Editions MSS
Editions MSS
To Reek Evocatively Uncouth

Certain changeable aspirations of this reek evocatively uncouth in diligent tint-mongrels and contest the enraptured arithmetic, or be(com)ing, of entropy.
— K. Devi and G. Schlame, Be(com)ing: The Resonance of Character

Hills like a fall sky before evening : as hunger reached you and | Sonnet n° 1 : Exhibiting a dead sincerity of intention | Temnopalis : I eat dinner with my cat then, off for the nightly | Dust angels : They trot along gracelessly, their dusty | Ars poetica : A barrel sits alone | Sonnet n° 2 : Dawn’s drooling face smiles above the horizon | Olive oil : edge hisself into the corner & whip | The dance, to be perfect, must be flawed : Of this rude art only am I able | Self-portrait beneath El-Achim bridge : Trains moving | Tell me a rose : Tell me a rose bloody thorns | Successive statues of a young god running : Slow cut stone into chiseled music running.
Beulah, Gertrude, Agua Prieta, Lutèce, Owlstain. 1984–1994. A yazdehanity of diligent textwork (I).

First put out in the Fall-Winter 1995 issue of Esther Manses The Meaner Side, « revue bilingue dont l’ambition est d’entasser Hemingway’s legacy of sere anthems of exile and sheer mean-streak envers les existentialistes même dans une seule masse thrénétique qui rase the menses of semen-haters everywhere, for, it is said, “whom art enmeshes, Seshet enmarbles” ».

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