Editions MSS
Editions MSS
Antlion. From a photograph shot by Otto X. Goldbarg, c. 1924–1927, of a Mountain Fukari clay bowl (#2004.24.13595) found with Ossuary 162 in Room 21 of Swarts Ruin, Grant, Wyoming, and on display at Harvard’s Display Institution of Old Folks and Tribals in Boston, Mass.
§ 300.
Synoptic atlas of actors, artists, authors, locations, topics, words, works, and whatnot. — Digits in italics purport to show, not folio or pagination markings, as in p. or pp., but ludict partitions, as in § or §§.
About, Sigmund (b. 1939, Brno), Moravian oblationist — author (q.v.) of Au jardin du corps divin (q.v.) 249.

Accounts, total draft of a way to a final calling to, autobiographical brouillon by V. Novalis (q.v.) — spilling its hot hoary downy lyrical foam into all of our divastigations 63; Towards a schizomythology of ritual (q.v.) (XIII) 294.

Acorn, fruit of oak (q.v.) — cumbrous calabash of A 0; to farrow flour from a calabash of A, you must husk, boil, drain, boil again, drain again, boil and drain again, ditto, dry in sun, and pound into flour 0; an accumulation of A 46; putting half a firkin of A into a partially vacant tun 120; crunching classical A 133; cap of A analogous to glans of phallus 262.

Ada, a sultry harlot — allonym of our star OWJ (q.v.) 38; VD’s (q.v.) doxy-in-waiting 191; OWJ’s schizomythic matrix of divastigatory parturition 249.

Affability, laws of, by G. Kant (q.v.) — 221.

Agastya, hylomorphic stand-in for Canopus, a star — pourquoi court-il toujours sur l’horizon sud? 139.

Agni, hylomorphic syntagm of a burning oblation, an all-consuming holocaust of books, shacks, barns, roots, trunks, limbs, villas, skulls, journals, and so on — 0, 2, 10, 20, 29, 38, 54, 60, 65, 77, 85, 89, 107, 120, 121, 131, 141, 173, 181, 190, 191, 201, 213, 226, 233, 234, 237, 238, 239, 249, 267, 268, 273, 278.

AI, sociophysiological shorthand for Atoca Inhart (q.v.) — Mtn. Fuk. informant 120.

Albiano, Gasa (b. 1975), inhabitant of Owlstain — as Oria’s third-cousin Norlia (q.v.), a vivacious bint 191; plays Mtn. Fuk. with OWJ (q.v.) in Iagip (q.v.) 120, 262; aborts bolus of stillborn light 288.

Alligator — worship, actually, not of A, but of Crocodylus niloticus, C. cataphractus, or C. palustris 38; a caiman, actually (Caiman crocodilus L.) hybridizing with an orchid (q.v.) 229.

Alouatta palliata, mono congo — its dangling scrotum, its laryngal clicking, its latratic howl 207.

Amability, laws of, by G. Kant (q.v.) — 221.

Amanita muscaria, fly agaric — a vision-inducing mushroom 0; its patchwork dusting, its splash of blood 269.

Amiability, laws of, by G. Kant (q.v.) — 221.

Amour absolu, by A. Jarry (q.v.) — in which it is shown that any author of any worth is always born from a past author’s abortions 221.

Amour intrafamilial, la chanson du lampion cramoisi d’, by R. Chacal (q.v.) — thoughts on childhood’s cutting short in 262; marginalia in 294.

Amours disparus, an inquisition into, by M. Proust (q.v.) — 289, 298.

Animals, small and furry, various kinds, such as castorids and capybaras, chinchillas and skunks, kinkajous and stoats, tayras and minks, olingos and marmots, raccoons and (o)possums, coatis and foumarts, rats and small simians, pikas and agoutis, and whatnot — 12, 35, 38, 82, 113, 120, 146, 151, 154, 190, 207, 239, 249, 256, 283, 286, 288.

Animaux, l’instinct social d’. Sa distribution, sa disposition, son fond, suivi par son air distinctif, by L. Hasard (q.v.) — a study of various animals’ cunningly voluntary inhibition of impromptu impulsions 294.

Antlion, Formicophagus maa (q.v.) and/or F. tlaatlata (q.v.) — cyclic symbiosis involving A 0, 113, 120, 262; larval and imaginal instars of 50, 120, 262; (pits of) larval instars of 113, 120, 213, 262, 294; silk of 113, 120, 137, 211, 237, 262, 294; cocoons of 120, 262; imaginal instar of 191, 262.

Antiquarian art, pictorial atlas illustrating functional motion in, by A. Warburg — 113.

Anyakyusya, a group of tribal folk inhabiting insular mountainous and riparian tracts of South Appalachia — 148, 300.

Apis sp., an anthophilous apid apocritan — 63, 215.

Apocynum cannibinum L., amy root — known as bin in Mtn. Fuk. 120.

Apocynum scopulorum L., fly-trap dogthorn — an infusion of its roots 120.

Appalachia’s most infamous inns, lunching at, by C. H. Quilty (q.v.) — an account of this author’s gastronomic intromissions into cocinas variadas throughout North A, with occasional forays into South A 221.

Appalachian Anthroposopholologist, a journal of anthroposopholology put out from Shatsbrook (q.v.) — 148.

Appalachian Spiritual Institution (ASI), a spiritual insitution of Appalachia — its location in Shatsbrook (q.v.) 82, 262; its JASI (q.v.) 300.

Apricot (Prunus nirusa [q.v.]), a tawny or saffron plum from Norlia (q.v.) — floating in a bowl of burning brandy 0; B. Vighdan’s picking of 148; orchards of 189; A curl of lungfish 222; Waldorf salad with A 249; known also to grow in Nuristan, its pulp 251.

Arbutus (A. grandiosa Mart. & Gal.) — 249.

Ariosto, Ludovico (1474–1533), Tuscan lyricist — his Orlando Furioso (q.v.) 289.

Arjuna, andromorphic syntagm of both Śukra (q.v.), a bright rocky sulfurous world sibling to our own, and our Sun at its most northward point vis à vis a sublunary cosmognosist— zinc infusions of A (a physic against sunburn) 35; in conjunction with Krishna (q.v.) to mark start of both spring and autumn 294.

Arm, or arms — lifting pairs of in horror or ardor 0; budding, to approach that world again with 10, 299; in association with hands back stomach thighs lips ass 15; tyrannical rhythm of, 25; lacking this woman’s ivory 28; ivory 34; hold you in my A, chop A, and so on 38; no A 75; A in hot A 82; hold it in your 87; slash his own 88; quaking A 102; slicing my A 107; natural, of popular opinion, strong right of 120; in comparison with assagai, yataghan, falchion, katar, and so on 123; synonym of supply with 136; markings on my 156; mangy 182; should cut my A 189; blank 190; kin-kithing of cant hook, stout 191; hanging down 191; joyous hacking away at 197; stick with abattoir’s hooks 210; dry disk of 224; pinning down A with thighs 237; A of crumbling rocking chair 241; cradling A pulling A forward, couching A down along rail and thinking upon, sticking A into thorns 249; of parry and attack, ordinary 251; flapping A in imitation of qot’s mating flight 262; guilt’s call to 294.

Armadillo (Dasypus navacunctatus L.), your ubiquitous poor man’s pig, sporting a long snout and armor plating — rooting around 204; shouts its thorny claws 238; strapping on faux claws of A as part of a playful sociophysiological ritual 249.

Arrowgrass (Triglochin maritimum), also known as saltgrass — 94, 262.

Artificial moonlight, on location in, autobiography by VD (q.v.) — citation from 38; walk-on part in play by L. Lath (q.v.) 191.

Ascaris umbraphilia, a shadow-loving worm (q.v.) — using roots and bark of various plants to ward off parasitism by 206.

Ash, mountain, Sorbus glabrus or S. sitchulina — its sorbs (q.v.) 0; growing on flanks of Mount Spitmarkx (q.v.) 113, 237; a hollow trunk of MA 268; rampant growth of MA in Owlstain’s suburbs 269.

Ashram, or āśrama, a kind of gynophobic church (q.v.) — disturbs a blunt world’s contradictions 178; sanctuary of postmasturbatory patriarchy 181.

Asia Minor, snails, slugs and odd arthropods and birds of. In four books, comprising work brought about from 1837 to 1840, by H. A. Strickland (q.v.) — 120.

Aspis aspis vulgaris L., a poisonous ophidian — 180.

Ass — thrust backwards into crumbling sky 3, 120; in conjunction with arms hands back stomach thighs lips 15; stumbling tumbling moron’s A 16; low-cut A, in conjunction with thigh 30; pinky up 38; in disjunction with hand or foot or thigh 62; cold 73; paying man’s right to put it up my A 85; fair glom of 96; man’s A, woman’s A, girl’s A, boy’s A 120; pinky or thumb up 123; 2x walking girl’s A 132; bound by a tight wrap 140; bound by sopping patola silk 148; stuffing your cock up my 150; virtuosity’s ritual or ritual’s virtuosity of 169; slap A in passing 176; poor A, or poor, poor A, frig my woman’s or girl’s A, flaunting my, your, or his A, and passim 191; your happy cloudburst in my 210; up your 218; virgin’s A 246; out your 249; as hybrid adjunct to thighs and lips 277; pivoting and polishing a barstool’s top with A 287.

Assyria, fluvial kingdom full of floods and afflictions — warrior-king’s grapholithic imposition of unworldly philosophy in A 38; bound by Toxoplasma gondii’s (q.v.) parasitic constraint on cortical pathways, inhabitants of A claim lions as kings and kin 63.

Astra, ionis (c. 1516–1517), Nirusa’s Norlian hymn to Io (q.v.), Ishtar (q.v.), Atta (q.v.), Dudu (q.v.), and so on in 11 Ityalian quatrains, by Patrolius (q.v.) — first quatrain, discussion of 123, 189, 205; first quatrain, translation of 113, 297; first quatrain, translation and discussion of 251; fourth quatrain minus two, discussion of 123, 189, 205; fourth quatrain minus two, translation of 113, 297; fourth quatrain minus two, translation and discussion of 267; third quatrain, discussion of 189, 205; third quatrain, translation and discussion of 123, 273; fourth quatrain, discussion of 189, 205; fourth quatrain, translation of 38, 123, 273, 297; fifth quatrain, discussion of 189, 205; fifth quatrain, translation of, 151, 297; fifth quatrain, translation and discussion of 267; sixth quatrain, discussion of 205; sixth quatrain, translation and discussion of 141, 251; sixth quatrain, translation of 297; fifth quatrain plus two, discussion of 205; fifth quatrain plus two, translation and discussion of 171, 267; fifth quatrain plus two, translation of 297; sixth quatrain plus two, translation and discussion of 205, 273; sixth quatrain plus two, translation of 297; ninth quatrain, discussion of 205, 214; ninth quatrain, translation of 214, 273, 297; sixth quatrain plus four, discussion of 205; sixth quatrain plus four, translation of 220, 267, 297; final quatrain, discussion of 205; final quatrain, translation of 244, 251, 297; citation of in Subborainizy’s Book of Distaff Cuttings (Ktar og-Firrsan) (q.v.) 113, 273; IA in toto 297.

Astri Bay, Port — a bay (q.v.) along Wyoming’s sun-struck coast.

Atlas parazitov krovi zhivotnykh (1955), by V. F. Kapustin — 113.

Atta flouziana Goldbarg, 1933, a kind of fungus-growing ant of our Viridian Mountains (q.v.) — 63, 262.

Atta, pluricopular avatar of Ishtar (q.v.) — 113, 123, 151, 189, 191, 205, 251, 267, 273, 294, 297.

Auk (Alca inalis L.), a big bird with no wings — 123.

Auk, stormy (Moanzy burrasca [q.v.]).

Aurochs, a primordial bull or Bos sp. — symbol that all things must pass 123; allusion to an author (q.v.) which this author, as of this writing, still fails to pinpoint 211; symbol or vāhana or moon of Rudra (q.v.) 221.

