisteddfod of M. ninsrata 6.

Nimloidu, cosmopolitan genus of amphibian snails — getting gobbled by lazy geese 6.

Nin, Moéu Noäu (MNN), acquaintance and quondam contributor to our SCAT (OS) — her maternal grandfather 9.

Nirusa, a river in Wyoming — its two arms 6.

nod [nōd] (HF), indigenous species of naos — disturbing N 1.

Oman, Dr. A. G., glottosophist and onomatologist, 11, rue du Dragon, Paris, sixième, as well as visiting lexical therapist at the ILE of ISOCPHYS in Owlstain (q.v.) — Mona’s father 16; his treatment of Skid 16.

Oru, Tradine, possibly informant TO (q.v.) — not in text.

ot (MF), imago of F. tlaatata (q.v.) — compared with qot (q.v.) 17.

Prastier, Vélasto, Poldevian prince and author in exile (AE) — gentle, transliterated VP 2; his “Tetrastic Trilogy” 11; extensive quotations from his Rapist’s Elevator 15; citation from his Par la tertio vesse-de-loup (part of his “Tetrastic Trilogy” [q.v.]) 16.

Proust, M., author of À la recherche du temps perdu — his Palamède 16.

Puccinia monoica, species of fungus — parasitizing ant sp. 17.

qot (MF), imago of F. maa (q.v.) — compared with ot (q.v.) 17.

Ravigiallo, Maryam, ISOCPHYS-certified Owlstain community member (ICOCM) — folding 2; her father 2; her friend 2; philosophical 2; pornographic 2; silky 2.

Raymond, Arnaut, possibly informant AR (q.v.) — not in text.

Sihlaucal (Sih.) — see Coast Fukari (q.v.).

Slekton, Skid, founding editor and publisher (EP) of the Owlstain SCAT, a weekly; one of Our Resident Lectuers (ORL) at ISOCPHYS — plastic 1; reminded of the entropic constraints of emotional causality 17; sundry 1.

Spitmarkx, S. E., ontonatatologist and urdostoist (proto-wordist) from Ruhr-Lülnrar (q.v.) — his native burg 6; his neighbor, Osnak Ubag (q.v.) 6; his Welt als Schwimmen und Schwebung (World as swimming and drowning) 16.

Tibreteps, Noruda, assistant editor (AE) of our SCAT (OS) — calling her in 16

TO, possibly Tradine Oru (q.v.) — informant in Ouida’s (q.v.) latest research 16.

Trembart, Tara, one of our associative faculty (OAF) at ISOCPHYS in Owlstain (qq. v.) — philosophical TT 2; pornographic TT 2

Trober, Robert, Tetrastic entomologist — his fistular portal scorpion 16.

Ubag, Osnak, immigrant to the Arathu Sea (q.v.) — her way to ditto from Ruhr-Lülnrar (q.v.), her insignificant life there 6.

Udidi (Hamiltonian), Dado, one of our associative faculty (OAF) at ISOCPHYS in Owlstain (qq.v.) — his talus-born form 1; gives false testament 1; counts himself false 1; his journey to Ostiesa (q.v.) 4; his quotation 10.

Vighdan, Bernard, one of our founding faculty (OFF) at at ISOCPHYS in Owlstain (qq.v.) — incredible BV 1; MC’s neighbor 1.

yellow-steel ant, colloquial term for ant sp. parasitized by P. monoica fungus (q.v.) — cries out in pain on being eaten by antlion in MF myth 17.

Yerisoa, Nirusa (NY), erstwhile assistant editor (AE) of our SCAT (OS) — her twin sister Norlia 16.

Yerisoa, Norlia (NY), erstwhile assistant editor (AE) of our SCAT (OS) — her twin sister Nirusa 16.

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