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Editions MSS
Words to Make a Story Out of
Fourth Pod

An eye-to-eye monologue

§ 192 | GI
§ 193 | Gonorturns
§ 194 | Intrussyan
[Nin Satyr Us, Nin Ass Yurt,...]
§ 195 | Tree or a log
“Soon we heard the patter of little feet on the hard snow; then we saw the chipmunks approaching from all directions. Some stopped and ran experimentally up a tree or a log, as if uncertain of the exact direction of the call; others chased one another about.” [C. A. Eastman, Indian Boyhood. New York: McClure, Phillips & Co., 1902. Ch. III, My plays and playmates, § III, The boy hunter.] “From knocking the mischief into a tree or a log it is only a step to knocking it into a stone, a door-post, a wall, or such like.” [J. G. Frazer, 1911. The Golden Bough: A study in magic and religion. , vol. 9]
§ 196 | TRe
Textualité revêche, as opposed to textualité riante (TRi) (e.g. Bennett 1910). See also strenuous textuality (STX).
§ 197 | Raid Dirna
The Reformist Academy and Institution of Devotion of Dirna, Wyo., puts out its own journal of intent and researches, the Dirna RAID.
§ 198 | Er cerce di ore
[Name of a Librería on calle Muñecañemas, Tixpu]
§ 199 | Eye-purging amber
§ 200 | ON
§ 201 | Rare
The granadillo rojo is rare in Lutèce but not in New Lexica.

“‘Nothing’s rare,’ comments B. Rao in his small, posthumously published treatise on categorical arteries, La rareté du néant (Owlstain: Melos e Artes, 2007).” So writes Skid Slekton in “Remembering Rao” (Owlstain SCAT, 31 January 2007). Actually, however, B. Rao pense, in his petit traité sur les artères catégoriques, “qu’il ya toujours quelque chose quelque part au lieu de rien nulle part.” This is a far cry from the “rien est rare” that Slekton sloppily extracts from Rao, and it rigorously, strictly, and succinctly follows, according to Rao, from the mere existence, potentially or in fact, of categorical arteries (artères catégoriques), which are hollow or tubular (fistular, in the lingo) topological constructs similar in behavior to, but broader in scope than, fibrous categories.

His take on Rao's final work (published posthumously, January 2007), is a bit more together, (methinks because the hand of some crackshot freelancer, one Sagarch Flawndol in particular, had a hand in it):

: | Nothing’s rare: A small treatise on categorical arteries.

in R’s reckoning, that there is always something somewhere (quelque chose quelque part) rather than nothing nowhere (au lieu de rien nulle part). In addition, R refutes in advance any cosmozeological speculations equating his artères catégoriques with so-called wormholes (trous de ver) which latter R refers to as “parasitic scoria infibulating the protuberant colon of an invagination corked by the sclerotic sphincter of dry theory (scories parastiques vermoulant le côlon gonflé d’une imagination bouchée par le sphincter sclérosé des théories fanées).”

[Rao's son, Bernouilli, is, as of this writing, involved with the very cosmozeologist, Irora Rexni, whom Babur Rao mocks in his final work, and her work takes in, not only, wormholes, but also the sorts of structure that Brishind's sea-grape-obsessed father would, in our opinion, have approved — globular, nodular, soritic, cystomorphic, glomerular, and stromatic models of cosmic origins.]

“Theory showed that this type of group selection would only work under extremely restrictive conditions, and so its importance would be rare or nonexistent” (West, S. A., Griffin, A. S., and A. Gardner, Social semantics: altruism, cooperation, mutualism, strong reciprocity and group selection. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 20 [2007], 415–432).

used rare books

“Why don’t you walk out of your house door, in your slippers, to the nearest gas lamp of a night with a butterfly net, and observe the wild life of common and rare moths that is beating about it, and co-ordinate the knowledge thus obtained and build a superstructure on it, and at last get to know something about something?” [A. Bennett, How to live on 24 hours a day. New York: George H. Doran Co., 1910. Ch. X, Nothing in life is humdrum.]

“The essays and reviews are simultaneously stringent and accessible, and display a rare courtesy to the reader” (P. Crotty, Pride of Scotland. And the problems of Edwin Morgan’s reputation south of the border. TLS 18 March 2011, pp. 12–13).