Author, an abductor, abrogator, adjutor, administrator, allocator, annihilator, annotator, anticipator, appropriator, articulator, assassinator, attractor, calumniator, citator, coadjutor, collaborator, communicator, comparator, compilator, compositor, conciliator, conductor, confiscator, conjurator, conspirator, consilidator, contributor, coordinator, cunctator, dictator (q.v.), disambiguator, disarticulator, dispositor, distributor, divastigator, divinitor, dominator, donator, fabricator, facilitator, falsificator, fascinator, fautor, fictor, fixator, glossator, hallucinator, implorator, impostor, impropriator, improvisator, inaugurator, inculcator, indagator, innovator, inoculator, insinuator, instigator, instaurator, insufflator, judicator, laudator, mutilator, novator, obstructor, officiator, opinator, participator, postulator, procrastinator, proctor, prognosticator, pronunciator, promulgator, propitiator, prostitutor, ruminator, stuprator, subtutor, syncopator, tabulator, transactor, transilluminator, translator, transsubstantiator, tutor, vacillatator, vaticinator, victor, vindicator, violator, visitor, and warrantor of, to, in, from, against, among, through, with, about, including any and all functions touching upon, using, or having to do with words in any sort of authorial way, by habit, by instinct, by custom, or by occasion — isomorphic mapping of story’s assimilator to its A, who plays snapdragon, quoits, blindman’s buff, golf, polo, curling, draughts, hopscotch, and so on prior to nodding off against a holm oak’s (q.v.) trunk 0; plagiarist’s body mingling with that of A 38; minor tritagonist of a play 38; timorous A 38, 102, 221, 277; appropriation of A-ship functions, formulaic A-ship, A-ial domination, A-ship is unlawful production unbound by copyright 38; woman’s vain pursuit of satisfaction in A 38; autumn, its A, spring’s also 44; this A 63, 241, 252; own A 82; grand A, taking pains forcibly to posit 92; following tracks of A through a labyrinth of scribbling 102; pious child of A 102; passion of A 102; solitary offspring of A 102; common opinion dividing A from A’s animal 102; worth of A 115; ilk of A 120; confusing A 120; A’s act 120; A opts to stay mum 120; toil of A 129; shadow and ground, warp and woof of A 138; common A 141; two A 148; prodigal wisdom of A 157; that A 164, 273; only A 194; rhyming of A with A’s animal 205; work of any A 208; cunning and crypsis A puts into play 208; First A 208; A Two 208; Third A 208; fair A 209, 213; output of any common A 212; Swiss A 215; young adult A 221; timid A 221; abortions of A 221; fantasy of A 234; vapid A, insipid act of mock appraisal of 237; most A 240; rhythmic plot of A 241; good A 246; voluptuous A, tricks of 248; lynching and burning of A 249; faithful A 249; child of A 251; fugacious A 262; our A 267, 294; comparison of A 267; moralistic A 267; mock pity and sham compassion of A 271; A looks anyway or away 271; background of A 273; infirm A 278; allonymous A 279; animals of A 279; pointing out to A just how sumptuous that small human apparatus is 280; hallucinatory attribution of A-ship 283; a world found by A 283; apropos of mollusks, A 284; adult ardor of A 285; dying birth of A 290; what A should know 290; divastigations of A 294; calling of A 298.

Avignon, Burgundian oppidum known for its brawling bazaars and board-strolling bawds and bards — lyrical quotation from author (q.v.) who is said to hail from A, along with abjuration of pursuing an inglorious avocation in said hilltop city’s Gothic byways 0.

Babur (1483–1531), a shy (or sly) lascar — protagonist in Gals Saliba’s (q.v.) Zalozhnyu na umirayu (q.v.) 120; in Kabul (q.v.) 189, 251; Aran Tron’s paranymph 191.

Babylonia, a dank dull dusky marshland — warrior-king’s grapholithic imposition of unworldly philosophy in B 38; moribund status of Moanzy (q.v.), and thorough divastigation (q.v.) of parasitic pathways of Oosdoli (q.v.), in B 113; comparison of an infirmity in Fukariland (q.v.) similar to Ishtar’s Hand (q.v.) in B 120; as totum pro partitistic allusion to Rumi’s (q.v.) orthodox injunctions against plural joys 251; its quaint aphorisms 267.

Bamboo — canopy of Rhipidoclatum longispiculatum 157; artistry of Arundinaria appalachiana 238.

Bananaquit (Dacnis flavis L.), a thraupid — ornithistic analogy to sodality 221.

Bar-Iingstron, Otto Otto, allonym of Aron Tron (q.v.) — his Tagma sorghum: Yummy yum yum (q.v.) 181.

Bar-Schatz, Paula R. (b. 1962, Shatsbrook), author of Camping out and wacking off (q.v.) — 262.

Barking parrot, Strickland’s (Anodorhynchus latratus Strick., 1845) — scrambling away from a stalking cat (q.v.) in a dizzy piazza 78; diving through brush 88; also known as Strickland’s macaw (q.v.), an inhabitant of coastal tracts of karst woodland and savanna 178, 249; flying past window of author’s Port Astri Bay (q.v.) cabin 209; lost, chopping through air 240; a flock of BP shrouds a cliff in what is now Port Astri Bay, Wyoming 241.

Barnabooth, A. O., Gallo-Intrussyan autobiograffitist of nomadic inclination and puttophiliac proclivity — author of Borborygmic spasms: Rural songs in chant royal (q.v.) 108.

Barš, glo; also, Glo Barsç, Globarsç, or Globarš — an all-out dionysiac bacchanalia that typically spans from 21 March to 1 April and is fraught with such pith of primal impact, such gravity of taboo, that plural ubiquitous synchronian yonic ritual quanta of it ramify schizomythically throughout all of Tagmo-Norlian sociophysiology and all, thus, of this book of Divastigations (q.v.).

Bashō, Matsuo (1644–1694), haikaist and hokkuist of Iga — his Narrow road to a far country (q.v.) 148.

Basil (Ocimum basilicum L.), a small savory plant, commonly known as albahaca — patch of paltry B 139; mopsi (q.v.) in B 147.

Basswood (Tilia rubra var. hamiltonica Hamilton, 1836), a bosky giant — 113, 189, 251, 267, 273, 297.

Bay — Port Astri B, Wyo., unwary tourists picnicking in 88; notion of sin or skin in 126; holding a pair of grimacing goblins at 191; Port Astri B, Wyo., solitary cabin of author (q.v.) on 93, 168, 241; habitat of Strickland’s macaw (q.v.) 249; Playtoy B, dit Playa Toya 249, 279.

Bibliography, a windy list of works — filling in for inspiration’s lack 38; providing a scholarly patina of authority 82; smoking a cigar and indulging in flatus during Glamporium’s production Aunt Smaragdina’s Parandrus (q.v.) 191; as coda to a final calling to accounts 294.

Bildungsroman, a typically garrulous work of writing that charts, from birthing to dying, its protagonist’s history and growth through various fictional sociopsychological conflicts, transformations, and whatnot — 0, 300.

Bimkov, Dr. Avílano (b. 1954, Agua Puta), principal of Tiliar Boarding School (q.v.), Tixpu, NL — thanks for his insight 38; author of Pninalgia y plagiaritis 38; practicing his parsimonious bailiwick 38; mad props to for providing funds, opportunity, and whatnot 120; group contributor to chatroom communication 148; his passion for politics, mirrors, and placation 223; drunk and limp 227; our school’s silly but classy principal posing as a swank schizomythologist 249; our school’s shamanistic but cool principal posing as a sly but colorful charlatan 249; our school’s sparing but chary principal posing as a spurious but civil oncologist 249; our school’s strict but complaisant principal posing as a champion sociophysiologist 249; our school’s salivating but calm principal posing on all fours as a shady clinician with a vaginoclitoral avocation 249; our school’s staid but cosmopolitan principal posing as a sociopathic satyr 249; our school’s schmaltzy but chummy principal posing as a supplicating but cordial companion 249; our school’s skulking but capital principal posing as a slangy liar 249; our school’s smug but commanding principal posing as a sagacious man-about-town 249; our school’s shifty but constant principal posing as a suspicious but candid author 249.

Bimkov, Mrs. Dr. Avílano (b. Tixpu, 1987), spousal consort of our school’s shifty but constant principal posing as a suspicious but candid author of marginalia about rainbows and gravity —complains to author (q.v.) about runing out of words 249; our school’s shadowy but clarivoyant co-principal posing as a squinting but conniving sub-sub-top form pupil 249; waxing maxily on about lots of dicks and dicks’ crying v’s 249.

Birch (Fagacia cordifolia Marshall, 1790) — host of io moth (q.v.) nymphs 50; clad with snow 69; shadow of 88; old growth woods of 152; surviving stand of F. platyphylla (Sukachov 1934) 181; mountaintop stand of F. cordifolia 237; strips of B bark 268.

Bird’s foot (Ornithopus pinnatus L.), a plant with small colorful blossoms — infusion of 206.

Birth, giving — slut’s jargon (q.v.) for vigorous act of fistular intromission 38, 82, 148, 191, 236, 273, 294.

Bison (Bison bison L.), a buffalo — stomach of B 120; driving off cliff of B 123; loin of B for lunch at Manowar Gingoons (q.v.) 249; sports bra of B 288.

Black Yurt, a small book and circular printing and publishing outfit in Iagip (q.v.) — its putting out of Psammophilology (q.v.) 120; its most famous author (q.v.) 191.

Black Yurt, autocratic Intrussyan duchy of Wyoming — its dictator 63, 246, 269; its prison 0, 38, 95, 102, 109, 120, 130, 172, 187, 191, 224, 239, 252, 269, 279; its IMPPA (q.v.) 181; its Intrussyan Military Prison Publishing Assn. (now an imprint of IMPPA) 191.

Blackbird — wary lungthrobs of Amblyramphus ruficapillus Scopoli 157; whistling of Turdus boulboul Latham 218; call of Gymnomystax tixputanus L. 252.

Bloip, Inuhka (b. Blorhn, 1987), floramorita of Owlstain (q.v.) and Paris (q.v.) — as VD’s backwing paramour Saian (q.v.), a bibulous trollop, in Glamporium’s production of Aunt Smaragdina’s Parandrus (q.v.) 191; sharing a dortoir with OWJ (q.v.) in Paris 195; playing Mountain Fukari with OWJ in Iagip (q.v) 120, 262, 288.

Bloodfruit knotgrass (Polygonum sanguinaria Goldbarg, 1933) — known as car in Mtn. Fuk. 120.

Bloodwort, yarrow (q.v.), or dock, an amaryllid — a natural soporific 69.

Blorhn, a boring burg in Wyoming — its small town variations 78; a barn, a corral, a hilltop workroom in B 96; a barn burning in B 233.

Boar (not a boar [Sus scrofa L.], actually, but a jabalí, Tayassu tajacu Link., 1795) — tusky B 123; sports bra of wild B 288.

Boas, F. (1858–1942), anthroposophical linguist — his Dakota grammar (q.v.) 120.

Boccara, M. (b. 1955), Gallo-Frankish physiological sociologist — author (q.v.) of Man’s most animal parts (q.v.) 181.

Boloria atrocostalis Huard, 1927, an uncommon Platyrrhiform fritillary — signaling with sly mimicry Strickland’s Sublunary fritillary (q.v.) 162.

Bombay, a city of India and, though not commonly known, original location of A Thousand Nagas and a Cobra (Alf Nāga wa Sarpa) as shown by its myriad allusions to Śukasaptati (Skt. Parrot Book), Mahābhārata, and so on; cf. Sir Richard F. Burton’s introduction to his faithful translation of said Aryo-Hamitic saga — dawnward compass limit of foxing by Mopsi ipsiis originating in Spitmarkx’s library and/or bookbinding shop in Ruhr-Lülnrar (q.v.) 63; H. A. Strickland’s (q.v.) port-of-call in spring of 1837 and again in fall of 1840 during his natural historical and philological divastigations into Kapisa, Arachosia, Panchananda, Mathura, Dasarna, Salvas, Abhiras, Sauvira, Kaccha, Surastra, Uddyana, Puskalavati, Taxila, Sakala, Kashmir, Audumbaras, Rajariya, Trogarta, Kuninda, Kausambi, Avanti, Kosala, Panchala, Vidarbha, and Vanavasi 300.

Book, this is not a, by H. D. Markson (q.v.) — 16.

Borborgy, borborgasm, borborism, borborygmagistic, burp — cut-fig B of cassia and myrrh 53; ¿B? 56; borborygmic spasms 108; juicy B 108, 212; robust uvular B, borborygmic oppugnant 120; B-ing and laughing and so on 262.

Borborygmic spasms: Rural songs in chant royal, by A. O. Barnabooth (q.v.) — 108.

Bordophilia, by H. Kingsmill (q.v.) — not many authors (q.v.) can so succinctly limn what Kingsmill can in a scant fifty-four of this book’s strigilastic bons mots: “I’m so glad I’m coming as I hang, my bordophilous bint. Is bacon only a thing swinging from a string? I don’t think so. And though night has spilt its ink on light’s blotting-pad, my slant slut, I got a job still to do— and so I strop my razor, and think of you” 221.

Boudoir, dark, slutty work combining a study of royal harlotry with a quantum photonic philosophy, by VD (q.v.) — 221.

Bound, Outward, initiation stunt — sort of thrown a tragic loop 38.

Brahma, hylomorphic syntagm of solar cosmognosy — in conjunction with Shiva (q.v.) 85; in conjunction with Vishnu (q.v.) and Shiva to construct a full-blown cosmology 88; analogous to sacrificial rituals 249.

Brassica spp., various kinds of mustard — cyclic symbiosis involving 0, 120; Puccinia monoica (q.v.) parasitizing and mimicking its blossoms 63; biocatalytically flavoring a dish of snails in Hamiltonia (q.v.), and banding a brookbank in Fukariland (q.v) 113; not in ktar (q.v.) 120; flavoring a ham sandwich 156, 182; bush of B about which a sphingid moth is flitting 249.

Briffault, R. (1879–1948), social anthropological author of Traditional matriarchy in humanity’s rational making and psychological foundation (London, 3 vols., 1927) — quotation from 147; jotting down cultural variations for clarification 217.

Bruno, Giordano, schismatic cosmologist and antikrishnaical giaour torn bloody from a woman’s pious womb in Nola, c. 1548, justly burnt in piazza Varuna, Krišnaborg, A.D. 1600 — author of Sigillus sigillorum 38, 82.

Buda, a Mongolian város of South Pannonia — locus in which M. Turbo (q.v.) was miraculously (?) bicycling 148.

