Editions MSS
Editions MSS
Goldbarg’s Variants
§ 2.
Pornographic Maryam. Philosophical life. Pornographic shadows. Philosophical love. Pornographic Tara.

Philosophical Maryam. Pornographic life. Philosophical shadows. Pornographic love. Philosophical Tara.

Vulgar breast and vulgar sand. At the vulgar edge of the vulgar steps. Vulgar flames.

Flames are pining for that breast, which is pining, as we are pining and taking pining steps along that pining edge, for pining sand.

Here are some popular defects. Popular hope and popular desire. Are we popular? We are popular.

Here are some negative defects. Aren’t all defects negative? Negative hope and negative desire. We are negative.

Oh, you sexy soul, with your sexy limbs and sexy knots of —

A stomachal knot for a stomachal soul. Our stomachal members.

Gentle berdîwar by the gentle water. A gentle minion, sexy whore. A gentle girtâblûllu. A gentle Poldevian prince.

That water, transliterated. The transliterated berdîwar. Sexy whore, minion transliterated. A transliterated girtâblûllu. That Poldevian prince, transliterated.

Downy times for your downy face. A downy woman with downy skill.

These futile times. Futile face of a futile woman. Art is futile. You are futile.

Hard Tracks! and happy Piste. An edge both happy and hard.

Black sight, black sun. You’re as black as I am; I’m as black as you.

Cultural sun, cultural sight. I’m as cultural as you are; you’re as cultural as me.

What tintone shit from those tintone guts! Tintone offal and tintone legs in a tintone sack.

Morose shit from those morose guts. A morose sack of morose offal and morose legs. Morose, what?

You’re shirtless, I’m shirtless, we’re shirtless. A shirtless name in a shirtless world.

I’m paternalistic. Are you? Are we? A paternalistic name for a paternalistic world.

Nice glom of nice vapor. Nice fog in nice air.

Living air of a living glance, or look. That living vapor’s a living mist.

Ordinary brishind in this ordinary heat. Ordinary château of ordinary CACA. Ordinary paperist in an ordinary city.

This is an idealistic city. Idealistic brishind falls despite the idealistic heat. CACA is an idealistic château. Idealistic. I’m an idealistic paperist.

Pretty eyes see a pretty river in a pretty valley. Blood is pretty despite the violence, which may be pretty to others.

A dark river in a dark valley. Her dark eyes full of dark violence, dark blood.

That laborious wretch took us here and there — laborious — until we finally arrived at laborious Hope’s laborious house.

I’m a charming wretch indeed. And Hope is so charming in her charming house.

Your frustrated name, Fatima. Frustrated and mutual. Frustrated wings of frustrated sea and land. Mutual and frustrated Institute.

Fatima? It’s mutual. Your mutual wings. Sea and earth, mutual. The Institute, mutual. Mutual name.

Passionate wind and passionate plumes. Blind batwings of passionate form.

That fashion is blind. Blind feathers in a blind wind. Batwings could be more passionate.

Oh God, I’m so hot. This hot sect of hot caitiffs. My enemies are green.

My hot nemesis: green god of a green sect. I’m no green caitiff.

Aren’t the waves romantic on that pale shore? Pale sound of their romantic crash. A pale, romantic fear.

Yes, the shore is romantic and pale. Pale waves crashing pale and romantic. A romantic sound. But how could terror, fright, fear, be romantic or pale?

Your uptight mouth in an uptight Glamporium. A psychological cramp, an uptight barrier of your uptight soul. The uptight Arathu.

Hedge the psychological mouth of the psychological Arathu. An uptight cramp of a psychological soul. Glamporium is purely psychological.

Justice tinted by a tinted god. Pain tinted by tinted guilt. Tinted work.

Such needless travails that a needless God ordains. Needless pain, needless guilt, needless justice.

Irritated Chester’s economical nose. Irritated finger and economical chin. Irritated guide.

Economical Chester’s irritated nose. Economical finger and irritated chin. Economical guide.

Silky Maryam’s my silky friend. Silky love of a silky soul. He’s folding, that folding father.

Folding Maryam’s silky father. My folding friend’s a folding soul. Love is folding.

A magnanimous response is a possible response.

A possible response is a magnanimous response.

A yellow cha’abran with yellow people firing. Yellow. Their yellow throats.

Running and firing, running wild animals and people running from that cha’abran. Running with running throats.

A monstrous grappling hook.

Was it a light hook?

All else having gone wrong, we entered the wrong door, crossed the wrong threshold, and no one was there. All wrong, you and I.

No one’s gold. You’re gold? I am? Gold threshold of this gold gate. What else is gold? We are.

Some autonomous words with that autonomous Gloria Galvari in that autonomous company.

Rough company, she is. Rough words, too. Gloria Galvari’s rough. Why so rough to us, so rough to us?

A virtual helmsman was virtual guidance for virtual us across that virtual water. A virtual soul.

Thorough guidance from a thorough helmsman. He’s a thorough soul. Water’s thorough.

He’s a cold one, that cold man living on the cold terrace at cold ISOCPHYS. A cold guide on that cold ledge.

That famous man living famously in famous ISOCPHYS. A famous terrace, a famous ledge, a famous guide. I’ll be as famous as him. I’ll be a famous one.

White Methuen. White terror.

Political Methuen. Political terror.

Wonderful runners, those wonderful Huerta-Fukari are! Wonderful foragers, too. On their wonderful island holding such wonderful jousts and wonderful tournaments.

The famous jousts of the famous Huerta-Fukari. Famous for their famous running tournaments which completely traverse their famous island.

An active part of that purple valley.

That active valley’s purple part.

Gennifleur Schlame dismissed that pain, semi-detached, in her dismissed legs. Semi-detached master of her dismissed head, her semi-detached soul.

Almost detached from her pain, master of her soul, dismissed from her head, almost detached, and her legs, semi-detached.

Singular wasps. Singular flies. Singular wretches.

Financial wretches. Financial flies. Financial wasps.

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