"I anticipate a rare display of rural red and white." [PIERRE: OR, THE AMBIGUITIES. BY HERMAN MELVILLE. NEW YORK: HARPER & BROTHERS, PUBLISHERS, 1852.]

“In rare circumstances it is even possible to view Venus as evening and morning star on the same day.” [Aveni 1992]

“In a few rare instances, where enough documentation survives, it will become possible to examine some of the intricate plots and subplots in these celestial stories.” [Aveni 1992]

"But in the one fair, new species of quadrupeds are hardly more rare, than in the other are new species of characters — that is, original ones." [Melville, Confidence Man, p. 373]

"Rare the show of stained feathers and jewels and other adornments." [Melville, Mardi, v. 1, p. 151]

“For Frederica to support a proposition of Norah’s was sufficiently rare to tip the scale.” (A. Powell, Books do furnish a room, ch. 2, p. 86)

§ 202 | Atoca Inhart
§ 203 | Lunch at Utressa
“Turned out we’d met before during [lunch at Utressa], though I couldn’t remember a word about it.” (A. Powell, Books do furnish a room, ch. 2, p. 85)
§ 204 | Oria
§ 205 | Gest
§ 206 | Contrary natures
§ 207 | Conception is a
§ 208 | Though starving
§ 209 | Sharp as an edge
§ 210 | On the ice
§ 211 | Ronish
(The puny blond slave with whom Swopes shacks up with upon returning to his or her native barrio of Tixpu in spring 2007 following the death of Babur Rao. Properly spelled and pronounced in Tixputo as 'Roníx'. Sibling of Clonish Niechala.) [Ronish (also Ronisch, or, in older works, Rënisch): a dialect of the Ripoarėsch clade of Saxo-Franconian spoken in Ruhr-Lülnrar; said also of the inhabitants thereof.] Also, an adjective having to do with rum, rummy, rummish, etc.
§ 212 | Noro
§ 213 | Depreccata
§ 214 | Ruin no fields
[Nin Freud Silo, ...]
§ 215 | Cru und ruu
§ 216 | No Parka Gods
§ 217 | AH
§ 218 | R
§ 219 | Et sgoi cri
§ 220 | Iagip
§ 221 | Gals Saliba
§ 222 | Idle as Enly
§ 223 | Push pregnant Ada
§ 224 | Agrippese
“Je me réjouis de savoir aujourd’hui que les larves primaires des méloés [âtres] [âtre = d’un noir foncé et mat; donc, black meloid or blister beetle larvae] sont ces extraordinaires et mystérieux petits poux que je regardais se dresser, agrippés [et frissonant] sur le bout de leur prenante queue, à l’extrême bord des disques de la camomille, lorsque, enfant, j’allais à la chasse aux coléoptères!” (Gide, Journal, 1910, p. 303). [The larvae of these meloids aggregate together and mimic a female digger bee, visually and pheromonally; a male bee comes along and "mates" with the faux female; the larvae cling to the male until he mates with a true female, whereupon they transfer to her, thence to her nest, and eat the pollen she provides her larvae or, when the pollen is not available, the bee larvae themselves.]
§ 225 | Try sanding hulls
§ 226 | In a train or at sea
§ 227 | Osnak
[Related to Intrussyan term uznik, ‘victim of confinement’.] "ОСНАСТКА, оснащик и пр.. см. об. Оснач м. зап. бурлак, музур, речной матрос. Осначов пай. Осначевская артель." [RIGGING, osnaschik etc.. see vol. Osnach meters west. Burlak, muzur, river sailor. Osnach share. Osnachevskaya association.] "ОСТРИТЬ что, заострять, делать острым, оттонять лезвие или жало. Косу острят, отбивая ее молотком, оттачивая бруском и обшаркивая лопаткой. Ножи острят воронилом и на бруске. Бритву острят (правят) на оселке, и на ремне. Иглы острят на точиле. * Острить на кого зубы, грозить. Острить глаза, зорко и жадно уставить. Острить память, упражнять. Острить уши, прислушиваться чутко. Острить губки, удерживать смех, насмешку. | Острить уксус, придавать ему, известными приемами, более остроты. | Говорить, отпускать остроты, острословить. Острить над кем, над чем, шутить, насмехаться. Один острит приторно и пошло, а другой замысловато и забавно. -ся, страдат. ср. возвр. Меч мой острится на врага. Полно тебе остриться! Коли у жида бородка острится, то лукавит. Выострить ножницы. Доостришься ты до беды. Заостри кол, затеши. Изощрять память навыком. Наострил лыжи, бежал. Обостри карандаш. Отострил, кончил. Поощряй к добру. Подостриться под кого. Переострил бритву, переточил, затупил снова. Проострили весь вечерь. Хорошо сострил. Остренье ср. действ. по глаг. во всех знач. Остреть, делаться, становиться острее. Острее, острие ср. острие церк. остроть ж. твер. острина, остряк, резучий край, оттененная до нельзя грань, острое ребро на разных орудиях, для резки, рубки; лёзо, лезвие. | Оттененный, колючий кончик чего-либо, пробивающий бодком, тычком: иглица, жало. Острее ножа, сабли, топора, лезвие, противопол. тупее, обуха. Острее шила, иглы, копья, жало; противопол. у шила: колодка, черен; у иглы: ушко; у копья: пятка, тупее. Запекают иглу в хлебе и если она девке попадется острием на язык - к замужеству. Осн (осень) м. стар. остен, игла, жало, острее, острый