Buff, blindman’s, ludic activity involving groping in obscurity — author’s gallant switch to 0; backgammon or BB? 66; playing BB in a barn in Dirna (q.v.) 106.

Buffalo grass (Bulbilis dactylis Nutt.), a monocot — 21, 61, 84, 96, 120, 147, 152, 191, 207, 221, 249, 281.

Caddisfly, a spicipalpic psychomyiid, no doubt — glitzy 249; lost naiads of 262.

Caltha palustris L., marsh marigold — known as as in Mtn. Fuk. 120.

Camping out and wacking off: A sociophysiological approach to small acts of group masturbation, by P. R. Bar-Schatz (q.v.) — 262.

Candida lucida, a biography of Gals “Hugo” Saliba (q.v.), by his son Gals Saliba (q.v.) — 108.

Cardamom (Amomum cardamomum L.) — 83, 300.

Cardinal, a branch- and limb-hopping bird — Cardinalis sinuatus Bonap., 1838, your typical pyrrhuloxia, or possibly una tangara roja migratoria, Piranga rubra L. 20; C. cardinalis L. 25, 88, 198; Piranga ludoviciana Wilson, 1811, or tangara aliblanca migratoria 120, 262; Habia fuscicauda Cabanis, 1861 221.

Carp (Cyprinus carpio), poisson amical qui jadis montait du fond du bassin au jardin du villa d’Augustus B. Clifford au pays d’Azincourt quand on sifflait son air favori (Gorgias [q.v.] 1969: 211) — scratching at pond’s mirror 147; C duty (slut’s jargon for a form of carnal praxis involving making insufflatory and suctational motions during buccolabioscrotal, buccolabiophallic, buccolabiovulval, or buccolabioclitoral contact) 205, 262.

Cassia (Cinnamomum aromaticum, probably L.), also known as cinnamon — 53, 83, 129, 249, 288.

Cat (Ailurogatus garboblus), a carnivorous mammal of many instars — its first instar, hanging from hayloft trapdoor 65; in solitary room, sloughing out its third instar’s chrysalis 6, 10, 12, 76, 134; ditto, clawing at backgammon board 66; ditto, of an unknown affliction 106; ditto, suicidal, vomiting, gangly 257; its imaginal instar’s fat morality 51; ditto, stalking parrot 78; warm fuzzy cot-fold of this instar 119; liana and thorn blossom forth from C’s chrysalis 135; half in shadow, half in light, sprawling 149; its black fur stiff with blood and slick with shit 180; sacrificial rituals involving various instars of C 181, 221; tail of C’s curiosity, up 191; marking its gray pillow with pus 217; fur and mucus of 224; its lion instar, in schizomythic conjunction with ant 0, 50, 113, 120, 137, 191, 211, 213, 237, 262, 294; its lion instar, in plural copulation with man, fish, bird, and a woman’s ass or two 38, 191; its lion or jaguar instar, as king and kin 63; its singularly loving jaguar instar 75; its lion instar, in barnyard confrontation with shadows, cowboys, quoits, and bolting mustangs 83; variation on ditto, involving climbing, straddling, and mocking 84; ditto with proud fists 98, 207; riding wild ditto in Wyoming 249; dark sublimity of ditto 253; a plurality of its myriapodal instars 113, 134, 195, 234, 242; putting out for its thirsty prowling jaguar and puma instars 221; its puma instar as incarnation of symbolic notions of altarity and distality 221; its jaguar instar in schizomythic conjunction with hummingbird, alligator, wasp, moth, orchid, woman, man, scorpion, shark, and whatnot 229; hiding in straw 233; binding its snarling lynx instar with constraints of alloy and liana 249; its lion instar in amorous clutch with a scorpion 267; ditto in trim form battling a roach 269; roanly flying and stalling in air 289; its lion or jaguar instar giving birth 294; its finicky adipsical timorous Old World cosmopolitan caracal instar 300.

Catalpa, a Holarctic catawba (Catalpa bignonia) — its shadow 0.

Catfish (probably Ictalurus punctatus Rafin., 1818), an omnivorous siluriform — casting for 199.

Cattail, common (Typha latifolia), a sort of bulrush — 120, 277, 279, 296.

Chacal, R. (b. Cochin, 1934), vulpinaciously rabid jackal of a foxy transformationist fond of going on and on and on about “biosocial” anthroposophosy — author (q.v.) of La chanson du lampion cramoisi d’amour intrafamilial (q.v.) 262, 294.

Chan, Abra (b. 1986), natural historian, illustrator, and alumna of Tiliar Boarding School (q.v.) — illustrations by AC 249; crafting a catchy coconut of a rut-slogan 249.

Chlamydo, Mona S. (b. 195?, 196?, 197?, 198?, 199?), Coast-Mountain Fukari hybrid — airing an oaf’s origin in a naric fig of arnica 82; nonhuman 113; informant 120; juicy pun 207; collaborator 262.

Cholita, a ‘chatroom’ in Glamporium (q.v.) — 108, 148.

Cholita, Hispano-Slavic hybrid — ardorous putta, a kind of cat (q.v.), in A. O. Barnabooth’s Borborygmic spasms (q.v.) 108; allonym of Gals “Hugo” Saliba’s Dolly, a mopsi (q.v.) 108.

Church, a gynophobic lugar for chanting Krišna Krishna or Kṛṣṇa, bowing in front of Krišna Krishna or Kṛṣṇa, prostrating to pay honor to Krišna Krishna or Kṛṣṇa, making oblations to Krišna Krishna or Kṛṣṇa, singing songs for and about Krišna Krishna or Kṛṣṇa, initiating virgins for Krišna Krishna or Kṛṣṇa, giving birth to virgins for Krišna Krishna or Kṛṣṇa, cooking food for Krišna Krishna or Kṛṣṇa, drinking drinks for to and with Krišna Krishna or Kṛṣṇa, imbibing Krišna Krishna or Kṛṣṇa’s most holy spiritual fluids, ingurgitating Krišna Krishna or Kṛṣṇa’s cosmic body, dancing around and with Krišna Krishna or Kṛṣṇa, anointing idols of Krišna Krishna or Kṛṣṇa, worshipping Krišna Krishna or Kṛṣṇa, partakrishning of various intoxikrishnants such as krishnognakrishna, port, rum, Datura stramonium (q.v.), ayahuaskrishna, opium, tobakrishno, krishnannabis, vodkrishna, Mandragora offikrishninarum (q.v.), Amanita muskrishnaria (q.v.), and whatnot, and, in short, doing what boils down to various sociophysiological rituals and such — vid. ashram (q.v.), gurudwara (q.v.), mandira (q.v.), masjid (q.v.), schul (q.v.), stupa (q.v.), church (q.v.), Krishna (q.v.), and so on.

Cicada, a brutishly annoying buzzing locust — 38, 51, 113, 120, 191.

Ciconia maltha, a stork (big bird) — 265.

Citron (Citrus pataphysicus L.), an acidic pulpy fruit — 82, 156, 189, 191, 238.

Clam — ghost of tiny Nucula cardara Dall, 1916, a nut C 154; subclinical husk of Siliqua patula Dixon, 1788, a razor C 287.

Clit, clitic, and community: Sociolinguistic signs of primordial matriarchy among Mountain Fukari, by M. Turbo (q.v.) and H. M. Flamingo (q.v.) — 120;

Clubtail, prismatic (Gomphus iridus Strick., 1847), a kind of dragonfly — jolts a flight of stalking 154; ably caught during a frogpond vigil 279.

Coast Fukari — go to Fukariland (q.v.).

Coastal plantain (Plantago maritima) — 262.

Cock, poultry, fowl, mavis, and so on — worship of C 38; prison play full of P 38; woman’s inability to find satisfaction with P 38; solitary C guards its flock 83; worms (q.v.) of P 86; C tail 113; cyclically distraught F, not a trivial F 120; comb of C 195; go forth to hunt F 214; coop of P 252; cosmic C crows 258; C and M of stormy auk (q.v.) 262.

Cocu cocufiant, by P. Ubu (q.v.) — is OWJ (q.v.) hinting at dark hazy anagrammatical cryptic and occult things with this allusion? 221.

Cognisignification, oil on canvas — a work of art’s, artist’s, and artists’ doing it, by G. Galvari (q.v.) 83.

Colibri, a kind of hummingbird (q.v.). — C hum 108; dull C 249; C whirr 277.

Comandra umbra Nutt., shadowy bastard toadflax — crown of 108; known as kla in Mtn. Fuk. 120.

Companion, a cryptic rapist’s, or, Myriad ways of bagging rooks, V. Novalis’s (q.v.) wistful disquisition on parochial amigos, humanitarian goodwill, faithful charity, pious voluntarism, and sacrificial gambits — quotation from 252.

Compass and sinking, this world as, by DU(H) (q.v.) — an ontological indagation into convulsions concomitant to bats and skulls 221.

Complaint, Tolstoy’s — slut’s jargon (q.v.) for masturbation 221.

Conflicting passions, mind is a thing of, by R. Fox (q.v.) — form imprisons function in or of 148.

Contrition, a spiritual account of contrition as a path to salvation, by MSS (q.v.) — 249.

Convivia, a Sihlaucal rancho not far from Owlstain (q.v) — locus of shooting of Convivia Convulvulata, A Tara T Dirty™ (q.v.) 77, 277, 278, 288; its willows (q.v.) 77, 288; its saltgrass (q.v.) 94.

Copulano, Victor “Tory” F., an Anyakyusyan (q.v.) mphilosophist of unknown caducity and authorship — author (q.v.) of a clitalysis of M. Douglas’s work on purity and pollution (q.v.) 148.

Coralroot (Coralorrhiza maculata), cosmopolitan mycoparasitic orchid — clawbloom C of Diana 48; Mtn. Fuk. word for C 120.

Corn, grain of various sorts, a subtratum of liquor — dull C 21, 120; vomit C 56; rain C 57; bloom or blossom of C 89, 252; Coptic C 106; soup of C 147; two horns of C (symbol of profusion) 251.

Corps divin, au jardin du, an oblational nonad, by S. About (q.v.) — 249.

Corroborations, proposals and, faithful proof that no ritual lacks for godality, by MSS (q.v.) — 249.

Cortázar, Julio (1914–1984), Low Country pugilist — although his Ron con limón (q.v.) casts its star M. Sibylla (q.v.) in a lurid and captivating light in 221, his Victor, Victoria, and Lucas, puts, in this author’s opinion, a particularly triangular sort of spin on human affairs writ broadly 300.

Cosmic python, by J. Narby (q.v.) — 148.

Cousin, Spinoza’s Brazilian, by H. D. Markson (q.v.) — this author (q.v.) is happy to find that his cousin’s country’s totally thorough habits of axillary, crural, and pubic probity far surpass his country cousin’s compass of social obligations and blossom forth most luminously glabrous within Glamporium’s panoptic walls 221.

Cowbird (Molothrus oryzivora), a black parasitic ornithoform of horrifying proportions — dusk of 44; clutch of 137.

Crayfish (Procambarus clarkii Girard, 1852), an astacid arthropod inhabiting riparian and marshy parts of inland and coastal Flouziana and Wyoming — its wrack 154.

Critical practical rationality, by I Kant (q.v.) — 82.

Critical puritanical rationality, by I. Kant (q.v.) — 82.

Crocus (C. sativus L.), also known as saffron (q.v.) — 65, 152, 250.

Crossbill (Loxia spp.), a happy-go-lucky fringillid ornithoform— 281.

Crow, corvid ornithoform typically black, brown, gray, and occasionally polychromatic, chatoyant, or cymophanous; also rooks, jackdaws, and such — raucous squawk of 20, 108; schoolmarms analogous to C 24; clutch of hair analogous to C 37; brown plastic trashbag imitating C 38; R roosting in bush 55; chorus of blank C 78; out hunting a flock of fowl (q.v.) 83; pair of C 86; mob of C 107; gossip-loving C in Norlia (q.v.) 113; C matriclan 120, 262; Holarctic C (Corvus corax L.) 120; billow of C 122; stray C cracking snails 131; languid C winging faith 152; spun C 163; garrulous party of C 178; courtyard of C in Paris (q.v.) 180; C or R roosting in bush 183; swarm of C and rats (q.v.) among ruins of Manowar Gingoons (q.v.) 190; C this public adoration 198; party of fabulous C 228; various corvids, including jays (q.v.), mob a hawk (q.v.) 244; smoky C-talk 253; cosmic cock C 259; C-proof glacis 262; gluttonous C clamoring always on outskirts of Iagip (q.v.) or in 262; lanky C playing tag 269; rum-rung randy rowdy R 273; giddy burst of C 276; cosmic C-bar 288.

Cuckoo, occasional brood parasitic ornithoform — clutch of C (Coccyzus minor Gimmal, 1788) 137; nut brown C (Piaya cayana L.) 209.

Cunning aficionados, skipping stunts for, by GG (q.v.) and MR (q.v.) — 191.

Cyclic parasitism by Oosdoli urvysc in contrasting populations of Hamiltonia and Babylonia, comparison of, by M. Turbo (q.v.) and B. Vighdan (q.v.) — 113

Daddy, an autobiographical ditty, by V. Lucas (q.v.) — 0.

Daffodil (Narcissus spp.), a poisonous plant, its blossom — 88, 129.