шип, острый наконечник трости. Трость с осном Иоанна Васильевича Грозного. Осном своим удари в ногу его (сына). Яко бичь коню, и остен ослу, тако жезл языку законопреступну, церк. здесь остен остроконечная трость, коею погоняют ослов, быков, оленей. Глаголют нецыи, что сына своего, царевича Ивана, того ради остном поколол, Грозный. | Остен м. средоточие, центр круга или шара. Земля вращается на остне своем (от этого и ось). Осен, осён м. стояк мельничный, большой стоячий вал; | конец оси всякого вала, веретена, шип оси, лежащий на подшипнике. Остие ср. жало, игла, шип, колючка на растеньях. Шип насажен сверху, напр. у шиповника; остие, остье выростает сучочком: на сливе, боярышнике. | Полюс шара, земли, точки, означаемые сквозною осью, остием оси." [POINT that, sharpen, make sharp ottonyat blade or sting. Spit Island, beating her with a hammer, honing bars and obsharkivaya shovel. Knives and bantered voronilom on a whetstone. Razor sharp (right) on the touchstone, and a belt. Needles island in a winepress. * Island on whom the teeth, to threaten. Sharp eyes, keen and eager statute. Witty memory exercise. Pointed ears, to listen sensitively. Witty sponge to hold the laughter, mockery. | Island vinegar, to give him the well-known techniques, more acute. | To say, let sharpness of wit. Wisecrack over whom, over what, joke, make fun. One sharp and sugary matter, and other intricate and amusing. -Hsia, suffering for. Wed Resume. Sword of my island to the enemy. Complete your island! If a Jew beard acute, disingenuous. Vyostrit scissors. Doostrishsya you into trouble. Pinpoint count, zateshi. Sharpens the memory skill. Sharpened, skiing, running. Sharpen the pencil. Otostril, finished. Encouraged to do good. Subacute by whom. Pereostril razor peretochil, blunt again. Proostrili whole evening. Well quipped. Ostrene Wed rms. on verbs. all means. Ostret, do, become sharper. Sharper edge Wed edge of the church. acuity are. solid. Ostrin, a witty and rezuchy edge, shading to be bound, sharp edges on different instruments for cutting, chopping, lezo blade. | Tinged, biting the tip of something piercing Bodcaw, Kicks: A butcher, a sting. Of a sharp knife, sword, ax, a blade counterfield. stupid, Nick. Sharper awls, needles, spears, sting; counterfield. in sewing: block, black, with a needle: needle; a lance: heel, stupid. Baked bread and a needle into the girl if she will fall with a sharp tongue - to marry. Bas (Fall) am old. Osten, needle, sting, sharp, sharp tongue, a sharp tip of the cane. Stick with uniaxial John Vasilyevich Grozny. Uniaxial his blow up his (her son). Jako Beach Hitachi horse, donkey and Osten, taco rod zakonoprestupnu language, religious. here Osten pointed stick, koeyu urge on donkeys, oxen, deer. Glagolyut netsyi that his son, Prince Ivan, for the sake of ostnom pokolol, Grozny. | M Austen center, the center of a circle or sphere. Earth rotates on its ostne (from this and axle). Fall, fall m tower mill, a large stand-up roller; | end of the axis of every shaft, spindle, spine axis, which lies on the bearing. Ostie Wed sting of the needle, thorn, thorns on the plants. Tongue planted on top, for example. a brier; ostie, oste vyrostaet suchochkom: the plum, hawthorn. | Pole globe, earth, point, means through axle ostiem axis.]
§ 228 | Og Firrsan
§ 229 | N
§ 230 | RA
Roman admirable. Referential agnosticism: the mistaken, and unfortunately majoritarian, belief that the relationship between sound and sense, that is, between a word and what it means, is, for all practical and theoretical purposes, arbitrary. Est-ce que je suis en train d’écrire un roman autobiographique (RA)? Non, pas du tout, parce que ce que j’écris n’est pas un roman.
§ 231 | Raip tease
§ 232 | I luv Glemep
A poor farmer’s son who, in trying to ford a hazardous river to join his new bride, gets swept horse and all down towards the boiling rapids, was descending, and she, naked on horseback galloping away across the fields in a calm long-shot down the Agore Bar of Aseli of peasants dancing round a fire with the smoke almost obscuring the lake beyond, was ascending the stairway of said Chicken Street immeuble we, I had just discovered, shared. That infusion of M’s, by the way, which I’m able to conjure, in the manner of the true senimalist, from somewhere between my occiput and my blepharii, has been truffée, lardée, parsemée, farcie, and veritablement enrichie par des images glommed from the Norwegian Film Institute’s description of lyrical Glomdalsbruden (The bride of Glomdal), a 115-minute-long zoöpraxioscopic shiverdydo made in Norway in 1926 and which I, in fact, have never glommed, A Tara T. Dirty™ made to imitate the grain and the lilt of a tintone zoöpraxioscopic shiverdydo c. 1926, A. Ebsalai, a prominent urdostoist of Tixpu, calls it “a bucolic assemblage of haptic cinema. The Anim û Kali theme of M. S. Litarn’s script — kissing cousins the neutral bigotry of whose parents contrives vainly to keep their offsprings’ kittenish fondlings (explicitly shown) from careening into something far more acute — is echoed and developed further in Gal V, among bodyworks. There it was conflicting religious views of the patriarchs that prevented the smooth coupling [sic!]