Daidalos (Δαιδαλος), slut’s jargon (q.v.) for antlion (q.v.), its larval instar in particular, owing, no doubt, to this lochastic animal’s basionym, Formicailuros daidalomorpha, and possibly also its nocturnal caudodromy and sinous or turbiniform habits — its imaginal instar 262.

Dakota grammar, by F. Boas (q.v.) — 120.

Dallsworthy, Mona (b. 1986; b.-a. 1999), born-again initiand — born again during initiation in Paris (q.v.) 221.

Darkbloom, Vivian (1899–1977) — his Diary of a fornicator (q.v.) 0; on location in artificial moonlight 38, 191; implication or sanctification of a work of 102; dashing young scholar, physicist of photons and biograffitist of Larry Lath (q.v.), his Aunt Smaragdina (q.v.), his chainsmoking of cigarillos, his club chair, his choosing of tawny port, his dracunculiastic or ascariastic ruminations, his fondling of Ada (q.v.) and Saian (q.v.), his limp, his Luminous things through which no light can show (q.v.), his Parandrus-bound parvulus partus novus, his portrait of an unknown playwright lost in London circa 1926, his thighs 191; author of Dark boudoir (q.v.) 221.

Darwin, Carlos (1809–1882), natural historical charlatan and transformational biomoralitician — author of “A study of foxy growth arising from mopsi mold (Mopsi spp.) invasion and worm trails in books in my library” 38; his Down Manor and his fallacious opinion that scholars may obtain works by S. A. Spitmarkx (q.v.) in Charing Cross or Marchmont 38; his analysis of Mopsi ipsis in Spitmarkx’s library in Ruhr-Lülnrar (q.v.) 63; injunction to think of him as a craft-avid naturalist, along with quotation from 162; of Spinoza’s rant, a variation à la D 277; his Transformational origins of orgasmic typology (1859) involving man’s historical going down and woman’s choosing of such (1871) bringing about a sociophysiological signalling in man and animals (1872) from which it obtains that law is habitual instinct or instinctual habit 294.

Datura stramonium, an acrid bushy acanthophyllous annual — inducing hallucinations 0; kindly casts out a buoy of thorny lianas 38; known as smaragdina to Mountain Fukari (q.v.) and smaragató to Wallapai 271.

Datura tatula, mountain stinkwort — fruits of DT known as tloadz in Mountain Fukari (q.v.) 120.

Daumal, Roald (1908–1944), Gallo-Frankish pataphysician and Indianist — author (q.v.) of Ślokic slants: A pataphysical study of Sanskrit prostitutional jargon (q.v.) 181.

Diana, gynomorphic syntagm of Dumuzi (q.v.) or allonym of Inana (q.v.) — clawbloom coralroot (q.v.) of 48.

Dibs, ludic activity involving throwing and catching knobby dibs, or jacks, and concomitantly chanting oracular oaths; also known as astragalomancy, tossing jacks, flinging hocks, or shooting craps — a match of D involving B. Pascal (q.v.) and B. Spinoza (q.v.) 66; invalid oaths of D 103; playing D to plight our flight to Fukariland (q.v.) 262.

Dirna, a drab dorp in Flouziana — visit by OWJ (q.v.) to a ranch not far from 96; night of cowculling at a ranch ditto 142; foolish confrontation in 232; shagbark hut in 244.

Dirty™, A Tara T, an impropriatory tag connoting monopolistic rights or manorial sigil signaling fair copyhold which any publication, from unbound circular to buckram tract, from blatant bill of publicity to acroamatical opusculum, is bound by common and judicial law and custom to pin on any titular allusion to, or nominal information obtaining from, any and all instars of a particular group — individuals of which you may singularly know as, or simply call, sans quotation marks, italicization, or grassification, but capitalizing all word-initial glyphs, and caudally branding it with its acronymic stamp of authority, thus, A Tara T Dirty™ — of strabismically atrabilious and subsultorily witchy Owlstain-grown porn films, skinflicks, and imagistic bodyworks in, on, and with which Tara Tron has, is having, or has had any or all limbs or digits thrust, actually or virtually, into actual or virtual forms of shooting or doing, of making or promoting, including various outputs haptic, visual, optical, carnal, or manual; words mindful or cynical; thoughts critical or laudatory; inputs soulful or spiritual — on-location filming of ATTD™ in Convivia (q.v.) 77, 288; Obfuscatory Trio (q.v.), ATTD™ 167; Full-Frontal Matriarch, ATTD™ 249.

Disparition, la, a noirish lipogrammatical plagiary of J. Potocki’s Manuscript found in Saragossa (q.v.), by Barack (or Baruch) Gorgias (q.v.) — plagiary by anticipation of Divastigations (q.v.) 148; choking on vapors as part of Bibliography’s duty in Glamporium’s production of Aunt Smaragdina’s Parandrus (q.v.) 191; Manowar Gingoons (q.v.), his D 249; providing supporting quotations 294.

Divastigations, sg. divastigation, nom. ag. divastigator, adj. divastigatory; slut’s jargon (q.v.) for Sp. la divindagación, a divinatory indagation, or indagatory divination, divagating upon or around a vast compass or domain of topics including schizomythology and sociophysiology, occasionally rising to a sort of stichomythic abstraction though usually falling into bombastic biblioclasm, staccato mumbo-jumbo, palilalic or palilogical slut’s jargon (q.v.), taboo, indignation, vain, stagnant, flailing whatnot — 13 partitions of D 0; lipogrammatical Bildungsroman (q.v.) 0; opportunistic D 0; symphonic conundrum involving D 0; dolorous D 38; ramifications of 63; Total draft of a way to a final calling to accounts (q.v.), by V. Novalis (q.v.), spills its hot hoary downy lyrical foam into all D 63; custom of D 120; thorough D of clitics of pronominal control 120; nudification of 138; avatars d’un noyau vital dont la divulgation s’affirmait tabou 148; citation of D 148; schizomythological D 148; transformational backing of D 148; unity of D 148; ludict (q.v.) is to D as Plasmodium (q.v.) is to blood 181; prostitution of D 181; sociophysiological D 181; jazzing up of ninth D 207; D as ludict 221; a small tri-monthly multilingual journal of arts, writing, philosophy, natural history, and sundry cultural stuff 249, 294; climactic introduction for a D of Goldbarg’s (q.v.) variants 262; orgasmic possibility of round of D 262; multiply until D looms 267; assiduous D 294; focus of D 294; hazardous D 294; historical D 294.

Divinity, vast divagations of, a sanctimonius psilogical collocation of doxological disquisitions, by M. S. Strickland (q.v.) — 0, 249.

Dog (Canis lupus ubiquitosus ad vomitum), a stupid panting furry animal, big or small, rancid and foul, fit only for pulling komatiks, pulks, or travois; for hunting hind, boar, stag, and parandrus (q.v.); and, if any of said quarry is lacking, for cutting up into small chunks and cooking in a slow crock with onions, garlic, carrots, galingal, marjoram, cumin, cardamom (both dark and pallid), cinnamon, kalonji, tarragon, ajwain, paprika, sumac, mugwort, and mustard — posing as a D 7, 27; nursing on a D 10; farcical prison play full of D 38; on its own tail circling 61; hang D faith 68, 148; D bark shaft 74; D twins 79; D woods 86; D collar 88; D bards 92; D wood 107, 157, 269; D ma 120, 138, 148, 181, 200; D matic 120, 181, 294; D ging 120; D thorn 120; cock of D 140; D winks 147; pit bull avatar of D pissing on a girl 172; bull mastiff 176, 295; carcass of D 180; big as D 180; D whip 191; D blood 204; photograph of D 208; lust D 208; stray D 217; D barking 249; lap D 249; hungry D 262; pack of D 294; anything, in word or D, that is not a mopsi (q.v.) 300.

Dogwood — dying off of Cornus nuttallii 86; groin of C. glabrata 107; canopy of ditto 157; C. amomum on Owlstain’s outskirts 269.

Dolly, apropos of, spurious work of nymphophilia, by Gals “Hugo” Saliba (q.v.) — its walk-on part in a bibliography (q.v.) 191.

Douglas, Mary (1921–2007), dirty Ityalian madonnaputologist — author (q.v.) of Purity and pollution (q.v.) 148.

Doxy, Spinoza’s, a fondly nostalgic account of Spinoza’s moral and political philosophy as told to its author’s bona roba qui militat omnis amasius, ma omnia vincit amor si vis amari ama — 0.

Draba platycarpa Torr. & Gray, broad-pod whitlowgrass, a kind of mustard — 178.

Drag, turning happy tricks in, by Hugo Vals (q.v.) — 19.

Dragoman, Babur (1483–1531), philippic protagonist of G. Saliba’s Zalozhnyu na umirayu (q.v.) — his thoughts on pornography 120; indulging an ouroborostic display of spunk and asp with M. Duchamp (q.v.) 180; straddling autumn to spring in a courtyard in Kabul (q.v.) 251; thrusting his hands into a toolbox in Caspia or Caucasia 273.

Draupadi, gynomorphic syntagm of our moon and its solar-umbral transformations concomitant to womaninity (q.v.) — stand-in for doubts of 145; marching across hot coals (that is, in conjunction with sun) 288.

Drymonia spp., various sorts of notodontid moths or tropical climbing lianas — 207.

DU(H), sociophysiological shorthand for Dado Udidi (Hamiltonian) (q.v.) — Mtn. Fuk. informant 120.

Duchamp, Marcos (1887–1968), a Parisian tailor — his mutt (a common dog [q.v.], in all probability) 120; his mad chump Cham (a mopsi [q.v.]), his mud champ Mach (an olm [q.v.]), his damp chum Chad (an author [q.v.]) 180.

Duck, oily (Aix sponsa L.), a wood duck — clutch of 288; cat (q.v.) toying with D 296.

Dudu, schizomythic bard of Norlia (q.v.) — strumming his ktar (q.v.) 113, 251, 297; strong sculptor of liquid music 123; drinking ktar (q.v.) 171, 267, 297; drunk and laughing 189; digging in 205; hunting Moanzy (q.v.) 214; sings this song 220, 267, 273, 297; avatar of Saturn 251.

Dumuzi, hylomorphic syntagm of Orion, a group of stars, or sun — plants of 50.

Durga, a distant star — marigold (q.v.) of 48.

Dyadic bilingualism, an introduction to practical applications of achromatic inspissations to situations of, by B. Vighdan (q.v.) — 63.

Faith’s mountaintop, variations on, a faithful account of spiritual chubbing on Our Lord’s upthrust of Kailash, by MSS (q.v.) — 249.

Fallopius, Giorgio (1523–1562), Ityalian anatomist — tauroral horns of 27, 38 (circular ruins).

Far country, narrow road to a, a book of haikai and hokku by M. Bashō (q.v.) — its titular mirroring by W. D. Hamilton’s Not so narrow roads of a mostly chromosomal world (q.v.) 148.

Far Gimmals, las islas Saba y Sabina, also known as — antipathic islands 63, 148; blank island of Saba 121; island of Sabina by class or country 126; twin volcanic islands 221; volcanic cliffs of 229.

Fatima [?] — 148.

Fig, small or gigantic not uncommonly parasitic bush, shrub, lianum, or banyan (Ficus maxima, Ficus carica, Ficus cordata, Ficus lacunata [Lacuna Fig], Ficus tixputana [Tixputo Fig], Ficus sycomoros, Ficus nyagrodha, Ficus rubrispinosa [Port Astri Bay Fig], Ficus citrifolia, Ficus crassiuscula, Ficus ursina, and so on) — synconia of 0, 53, 113, 120, 189, 207, 221, 249, 262; thorny liana of 38, 185, 200, 206, 237, 294; blossoming liana of 120, 135; symbiotic wasps of 191; crown of 208; matapalo 238.

Fir — Quinault’s mountain F (Rhopalotsuga quinaultia Goldbarg, 1925) 69, 83, 120, 152, 176, 237, 262, 265, 284, 294; squat F (Thuja plicata D. Don) 108; krummholz F (Pinus lasiocarpa Nutt.) 178; Tsuga dumosa D. Don 181.

Firbank, Ronald (1886–1926), capricious author (q.v.) of artificially odd inclinations, not aloof to showing signs of sorrow in sunlight — inspiration for Candida lucida (q.v.), by Gals Saliba (q.v.) 108; his vain mouth 221.

Firrsan, ktar og- (Book of Distaff Cuttings, c. 1600), compilation of words about words, birds, books, incantations, rituals, food, ornithology, occult culinary traditions, bibliophilia, bibliomancy, bibliognosy, glottophagia, glottophilia, and passim, by Subborainizy (q.v.) — 113, 273.

Fist, a ball, usually fairly tight, though on occasion slightly lax, of digits — cringing F 11, 252; fumbling F 30, 209; raw F 32, 35, 166; to crush with F 51, 162; to count with F 64; to hold with F or F-ful 78, 106, 132, 191, 239, 249, 251, 262; to grab with F 79; to zip with F 82; to F oral 85; F-shaking 95; F-y 96, 248, 249; to F art 98; to F girl 123; F arcing down 135; right F 154; Ff-ck 172; mouth F 178; in conjunction with palms and armpits 191; to rock with F 191; hairy villainous F 191; F dripping blood 191; F balks 193; pink F 195; ball of F 221; pussy F 223; F to skull 249; F to jaw 249; putrid F 249; F of authority 252; to twitch with F 253; haphazard F 262; F-wrung hair 264; bloody F 265; saluting with F 269; to cling to F 271; moist ambitious F 274; forlorn F 276; filling F 283; F-galling frost 285; to pound F 288; singing within F 299.

Flamingo, Hopi M. (b. 1963), founding sociophysiologist at ISOCPHYS (q.v.) in Owlstain (q.v.) — author (q.v.) of “A sociophysiological introduction to Tagma philosophy” (q.v.) 120; co-author with M. Turbo (q.v.) of “Clit, clitic, and community: Sociolinguistic signs of primordial matriarchy among Mountain Fukari” (q.v.) and “Why a caudal aproach to Mountain Fukari rostrality is just as wrong as any” (q.v.) 120; author of “Stipulations about parasitism and morality” (q.v.) 148; author of Singular charms: A girl’s own oral history of onanistic gratification in a cross-cultural family (q.v.) 262.

Flawndol, Sagarch (b. 1974, Port Gaspard), originally a Tagma lyricist from a farflung ginstop in North Wyoming, now a sociophysiological and schizomythological prosaicist of Owlstain (q.v.), Flouziana’s cosmopolitan capital city — co-author with W. M. M. Johnson (q.v.) and A. K. McLaughlin (q.v.) of Town city plain: A cultural history of Tagma and Intrussyan incursions into Fukariland (q.v.) 38, 249, 82, 287; co-author with OWJ (q.v.) of “Mountain Fukari rostrality” (q.v.) and “A caudal approach to Mountain Fukari rostrality” (q.v.) 120; author (q.v.) of “A world without ritual is, simply put, nothing” 148; as Aran Tron, a slangy liar known globally by his nom d’appui, Gals “Hugo” Saliba, in Glamporium’s production of Aunt Smaragdina’s Parandrus (q.v.) 191; author of “Wan Light, 23 shards of a short story” that is full of spurious and illogical aphorisms! 249; author of “This twain of copular song” 267; author of “Shark’s Analogy” 289.

Flouzianian Odonata, synopsis of, by H. A. Strickland (q.v.) — 278.

Flush, a biography of a dog, by V. Woolf (q.v.) — plagiary of or allusion to F by V. Novalis (q.v.) 208.

Food afflications and food intoxications, by S. R. Damon (q.v.) — 120.

Formicophagus maa Goldbarg, 1933, singing or firing-pin or cannon antlion (q.v.) — 120, 262.

Formicophagus tlaatlata Strick., 1845, Viridian Mountain antlion (q.v.) — 0, 50, 69, 113, 120, 137, 191, 211, 213, 237, 262, 294.

Fornicator, diary of a, or, A common book of spiritual stupration, a world-spanning account by VD (q.v.) of his promiscuous romps typically involving abduction and violation of young girls in old loggias and crumbling country villas of Tartary, Kaluga, Intrussya, Ladoga, Appalachia, Luga, Canady, Candia, Candida, Chlamydia, Drymonia, Poldavia, Wyoming, Flouziana, Kurland, usw. — 0.

Forsythia sp., typically xanthous — 188.

Foucault, Miko (1926–1984), Gallo-Prankish turncoat and suicidal author (q.v.) — author (q.v.) of Constrain and publish 38.

Fouqqari Country, flora, fauna and phonology of. Journals of a naturalist’s sojourn in Wyoming and Flouziana. In six books spanning 1841–1845, by H. A. Strickland (q.v.) — 120, 162, 262, 278.

Fouqqari, an unusual aboriginal jargon mildly rampant in our Viridian Mountains, triadic harmonization among words of, by C. Wainwright (q.v.) — 120.

Fouqqari, Fukari — go to Fukariland (q.v.).

Fox — Canis cana cunnifulvus (Norlian poaching F) or Canis vulva fulpus (ruddy F) 38, 273, 297; Urocyon littoralis arathusia (Arathu coastal F) 288.

Fox, Robin (b. Haworth, 1934), ornithovulpic hybrid — author (q.v.) of Mind is a thing of conflicting passions (q.v.) and That old crimson lamp of intrafamilial attraction (q.v.) 148.

FQ, sociophysiological shorthand for who knows? — 120.

Frog pond, a compass in a prodigal fondling, by M. S. Strickland (q.v.) — 0, 249.

Frog, typically Rana spp. — A compass in a F pond, by M. S. Strickland (q.v.) 0, 249; flaming scorpion F (Hyloxalus scorpionoformus Grant, 1984) 53, 120; bats hunting F at night 84; F-gig fit 120; tiny drab F (Nymphargus sp.) 207; F-pond 279; poison glass F (Hyalinobatrachium sp.) 282.

Fukari Country — go to Fukariland (q.v.).

Fukariland, Fahrt nach [Going to Fukariland (q.v.)], by S. A. Spitmarkx (q.v.) — 120.

Fukariland, historically spanning mountainous domains and littoral districts of Wyoming and Flouziana, Coast Fukari (Sihlaucal) hold-outs still inhabit ridings along Mar Arathu’s (q.v.) coast in Flouziana and Wyoming, and Mountain Fukari (MF) strongholds still pop up in various bailiwicks skirting and girdling Mount Spitmarkx’s (q.v.) flanks in Wyoming and Flouziana — au pairing in F 0, 113, 120, 262, 294; ritual taboos of 0, 113, 120, 262, 294; Tagma and Intrussyan incursions into 38, 82, 113, 120, 262, 294; myths of, in, and about F 113, 120, 294; grammaticalization of schizomythia and taboo in MF 120; accounts of F by S. Flawndol (q.v.) and O. W. Johnson (q.v.), O. X. Goldbarg (q.v.), A. Raymond (q.v.), S. A. Spitmarkx (q.v.), H. A. Strickland (q.v.), M. Turbo (q.v.), M. Turbo and H. M. Flamingo (q.v.), and C. Wainwright (q.v.) 120; schizomythology involving pinyon jays in F 148; gracious allusion to F 191; mutual quim-waxing and vulval manipulation by girls of F 195, 262, 294; antlion larval silk production in F 262; Raymond and Kidjaki’s social anthropological transawkalations focusing on F 262; word by which Datura stramonium is known in F 271; lying on a couch in F 277; Convivia Convulvulata, A Tara T Dirty™ shot on location in Convivia (q.v.), a Sihlaucal rancho of F 277, 288; carnal promiscuity involving minors of F 120, 195, 262, 277, 288, 294.

Furdydurkus, a pornophrastic work of glottography by W. Gombrowicz (q.v.) — its usurpation of thighs 82.

GA, sociophysiological shorthand for G. Albiano (q.v.) — Mtn. Fuk. informant 120.

Gadsby: Romano scritto con piu di 50,000 bons mots sin utilizar una digrapha particulara qui forma una ronda quasi chiusa con una piccola ligna, a translation into Ityalian, by GG (q.v.) and MR (q.v.) of Gadsby: Champion of youth (1939), by A. V. Wright (q.v.) — 191.

Galangal, marjoram and, a spiritual cookbook, by M. S. Strickland (q.v.) — 0, 249.

Galictis vittata, vair grisón — 288.

Galvari, Gloria (b. Owlstain, 1963), tribadic Tagma with Ityalian blood, no doubt, ogling gopis from Owlstain (q.v.) to On (q.v.) — co-author with MR (q.v.) of Glamporium (q.v.) 82, 141; doing art by making Cognisignification (q.v.) 83; bald and fat in a winking wig 108; an out-of-focus portrait of OWJ (q.v.) by GG 165; tutor of insidious artists 139; co-star with MR of Obfuscatory Trio (q.v.) 167; as VD’s (q.v.) Aunt Smaragdina (q.v.), a lascivious conciliatrix, in Glamporium’s production of Aunt Smaragdina’s Parandrus (q.v.) 191; co-author with MR of Skipping stunts for cunning aficionados 191; co-translatrix with MR (q.v.) of a book by A. V. Wright (q.v.) 191; taking a snapshot of OWJ 277; using a cosmic crowbar to abort a gordian bolus of light 288.

Garbo, a cat (q.v.), a wild god, a woman, a womb — womb of 10; womb’s production of 135; hanging or strangling of G in a sacrificial ritual 181; waif whips G 223.

Gargantua, Roland François (1494–1553), Chinonian alcrofribasticist — author (q.v.) of How my profound phallus was born from out my mama’s big fat ass following upon consumption of way too much saucisson (q.v.) 191.

Gaspard, port, a snowy coastal outpost in Wyoming’s Far North — its vocational school 148; its vocational school’s gymnasium 148; its vocational school’s gymnasium’s total divastigation by an anomalous tornado on an abnormally warm spring day in 1986 148; locus of publication of Schizomythology (q.v.) 148, 294; its poplars (q.v.) 249; its willows (q.v.) 249.

Gavia arathusia Spit., 1841, lascivious loon, Arathu huart — known in Mt. Fuk. as xaq’ol 262.

GG, sociophysiological shorthand for G. Galvari (q.v.) — Mtn. Fuk. informant 120; nods knowingly 120; frowns inquiringly 120; looks toward Crow-matriclan hut of womaninity (q.v.) and scans sky for signs of stormy auks (q.v.) 120; runs toward Crow-matriclan hut of womaninity brandishing a broom and giving out typical chasing-crow-away pant hoots 120; laughs sillily 120.

Gigartina sp., Fukari tidal moss, or black wrack — known as k’in in Mt. Fuk. 120.

Girtablullu nyctonostici Strick., 1837, nidicolous nocturnal portal scorpion of Babylonia (q.v.) — 0, 113.

Girtablullu spp., various sorts of portal scorpions (q.v.) — in Babylonia, 0, 113; in Hamiltonia 0, 141, 171, 220, 251, 267, 297.

Glamporium, a panoptical floramor hiving within our coastal capital cosmopolitan city’s quaint Old Port district, and proficuously proximal to Subborainizy station — a mostly “artificial” (?) lupanar of Owlstain (q.v.), its bistro, OWJ’s stints at 0; its playground of taboo (q.v.) 0, 82, 191, 214, 221, 262, 294; locus of a painting by M. (q.v.) 12; last night at G 24; tonight at G, drinking bourbon in 37; OWJ in prior collision with TH (q.v.) at G, possibly 38; showing off finds at G 41; a book about G 82, 141; its country-club sprawl 108; its idioglossic Ityalian 108; locus of a portal-straddling diptych 139; locus of group chatroom communication 148; its cubic muggy stalls of glamorous compulsion 149, 262; its short form 150; gigs at G 156; vacant stumbling in G 165; its production of Aunt Smaragdina’s Parandrus 191; its studios for doing art in 235; limping back to G 244; squatting to void a matinal bolus in 271; survival’s pomp in 277; and passim.

Glamporium: A schizomythology of a Flouzianian arts colony fronting for a global anarchist pornography/prostitution ring, by GG (q.v.) and MR (q.v.) — 82, 141.

Globarš: A ritual Tagma physiological philosophy, by B. Vighdan (q.v.) — 38, 63, 82.

Goat, a caprid ruminant — its kid 0; its skin 38, 113, 191, 195, 220; black G 61; its charm 103; its scat 113; mountain G 120, 191; its aristocracy 133; ruby G 156; old G 191; gawking 191; its joy and pain 195; sounds similar to stoat and gloat 209; its path 229; its marrow 276; its shit 296.

Goatboy, by J. G. Rothbarth (q.v.) — 0.

Gogh, Vlaminck van, Scandinavian Sunday artist of unknown caducity and significant local color — 121, 181, 293.

Goldbarg, Otto X. (1882–1944), mycophytological psammophilologist from Tixpu and Iagip too — his Jardim quai viottoli si biforcam (q.v.) 0; his Psammophilology (q.v.) 120, 262; his variants 262.

Goldbarg’s cowslip (Anagallis divaricata Goldbarg, 1923) — known as mbw in Mtn. Fuk. 120.

Gombrowicz, Witold (1904–1969), Masovian administrator famous for his authoritarian usurpation of thighs — his birthday is tomorrow 32; his birthday is today 34; is his birthday today? 40; mais, oui-da, his birthday is today! 44; his cynicism, apathy, anarchy, corruption, and proclivity for pornography and prostitution as found in his Furdydurkus (q.v.) 82.

Gongora, various kinds of soft, satiny, dangling orchid — rhythmic G 165; a gash in G 205; a pink mass of G 206; hybridizing with an alligator 229; food for a phasmid or phasmatid, possibly 252; windfall of G 294.

Gorgias, Barack (or Baruch) (1936–1982), Hamito-Sicilian nihilist who found political asylum in Paris — author of bombastic works of dissuasion such as La Disparition 148, 191, 262.

Grammatical class in Mountain Fukari is a form of obviation, by M. Turbo (q.v.) — 120.

Grammatical class in Mountain Fukari is obviously a syntactic fiction, by M. Turbo (q.v.) — 120.

Grammatical classification, by B. L. Whorf (q.v.) — 120.

Gravidity’s rainbow blood, a book about lochia from rubra to alba, by P. Plynchton (q.v.) — its part in a bibliography (q.v.) 191.

Gurudwara, or gurdwārā, a kind of gynophobic church (q.v.) — disturbs a blunt world’s contradictions 178; sanctuary of postmasturbatory patriarchy 181.