. Here it is simply that Glemep’s father has promised her to a neighboring farmer’s son, rather than settle for the poorer inheritance her Anim would bring. She is a strong heroine and won’t be bought. She runs away and is brought to her betrothed’s family, later shifted to the vicarage out of delicacy. [...] There is a bit of D. W. Griffith melodrama [?] on the wedding day, when the rebuffed suitor sets adrift the boats that join the two families across a dividing river and our hero, in his attempts to cross on horseback, is swept into the current, but all comes right in the end.” The louche mordant irony of that last phrase absolves it, and possibly her, but not my mnasiakakoe, of all poignancy. Glemep is played by Atoca Inhart; her cousin, or "bruder," Glomdal, by Gals Saliba.
§ 233 | Lube
As the Lutèce-Barkeno Express (officially, LBE) is affectionately called by its acolytes.
§ 234 | Ubag
"УБЕГАТЬ, убежать или убегти, убечи, убечь откуда, куда, бежать, побежать, уходить бегом, или спешно, торопливо; уйти тайно, скрыться; | *- чего, избегать, уклоняться, устраняться от чего. Он много раз убегала, бегал, был в бегах. Лошади со двора убежали. Не убегти тебе от меня, догоню! Как пошла попойка, так он убежал, ушел, скрылся, улизнул, улепетнул. И дело, пьяного общества надо убегать. Неубежать нам греха. Убегать кого, угоняться за кем, загонять. | -чего, избежать, миновать. Бегать смерти - не убегать. | Сукно в мочке убежало по вершку на аршин, убыло, сукно сбежалось, сселось. Убегаться, бегать до усталости. Не убегаются детки, им все бы еще! не набегаются. Горяч малый, дай ему поубегаться, поуходиться. Убеганье ср. длит. убежанье окончат. убег м. убежка ж. об. действ. по знач. глаг. Неприятель на убег пошел, отступает, спасается. Убег или свадьба убегом, краденая: во избежанье расходов, а иногда огласки, бедные крестьяне, или девки сомнительного поведенья, справляют свадьбу уводом, убегом: сваха идет, будто тайком, от невесты, и соглася родителей жениха, приводит к ним украдкой невесту; венчают без приданого, без кладки (денег на стол), без расходов, без обрядов, иногда только бывает после малое угощенье; это молодицы самоходки, самокрутка. | Убежка сукна, сседанье его от мочки. | Убег, пск. закоулок. Убежище ср. куда можно уйти для безопасности или покою; приют, пристанище, скрывище и сбывище, притон, прибежище, затулье. Нет убежища от людских пересудов. Бог мое убежище. Убежищный церк. убежный, к сему относящ. Шесть градов да будет убежных, Числ. (где беглецы несудимы, безопасны). Убегатель шумных увеселений. Убежник, убещик, беглец, бродяга." [Run away, run away or ubegti, ubechi, ubech from where, run, run, go run, or hurry, hurry, leave the secrets hidden; | *- what to avoid, evade, eliminate what. Many times he ran, ran, was in hiding. The horses escaped from the yard. Not ubegti you want from me, catch up! How to go drinking, so he fled, gone, gone, slipped away, ulepetnul. And it's a drunken society should escape. Neubezhat us to sin. Escape anyone, steal for anyone to drive. |-What to avoid, escape. Run death - not to escape. | Cloth in retting escaped by inches on the yard, had lost, cloth came running, sselos. Run, run until exhaustion. Do not run away kids, they all would have! do not run over. Hot boy, give him poubegatsya, pouhoditsya. Runaway Wed lasts. ubezhane graduate. run away m. ubezhka Well. vol. rms. of means. Glagow. Enemy to run away he went, retreats, escapes. Escape or wedding fleeing stolen: to avoid the cost and sometimes publicity, poor peasants, or girls of questionable behavior, they celebrate a wedding gone, fleeing: the matchmaker goes, though secretly, the bride and groom's parents agree, leads him to sneak the bride; crown without dowry, without laying (money on the table), without cost, without rituals, sometimes only happens after a small feast is a young women self-propelled gun, a cigarette. | Ubezhka cloth ssedane it from the lobes. | Escape, CPM. nook and cranny. Asylum Wed where you can go to the security or peace, shelter, shelter, and skryvische sbyvische, den, sanctuary zatule. No refuge from human gossip. God is my refuge. Ubezhischny churches. ubezhny, thereunto otnosyasch. Six castles so be ubezhnyh, Num. (Where the fugitive criminal records are safe). Ubegatel noisy entertainment. Ubezhnik, ubeschik, a fugitive, a vagabond.]