Haddad, Haldon, orgasmic cosmologist — his Cosmos 151.

Hamilton, W. D. (1936–2000), transformational chromosomaticist of Albion and Appalachia — his Not so narrow roads of a mostly chromosomal world (q.v.) 148.

Hamiltonia and Babylonia, comparison of cyclic parasitism by Oosdoli urvysc in contrasting populations of, by M. Turbo and B. Vighdan — 113.

Hamiltonia, a distant land of mountains and myth — originary locus of Ouida’s matral stirps 24; cyclic symbiosis of Oosdoli (q.v.) among human, Moanzy (q.v.), and Nimloidu (q.v.) hosts causing a situation of sosigonic stability (sss) in 113; locus of Norlia 113, 120, 141, 148, 189, 214, 220, 244, 251, 262, 267, 273, 277, 294, 297; prismatic silk pyjamas as worn in 137; sublimation of 187; Sogdianian incursions into, its difficult glyphs 267; its most schizomythic city 273.

Hamiltonian, Tony (b. 1953, Iagip), founding sociophysiologist at ISOCPHYS — author of “How’s it going, son?” 38, 181; his drink of approval and avidity 38, 57, 150, 190, 191, 238, 278, 282; his son 38, 181; allows our protagonist, alias Ada of Ishtar’s Hand, to suck on his cigar and sip from his gin and tonic 38; romantic guardian 74; his sublimation shoots forth a singular ray of rarity 137; his part in a chatroom communication in Glamporium (q.v.), along with his study of Ingush anaphora 148; translation of his aphorism from Mtn. Fuk. 175; sublimation of his aphorism 187; as Xarpo (q.v.), a sycophantic old minion and musician, in Glamporium’s production of Aunt Smaragdina’s Parandrus (q.v.) 191; his tippling in Iagip 221; his fanning of a rumor 249.

Hand — with broom or sundry sordid organs in 0; child’s, nourishing of 11; child’s, drawing laughing imagination dot to dot 88; child’s, in which word can link 140; child’s, curious, warm and pudgy 216; child’s H, dwarfing of 240 [or should this go with “monstrous dwarf of,” infra?]; doubts about obligation to hold or not to hold 22; finish (off) by 25, 129, 190; monstrous dwarf of 30, 209; shallow pit dug by 38; mutual womanly holding of H 52; foot or ass or thigh or H 62; warty toad pissing in 65; nothing can stop from clutching H, quim-curious H 82; H up up skirt 82; mouth to H 83; click clock cluck of 86; billy club in 95; light H with a dizzy quill of it own doxology 117; dipping H into a clay cooking pot of Manna snail burgoo 120; man’s H (Mtn. Fuk. lur) 120; woman’s ditto (Mtn. Fuk. ar) 120; bloody H, mutual changing of gifts from H to H 127; girls walk laughing H in H 132; giving H 159; psychological clinch bind H in, 160; H sinking into joy 165; right H, Dudu holding turgid syrinx in ditto 189; larboard H 191; with sand pail in 208; by taking him in H 209; old lady’s hard and cold H 218; artist’s H 239; fop’s H 248; coaxing, cajoling, waiting to catch with H 249; skillful application of 251; forcing H to dart forth 251; giving is cadging with full H 281, 285; to borrow a third H to grab balls with 288.

Hand, Ishtar’s — glamorous group of scantily clad virtuous houris playing wailing droning Ritually Incantational Taboo Music (q.v.) 0, 38, 156, 220, 228; mood affliction of Babylonia 113; Intrussyan infirmity similar to IH, in mountains of Wyoming and Flouziana 113, 120; avidly crafts Oria’s lush lyrical mouth in Norlia (q.v.) 141, 251; adorators of IH in Tixpu (q.v.) 220.

Hands — on thighs 9, 131; laying on of 14, 123, 141, 173; arms back stomach thighs lips ass and H 15; profoundly drunk on a natural philosophy of 23; limping pity’s wringing of 27; sacrificial imprint of 29, 276; shaking H 38; into strong H born 38; into strong H running falling flying 91; placing H against it palms flat as a way of knowing truly 68; rubbing thighs with H 69; no H 75, 171; claw dark justification with H 78; multicursal notation of 98; capricious flight of, constituting a plagiarism of a stanza from M. S. Strickland’s “Chant Royal to a Tralatitious Bat” (not in book) 102; thrill of 114; spastic waving and drastic washing of 120; human, wrought by 120; raw, stick into 123; avid, rubbing tingly and writhing snatch with H 146; not so avid or willing high school juniors’, affixing mailing tags with 148; waving motion of 156, 191; histrionic, mimicry of 178; H up skirt(s), pawing, hairy 191; six H, fluffy osmotic torchon snap into 191; sniffing at 191; jotting lurid glyphs with 191; joyous hacking away at 197; woodstrong, dusky splay of 205; gracious 220; two H 234; crawling 235; splotchy hairy lugubrious brown H stung by ants and scorpions 237; both H, scribbling chanson with 249; both H, gutting on a rusty nail 259; H pulling forward to grasp ovid limbs 249; smooth, rhythmic touch of 249; sticking H into thorny mora bush 249; writhing through 250; willing guiding H into which Fukari girl is born 262; pilgrims’ H, pulling pants down with 276; many H, this high 289.

Hari, Mata, popular (volkisch) cultural allusion and/or icon with which this synoptic atlas’s author (q.v.) is not at all familiar — suicidal assassination of 300.

Hasard, L., a fortuitous author (q.v.) — his allusion, possibly, to Darwin (q.v.), Kafka (q.v.), and Kant (q.v.) 294; his Instinct social d’animaux. Sa distribution, sa disposition, son fond, suivi par son air distinctif (q.v.) 294.

Hawk — Caracara tixputosa Ridgway, 1876 29; Falco tinnunculus L. 72; Haliastur panchatantrum Spit., 1840 78; Morphnus convulvulatus Dumont, 1816 83; Surnia oria Strick., 1845 120; Harpia harpyja L. 121; Harpagus arathusus Strick., 1844 240; F. annatum Turnstall, 1771 244.

Hawthorn (Crapulus spp.), a hardwood; its rootstock is good for grafting; its limbs, good for hanging yakshis from — 152, 269, 270.

Hibiscus spp., a rosy or sulfurous mallow shrub — 96, 235.

Hickory, a virtuous wood, probably Carya ovata (shagbark H) or C. glabra (pignut H) or C. novalis (ruddy H) or C. laciniosa (kingbot H, host of Amorpha juglandis, a walnut-loving sphingid) or C. cordiformis (swamp H) — 38, 40, 49, 69, 120, 152, 212, 241, 296.

Hillia trifolora, a tropical shrub — 207.

History-making words, a transfixing list of faith-inducing bons mots, by MSS (q.v.) — 249.

Holly (Hulix abscondita Hook. & Arn.), prickly aquifolialic with poisonous fruits and blooms (poisonous, that is, to all but pug moths and inchworms) — crown of 108; sanctuary for a mockingbird (q.v.) 157; prickly H 282; stand of H 296.

Homo ludicrous: a lucid study that limns why humans play, possibly by J. Huizinga (q.v.) — 215.

Homologous humor: a study of sociocultural ludicity in man and animals, possibly by J. Huizinga (q.v.) — 215.

Hopscotch, ludic activity involving chalking out a sublunary court or grid of digits and symbols and tossing a calciform or laminar puck of faith à la Pascal (q.v.) prior to hopping from digit to digit, symbol to symbol, skipping past any blank substata of logic, and singing a chanson as follows: “Mais doit-on polir la liaison à Lyon? Par tapant la puttana à Pau! Mais doit-on courir un flirt à Calais? Par sautant la cortigiana à Dijon! Mais doit-on s’offrir aux forbans d’Avignon? Par souffrant la sgualdrina à Strasbourg! Mais doit-on jouir aux sagouins d’Albi? Par draguant la donnaccia à Draguignan! Mais doit-on sortir du plaisir à Montauban? Par trafiquant la troia à Toulon! Mais doit-on vagir d’amour à Laval? Par manipulant la mignotta à Tours!” — initial chalking out of H’s court 0; tossing of first puck, which lands on a word containing no consonants 19; 1º hop 28; 2º hop 38; turning round at grid’s summit 61; hopping back towards start 87; stopping mid-grid to squat and pick up puck, toss it again 104; ditto 105; conclusion of first round 290.

How my profound phallus was born from out my mama’s big fat ass following upon consumption of way too much saucisson, by R. Gargantua (q.v.) — 191.

How’s it going, son?, by T. Hamiltonian (q.v.) — 38.

Hugo, Victor (1802–1885), prototypical Gallo-Frankish child prodigy and dirty old man — lurking roguishly in a hollow pun 38; posing jauntily in front of a quizzical glyph 38.

Huizinga, Johan (1872–1945), Dutch ludicticist — author (q.v.) of a) Raga avis: a study of Indian music’s origin in birdsong (q.v.); b) Homo ludicrous: a lucid study that limns why humans play (q.v.); c) Homologous humor: a study of sociocultural ludicity in man and animals (q.v.); or d) Rara apis: a cryptic study of unusual pollinators displaying mimicry (q.v.) 215.

Humanity’s unchanging soul, toward a psycho-biological philosophy of, by A. Mayr (q.v.) — 249.

Hummingbird, a small vibratory ornithoform — scorpion quarry 113; viridian H (Colibri thalassinus Swain), vibrations of its wings during flight 120; lost H (possibly C. thalassinus) 207; hunting wasps 212; hybridizing with a jaguar 229; guarding a hoard of lilac (q.v.) blossoms, in conflict with an io moth (q.v.), a colibri (q.v.), a fritillary (q.v.), a wasp (q.v.) 249.

Hyacinth (Hyacinthus nirusis L.), Norlo-Tagma immigrant to Wyoming and Flouziana — 65, 78, 188, 235, 250.

Hyssop (H. officinalis L.), a fragrant shrub — 249, 273.

Iagip, a bailiwick or borough of Fukariland (q.v.) — going off to do a nanny job in, 0; its poplars (q.v.) 40, 113, 133, 226, 284; its willows (q.v.) 40, 133, 284; a snowclad birch (q.v.) in 69; pictorial confusion of 74; its bucolic bustlings 113; its sibling camp Iaqip 120, 262; sitting on a smooth worn stump of fir in I 120; locus of publication of Psammophilology (q.v.), by O. X. Goldbarg (q.v.) 120, 262; spring in I 178; its Black Yurt (a small book publishing assn.) 191; tippling in I, 221; its huts or shacks or cabins of womaninity (q.v.), typically built of rough larch or fir logs, planks, and slats 237, 250, 262; its radial layout 262; locus of antlion larval silk production 262.

Iago, tragically invidious slangy liar of drama — his fatal truth 74; his rhyming carnatic rhythm during a bout of hopscotch (q.v.) 104; a song taking a nod from I 148; your worldly playboy’s daily I 221.

Iaqip — go to Iagip (q.v.).

IB, sociophysiological shorthand for I. Bloip (q.v.) — Mtn. Fuk. informant 120.

IMPPA, Intrussyan Ministry of Propaganda Publishing Arm — an organ of Black Yurt (q.v.) 181.

Inana, hylopmorphic syntagm of Śukra (q.v.), or moon — animals of 50.

Inhart, Atoca (b. Iagip, 1985), inhabitant of Owlstain (q.v.) — as Nirusa’s half-sibling Oria (q.v.), a buxom hussy, in Glamporium’s production of Aunt Smaragdina’s Parandrus (q.v.) 191; jots a “Chanson in Two Idioms,” has lunch with DU(H), and chats with OWJ (q.v) — all during a bracing lull whilst shooting Convivia Convulvulata, A Tara T Dirty™ (q.v.) 249; playing Mountain Fukari with OWJ in Iagip (q.v.) 120, 262; tilting boyish hips up a profoundly muddy path 288.

Intrafamilial attraction, that old crimson lamp of, by R. Fox (q.v.) — its proof that mind is a spiral thing 148.

Io, gynomorphic syntagm of full moon or Śukra (q.v.) — holy star I (slut’s jargon [q.v.] for that luxuriant paphian furor that burns and thirsts and throbs and pants and charts a woman’s body during ovulation and wants wants wants!) 38, 113, 205, 214, 249, 273, 297.

Ionic astrum (pl. ionis astra), Ityalian for dawn star — symbol of Io (q.v.), Ishtar (q.v.), Atta (q.v.), Dudu (q.v.), and so on, 113; ‘poison gland’ of Babylonian portal scorpion (q.v.), 113.

Iris spp., bulbous or rhizomatous or lophiritic or scorpiritic plants and such — black I 18, 58, 146, 291; crimson I 75; polyphonic I 106; scrotal I 111; rhythm of I 129; flux of I 134; I of sky 145; I of God 249; rapt I 285.

Ishtar (Ištar), gynomorphic syntagm of womaninity (q.v.) — hand (q.v.) of I 0, 38, 113, 120, 141, 156, 220, 297; child (or avatar) of I (slut’s jargon [q.v.] for nautch girl) 9, 20, 24, 30, 98, 120, 132, 189, 213, 236, 251, 273; virgin(al) I 38, 171, 220, 249, 267, 273, 277, 288, 292, 297; matriarch of ludict (q.v.) 63; singular ravishing of I 123, 244, 251, 273, 297; downy floss of I 205, 273, 297; worship at altar of I (slut’s jargon for you know what) 210; gravid I 214, 273, 297; full moon of I, allusion to I, bard of I 220; ravishing gasps of I 244; gibbous moon of I 251; pluricopular avatar of I 267.

ISOCPHYS, an Institution for Sociophysiological Study — its location in Owlstain (q.v.) 0, 148, 181, 249; studying parasitism in a classroom of 84; its founding in 1992 148; as taught at I, humanity’s unfolding is a history of conflict and conciliation 157.

Jacob, François (b. 1920), Gallo-Frankish transformationist — his hint, following B. Spinoza (q.v.), that mind is a spiral thing 148.

Jardim quai viottoli si bifurcam, o (1941), by O. X. Goldbarg (q.v.) — o libro on l’autor parla autour di araras, i papagayos, i plantas tropicalas, usw. 0.

Jargon, slut’s, idioglossic or cryptophasic lingua floramorica — its couch, its coin 54; unusual, aboriginal, rampant 120; argot-bound abyss of barmaid’s cant 191; its pornosophical trickbag, its patch of hussy’s pain 204.

Jarry, Arnaut (1873–1907), pataphysician from Laval — his Amour absolu (q.v.), his P. Ubu (q.v.), his Cocu cocufiant (q.v.) 221.

JASI — Appalachian Spiritual Institution (q.v.), its Journal 300.

Jay, a garrulous corvid — Tixputo J (Cyanocorax tixputanicus Dubois, 1875) 20, 238; pinyon J (Gymnorhinus ultramarina L.) 78, 108, 148, 244; Norlian J (Garrulus glandarius L. var. hyrcanus) 113; dull brown Viridian Mountain J (Cissilopha psilorhinus Strick., 1845) 120, 198, 212, 244, 262.

Johnson, Ouida Willoughby (b. Tixpu, NL, b. c. January 29, 1984; d. Blorhn, WY, c. January 23 or 24, 2010) — primordial bassist, ktarist, violist, lyricist, sitarist, organist, vocalist, oudist, viola-da-gambist, and whatnot for Ishtar’s Hand (q.v.) 0, 24, 38, 99, 100, 156; protagonist and author of ludicts 1299 of Divastigations (q.v.), a lipogrammatical Bildungsroman (q.v.), by MSS (q.v.) 0299 and passim; taunts author (q.v.) by posing as a catin du jour in Paris (q.v.) 0; mourns loss of virginity (q.v.) 1; burns books 2, 234; crawls and shouts 3; strips 4; lusts for paradox 5; drinks 6; kids author by posing as a man, a woman, a dog 7; kicks author’s groin 7; is afraid 8; starts at fifty 9, 220; vomits 10; sucks cock in (or in proximity to) a barn 11, 142; sucks cock, pussy, a dildo, a paintbrush, and a small furry animal in a daisy chain of group portraits by MR (q.v.) 12, 154; calls author a pious fraud 13; calls author a stupid drunk 14; jilts author in favor of his buddy DU(H) (q.v.) 15; says author’s work is boring 16; rancorously fucks a random guy 17; plans to marry DU(H) 18; draws a blank 19; sucks DU(H)’s cock on a bucolic mountain top 20; aborts what is probably DU(H)’s or a random john’s or possibly author’s unborn child 21; spurns DU(H) at altar 22; mourns loss of virginity again (!) 23; turns tricks at Glamporium (q.v.) 24, 30, 31, 146, 150, 152, 155, and passim; blacks out 25; insists again on not marrying DU(H) 26; gangbangs a caucus 27; onanistically unwinds in a plagiary of Z. N. Hurston 28; disdains a tautocidal jump 29; invidiously sucks anonymous cock in a bathroom stall 30; finds a sugar daddy (Bimkov? Hamiltonian? Turbo? Kidjaki? Quilty? Vighdan? Darkbloom? Raymond?) at last 31; buys a wool skirt in Kurland 32; whips a foolish minion 33; sobs with compassion 34; plays Draupadi (q.v.) in Vyāsa’s Mahābhārata, A Tara T Dirty™ (q.v.) 35; ditto 36, 37; flirtatiously puffs on TH’s (q.v.) cigar and slinkily sips from his drink 38; guiltily asks author’s opinion 39; visits family of SF (q.v.) or DU(H) 40; turns tricks again at Glamporium 41; back to DU(H)’s family, promising to marry him (again!) 42, 43, 44; admits impossibility of marrying author 45; shops for consolation 46; taunts author at a bar in Owlstain (q.v.) by sitting on a barstool to his right and shaking foot invitingly 47; laughs at author’s bibulous lack of stamina 47, 144; plays Durga in a Dravidian passion play 48; prays to Vishnu (q.v.) 49; harps on about having “lost” virginity to author 50; plays M. Hari (q.v.) in an Intrussyan snuff film 51; still with old Prof. Vighdan (q.v.), indulging his two-girl fantasy in 52 (and again in 169!), coddling him childishly in 53, and in 56 is playing for him a part straight out of — mais n’anticipons pas; calls author a bald drunkard 54; but what about DU(H)? 55; viciously mocks author’s proclivity for bibulous loquacity 57; calls author a prosaic thug 58; callously flaunts a flaming lack of crural crinosity 59; stinking of drink and altarian rut, tipsily asks author for a light 60; wryly solicits absolution by making up a ludicrous word 61; calls author a pathological dictator 62; sarcastically lampoons author with a diabolical wink 63; mocks author’s calvity by pulling out own hair 64, and, homologously, rubs it in by pulling out author’s thinning hair 153; again with complaints about virginity’s loss! 65; calls author a spurious windbag 66; churlishly abhors author’s Owlstain flat 67; calls author a sadistic rapist 68; flails limbs wildly as author rubs poison ivy onto, into, with, and through (?) 69; falls or jumps out a window 70; hangs from a hickory (q.v.) branch 71; lurks in wrong book 72; calls author a garrulous milksop 73; calls author a slangy liar as traitorous as any Iago (q.v.) 74; suicidal thoughts 75; calls author a hardup hog 76; straight out of a story by Bolaño 77; mourns a truant cat 78; throws fistful of labrador shit at author’s pug (q.v.) 79; uncloaks to approving sibilant whipcracks a chainmail outfit 80; toots a horn 81; too full of jargon — try again, author 82; hastily rigs a gimcrack abstraction 83; visits a windfarm in a suburb of Owlstain 84; calls author a drooling chain-smoking drunkard (now that’s original, bitch!) 85; cavorts with a party of sophists or sapphists or both in a hot air balloon or possibly a sloop during an Atlantic crossing 86; suicidal thoughts again 87; calls author a bombastic madman partial to slicing his own limbs 88; scorns author’s gift of blossoms and alcohol 89; assaults author with a glass of cognac 90; taunts author with a phony wink in a bar in Paris 91, 149; calls author an aging sagging sandbag and his synoptic atlas no good, no good, no good 92; calls author a pitiful drug addict 93; worships Pārvatī at an altar in Barrio Tixpu (q.v.) 94; calls author paranoid 95; at a pastoral cow carnival in Dirna (q.v.) or bucolic goat fair in Blorhn (q.v.), bluntly firmly indubitably indisputably unambiguously snubs DU(H)’s last-ditch marital gambit 96; calls author fictional 97; calls author’s art flimsy, infirm, narrow, hollow 98; sings, plays, drinks, vomits, rubs against, ruts with, jots things down in a cryptic ktar, and talks and talks and talks (to a vision in a mirror! to a ghost of a cat! to an actor in a play! to an imaginary dramatist! to a sacrificial lamb! to a stray boor at a bar in Glamporium! to a lascivious sociophysiologist or two or four or six at ISOCPHYS!) 99, 100, 101, 103, 104, 106, 107, 112, 114, 116, 117, 119, 124138, 140, 141, 143, 148, 151, 158, 161, 162, 163, 166, 167, 169, 171176, 178190, 192, 193, 195, 197201, 204, 206, 207, 210, 211, 215, 217219, 221, 222, 224226, 228233, 235239, 241248, and passim; calls author timorous, his world a prison, his work no match for that of VD (q.v.), and fictional to boot 102; calls author unoriginal 105; cynically flirts with author 108; calls author a drunk and a mad liar 109; spits on author’s mortarboard in 110, but ruts with author in a motor boat in 111 — what’s up with that? upbraids author’s stab at a synoptic atlas 113; says not only that author’s work is totally lacking in worth in 115, but also that said work is nothing but a small flat rock skipping limply across a frog pond and sinking unavailingly out of sight in 118; indignantly insists that author stop poking his short fat squalid thumbs into (and I mark, for accuracy, four quick slashing stabs of quotation) “my book” 120! puts out for handy cash in a bungalow of Port Astri Bay (q.v.) 121; ditto in Owlstain 122; this part too is way too difficult for what this book’s about 123; though divagating slightly to call him goatish in 133, pays basically no mind to author at all from about 124 to, say, 137; calls author gratuitous 138; gratuitously calls author a vapid formalist of dubious charm — or did you say formulist? 138; calls author aliquis in omnibus, nullus in singularis [sic] 138; splays and pouts from a Tuscan diptych in Glamporium 139; shouts “Go away!” to author 147 No, you go away! No, you go away! No, you go away! crapulously insists that author supply and/or pay for cigarillos and copious amounts of rum 156, in transaction for a bit of skin-on-skin contact 157 (is this grammatical?); sultrily mock shyly borrows a light from author 159; plays backgammon or tric-trac 160; calls author a howling sick autistic soul 164; drunk and moody in an out-of-focus portrait by GG (q.v.) 165; displays pubic primordia at Port Astri Bay (q.v.) 168; squints at author 170; posits an original aphorism that is actually a plagiary of S. A. Spitmarkx (q.v.) 177; plays VD’s doxy-in-waiting Ada (q.v.), a sultry harlot 191; calls author blind, dumb, blank, vicarious 194; calls author a liar 196; spurns author’s opinion as “dull” in 202, and scoffs at him as “slow” in 203, but mounts with a wincing groan his animalistic imagination in 205; calls author’s work a sluttish hybrid 208; climbs onto a column of gonadal onyx 209; flirts with a common author’s output 212; solicitously squats in iron-clad constraints atop author’s turgid point 213; pours and rubs oil on DU(H) in a six-girl (minimum) orgy on our playground of taboo (q.v.) 214; constructs during a plush saffron couch-stunt in Glamporium a past child’s imagining of pudgy hands and slanting slats of rough raw or rotting wood in a shack of Tixpu (q.v.) 216; bilingually in Tixputo-fashion brashly confronts author with a waifish supplication for both cigarillo and light 220; sucks off Dr. Avílano Bimkov (q.v.) 223; strips for ditto 227; in a fit of passion, stabs author with a cryptic dirk 234, 241; disappoints this authors rhythmic plot 240; waiting at a bus stop in a faux hussar’s outfit of tall boots, form-fitting jodhpurs, and bosom-cinching blouson sporting mink fur at wrist and collar, casts a hungry pupil’s dilation or dilatation at our strolling author in Paris (q.v.), violating with ocular rapacity his ruminant aplomb 249; though bidding us turn to Psalm 65 of our gopi-loving Lord’s song, Gīta Govinda, actually skips right past it, and so this author (q.v.) opts to caulk that injudicious paralipsis by apostrophizing it in full, to wit: “I sing a song of glorious glabrous glairy rut with gopis / I plight my lust by faithfully lauding your twin pillows of divinity / For coming proclaims my body’s utmost limit of supplication / And sin confirms my violation, pardons it / For happy is that man you approach and join with and subduct into your lair and satisfy with your joyous portal, your sacral sanctum / Your luscious grip contracts antiphonal and condign to my own dumbstruck palpitations, cinching spasm to blood’s roar, causing all without this vast compass of focal throbbing to murmur, to vanish: surfcrash from a distant world of gopis / My vigorous lizard stands upright in your stronghold, your lofty bosom rolls mountainous and cumbrous, and your śakti girds / And that vanishing murmur of crashing surf and human tumult is far too distant now to disrupt us with its dismal hum; is still / And as I start to surmount my body’s topmost rung, I am giddy and afraid almost of tumbling into your abyss, but am avid also for your own rapt signs of soaring, quaking, plunging — and as this fountain that is as radiant as dawn, as piquant as dusk, starts to pour forth from my loins, I hold nothing back, and shout with joy, oh gopi! / You too hold nothing back now and, with your juicy accumulation splashing around my still upright pillar, you drill your tumid nubbin of satisfaction against my bony vault until your stormcloud bursts and a copious rill of divinity, a glorious downpour of piss and spunk and ambrosial sap rains coddling down upon my roots, oh gopi / Your fragrant sap anoints my thighs, pools on my stomach, and sinks down into my most profound furrow, swathing my dangling crotchfruit with its hot liquid grip, and though I am dissolving, I grow stiff and stout again as, allaying my thirst with your warm rain, I worship you, my gopi / You who compass my body with gracious ramparts, and crown your orgasm with bountiful distillations / You who distill upon my faithful tundra your juicy hummock and your girdling thighs / You who array your bosom in lambswool now, your luscious womb is girt with fruit, and so I go off to plow and sing and cavort with virgin gopis” 250; drinks straight rum à la Turbo (q.v.) 251; sarcastically mocks author’s youthful sins 252; whilst sailing in a yawl from Isla Saba (q.v.) to Port Astri Bay, puts out for cavalry 253; basically shacks up totally in gynocratic fashion with DU(H) and his kith and kin in Iagip (q.v.) from 254 though 277, though still balks at no occasion to rut plurally with a fistful or two of strung-out paragandists in 267; to mouth sham passion in a painting by MR (q.v.) in 271; to nag author with bourbon-bought claws in 273; to fall from a rooftop in 276; and to cavort in various instars in paintings by MR and photographs by GG (q.v.) in 277; sails from Owstain to Isla Sabina on a Sihlaucal man o’ war 278; opts out of warring by whoring 279; scoffs at author’s faith as not just foolish, but raving 280; claims that trauma hurts as much at thirty as at six 281; pouts 282; finds a worm and founds a world 283; stabs author with a clam husk 284; balks at author’s cadging 285; in cahoots with Intrussyans 286; on location in Convivia (q.v.) 287; still on location in Convivia 288; vamps a rig to raid Dirna 289; mocks author’s sobbing 290; out of pity, grants author a gratuitous bout of carnality 291; mops up author’s vomit 292; walks uphill 293; thinks that myth is a sort of oral almanac — how quaint! 294; romps with a bull mastiff 295; falls into fiction’s past 296; toils in plural limbo with corybants and bards 297; flouts author out of his calling 298; scrawls, plots, brings, buds, hugs, sings 299; plots a finish to this cunty scrawl 299; on a chilly autumn morning in cold fountain spray on a cold iron viridian park chair aux jardins du Palais Royal, Paris, glibly informs author just how much it will cost him to abort his sacrificial gopi, his unborn girlchild 300.