ОБАГРИТЬ все ятови, урал.-казач. выловить багром, багря, всю рыбу в яминах, в омутах. ОБАГРЯТЬ, обагрить что, окрашивать, обращать в багряный цвет; обливать кровью, окровенить, окровавлять. -ся, быть обагрену; | обагрить себя. Уже небо обагрилось денницею. Город обагрен заревом пожара. Мы обагрили штыки неприятельскою кровью. Обагренье ср. действие по значению глагола. Обагритель м. обагрительница ж. кто обагряет что-либо. [Stained all yatovi, ural. Cossack. catch gaff, gaff, all fish in Yamin, into the maelstrom.
Gretsiyu [??] (imbrue, empurple ?), that stain, paint, draw a red color, bleed, okrovenit, okrovavlyat. -hsia, to be dipped; | stain itself. Already stained with blood the sky the morning star. City stained with the glow of the fire. We stained bayonets enemy blood. Vesture dipped Wed effect on the meaning of the verb. Obagritel pm obagritelnitsa there. who Gretsiyu anything.]

§ 235 | LSOF
Légation de Scolarité Obligatoire de la Flousiane
§ 236 | Sled
§ 237 | Subios
su βίος (su vida entera, sociofisiologicamente); βίος is the sociophysiological term for life
§ 238 | Blessing
§ 239 | STX
Sagarch Flawndol encounters entropically truncated exergy (STX) in his description of the final days, hours, and minutes of an ailuroidid named Ariel. Immediately that A’s breath-abating convulsions had ceased, the lights went out, not just in SF’s rancid hutch of ailurophilous venery, but in the entire block (les réverbères inclus) of that low-rent barrio of Owlstain ubiquicated between Glamporium and the El-Achim bridge where he happened to be living that week, that month, that year, decade, or even century for all I know.

Strenuous textuality as advocated by Bennett (1910). Synonymous with textualité revêche (TRe).

§ 240 | Abandoned stable
§ 241 | NO
§ 242 | Eggs for sex
§ 243 | AY
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