Johnson, W. M. M. (b. Owlstain, 1973), first-cousin of OWJ (q.v.) — co-author of Town city plain (q.v.) 38, 82, 249, 287.

JSocPhys, Journal of Sociophysiology, put out by ISOCPHYS (q.v.) in Owlstain (q.v.) —0, 16, 38, 63, 82, 113, 120, 148, 262, 298.

Juglans nigra L., black walnut (q.v.) — its rinds 262.

Junco gonortu, Spitmarkx’s tortuous junco — a ‘snowbird’ (ma’iki’dik) of Fukariland (q.v.) 262.

Kabul, court city of Sogdiana, known for its oak and balsam woodlands; its orchards of walnut, apricot, plum, and almond; its virtuosic musicians and ravishing nautch girls — 38, 189, 191, 251.

Kafka, Franz (1883–1924), transformational contortionist of Marcomannia — his barmaid 0; his birthday is tomorrow 2; his birthday is today 8; his ghost, his dismal spirit, and his Lawful Trials 16; his furacious musility 74; his Sylphid Transformations and his Slangy Liar 221; a quotation from his Transformation 289; his monomaniacal law as guilt-inducing intuition and his doubt as to path and goal 294; a quotation from his Rook’s Gambit (Das Schloß, q.v.) 298.

Kant, Gustav (1875–1961), Swiss numinousist — his Laws of Affability (q.v.), Laws of Amability (q.v), and Laws of Amiability (q.v.) 221.

Kant, Ignatius (1724–1804), critical Kurlandish moralist — his constipation 16, 19, 32; his trio of v’s 39; host of Mopsi ninsrata (q.v.) 63; his old-school law and his conundrum 82; his Critical puritanical rationality (q.v.) and his Critical practical rationality (q.v.) 82; his proof of Kurlandish philosophy’s worth 86; a K-ian countdown 106; K was joking 179; boning up on K 264; a quotation from 289; his crass abstractions, his confusions 294.

Kidjaki, Ada — vid. Ada (q.v.).

Kidjaki, Castro (b. Tixpu, 1960), sociophysiologist and schizomythologist — author (q.v.) of RIFT 38; collaborator with A. Raymond (q.v.) on “Social anthropological transawakalations” (q.v.) and basic notions of schizomythology 82, 113, 148, 181, 262, 294, and passim; his articulation, along with A. Raymond, of a schizomythic law of mythic variation (q.v.) 294.

Kidjaki, Djuma and Rick (b. 1943, Tixpu), avuncular guardian twins of OWJ (q.v.) — co-captains of an Arathu-plying yawl 120, 249; this pair’s contribution to a group discussion in a cholita (q.v.) of Glamporium (q.v.) 148; as Osnak and Ubag (q.v.), a curious pair of sociophysiologists, in Glamporium’s production of Aunt Smaragdina’s Parandrus (q.v.) 191; Ada’s dualistic douloi in Full-Frontal Matriarch (q.v.) 249.

Kikar (Acacia nilotica L.), a thorny babul — 0, 294.

Kiko [?] — 148, 249.

Kingsmill, Hugh (1889–1949), marginal bordophiliast from Albion — his Bordophilia (q.v.) contains such inspirational strigillisms as “if your throat ’tis hard to slit, just slit your girl’s, and swing for it” 221.

Kinship, Anyakyusyan rituals of, by M. Wilson (q.v.) — 148.

Kiowa syntax, by R. Mutt (q.v.) — 120.

Kni, crimson alga (Gracilaris sp.) found all along Arathu’s sun-struck littoral — known as K in Fukariland (q.v.) 120.

Krishna (Krišna, Kṛṣṇa) — solstitial crux, sun, son of man, moon, gravity, cosmos, light, or its symbol (vid. lamb, q.v.); a star; a wild god; our gopi-loving Lord.

Krummholz, Gordon (b. 1944), amusing musical prodigy, playtoy, and Appalachian mariposist — author (q.v.) of Maricopa morphology and syntax (q.v.) 120.

Ktar — a luscious hollow scrumptious fruit with plump viscous pulp 189; a strong flavorful liquor, product of a continuous distillation involving rosy briar blossoms and saffron liana blooms with hints of vanilla, similar to arrack, but as light and soft as your most distinct tokay; possibly also a rough intoxicating concoction, ruddy in color, lambic in flavor, of cumin, mustard, Nimloidu snails au jus, and various saprophytic bush rust runt runs ruts rats and/or bark, drunk hot, cold, warm, putrid, and rancid from an ungainly mug during Glo Barš (q.v.) 38, 113, 120, 189, 220, 244, 251, 267, 273; Norlian basswood (Tilia rubra var. hamiltonica) 113, 251, 267, 273; small book of mystical magical incantations bound, usually, in black goatskin 113, 273, 297; spiral of fortifications surrounding town or city in mountainous Hamiltonia, Norlia in particular 113; triply strung Norlian oud 113, 123, 151, 191, 251, 267, 273, 297.

Lamarck, Julio-Baptista (1744–1829), protosociophysiologist — his Zoological philosophy 38, 277.

Lamb, an ovid animal with rancid oily crinkly fur; a poor symbol, in a word, for Our Krishnarjunic Conjunction of Salvation, our Crucifictional Starword, Bloodmyth, Starghoul, and Gopi’s Cavity — 0, 57, 58, 63, 71, 191, 249, 262, 274, 294.

Larch, a tall tamarack — Larix laricina Du Roi 120, 148, 152, 237, 262, 265, 282, 284, 294; L. lyalli Parl. 120, 176, 178; L. dahurica Rupr. var. norliana 181.

Lark (Ada parisina L.), Parisian skylark — laughing 146.

Larkspur (Consolida ambigua Schur) — 178, 181.

Lath, Larry, sociophysiological playwright lost in London (q.v.) c. 1926 — author (q.v.) of Aunt Smaragdina’s Parandrus (q.v.) 191.

Lath, portrait of an unknown playwright lost in London, c. 1926, by V. Darkbloom (q.v.) — 191.

Lath’s variant, a johnsonian account of dramatic hijinks in London c. 1926, by R. Rayburn (q.v.) — invidious insinuation that V. Novalis’s Spadassin maladroit (q.v.) “borrows” various “local colors” from LV 208.

Liatris punctata Hook., pointy blazing star — known as ab in Mtn. Fuk. 120.

Library, a study of foxy growth arising from mopsi mold (Mopsi spp.) invasion and worm trails in books in my (n.d. mss), by C. Darwin — 38.

Lilac (Syringa vulgaris L.), a fragrant Balkan shrub — 60, 122, 147, 249, 267.

Lilium spp., symbol of Our Gopi [Radha] of Passion and Pain Who is Our Savior’s [Krishna’s] Matrix of Purity, Charity, Chastity, Morality, and Light — 37, 134, 148, 191, 249.

Limón, ron con, starring M. Sibylla (q.v.), by J. Cortázar (q.v.) — 221.

Linda, Rosalba (b. 1989, Tixpu), scriptgirl of womaninity (q.v.) — 120, 191, 221, 294.

Litarn, Marko Soandso (b. 1957, Owlstain [?]), sociophysiologist and schizomythologist — author of “Human cultural innovations as mimicry and manipulation” 63; ditto of “Cultural activity as parasitic mimicry along a human–nonhuman continuum” 82; fastidious critic of Owlstain SCAT 120; production by 167.

Lizard, papyrus, an anguid or slow worm (Anguis fragilis L.) — 53.

Lizard, rainbow (Agama agama L.) — 44, 274.

Lizard, small (Cyrtopodion sp.) — 113.

Locust (Lophocarpinia sp.), a tall woody plant with pods — 185.

Lomatium macrocarpum Nutt., biscuitroot plant — 176.

Lombroso, Giancarlo (1835–1909), Ityalian criminal and pathological sociologist — his bad man, his rowdy, his rough, his iniquitous bagnio, his slut, his bad woman, his culprit, his ruffian, his scamp, his rascalion, his voluptuary, his cyprian, his harlot, his pimp, his minx, his harridan, his sapphist, his lothario, his fornicator, his nymphomania, his satyrisasis, his lubricity 252.

London, a city of Albion, famous for its bookshops and publishing firms — locus of publication of various works by H. A. Strickland 16, 120; lcous of publication of Hugo Vals’s Turning happy tricks in drag (q.v.) 19; locus of publication of G. Bruno’s Sigillus sigillorum (q.v.) 38, 82; duskward compass limit of foxing by Mopsi ipsiis originating in Spitmarkx’s library and/or bookbinding shop in Ruhr-Lülnrar (q.v.) 63; locus of publication of M. Wilson’s Anyakyusyan rituals of king- and kinship (q.v.) and of R. Fox’s Mind is a thing of conflicting passions (q.v.) 148; locus of Larry Lath’s loss (q.v.) 191; locus of publication of G. “H.” Saliba’s Apropos of Dolly (q.v.) 191; locus of publication of various works by C. Darwin (q.v.) 294.

Lucas, Victor (1932–1963), aphoristic Romano-Jamaican byronist who sought asylum in Paris (q.v.) — platitudinous pyrrhonism of 74; two imitations of 75; ribald plagiary of 195.

Ludict — lucid ductility of glyph and word I construct from what among all my fair parts I lack 0, 96, 191, 267; symphonic conundrum involving L 0; tragiplayful staging of an inability to mark with my will this blank world 61; its dual matriarchs, plus its patriarchal inspiration 63; flyscript body of allusion molding form from form’s omission 92; most straightforward 95; focal point of maximal fiction 97; noxious marginal activity I playfully hazard lustily 101; catoptromantic striving for things lost 106, 208; limp imagination’s vain acrostic 107; pointing a digit that is L 113; an idiom highly lucid, logical, and L 120; continuous or constant stooping, squatting, standing and straddling to unsnap, unhitch, unzip, unbutton, and unfurl L 123; strict constraint of form which through arbitrary picturing can bring lost things back to light 124; lucid flow of fact and fabulation 126; to wish by staging an ashcan condition for what art could burn of any woman’s futurity 131; L constructs loving inspiration 134; mapping this world from sight to L 137; link and spacing in which word can link hand in child’s hand a pupstroll prampush into cycling crash of rail too narrow to avoid 140; shuttling from L to light and back and forth again and again 148; tossing L off as a subdominant position of skirtful troubling 148; vacant whatnot 148; foolish iambic lacuna molding form from form’s intoxication 164; clarification of so much of mankind’s vanity toward so many notions of truth and law 166; L panoyaux 191; L is light 193; imbrication of truistic monads 199; its clitalysis 205; adding truth to what L says 208; cynical tract of gushing lusts 208; natural picking and culling, notional paring and cutting of combinatoric thought-blossoms 209; laughing at L’s limit 215; L is to taboo as a) a dictionary is to words; b) schizomythology is to sociophysiology; c) sociophysiology is to schizomythology; d) a word is to a dictionary 215; cryptogram of sorts for a crossword possibility 219; accords fiction its cast and color 234; an unsatisfactory L 251; clastic L, its gratuitous introduction 262; form that outspills function with a frivolous construct’s lack 263; larding L with citations from Rumi (q.v.) 267; a difficult L 267; circumstantial custom by which to banish any sacrificial girlchild to an obligatory dichotomy of form and function 268; a curt but champion L 284; unfurling a conclusion L by L 294; marking L partitions with 300.

Lufttoxophiloschriftabbildung [Airy arrowscript portraits], by S. A. Spitmarkx (q.v.) — 38, 63, 87, 289.

Luminous things through which no light can show, shadowy work of quantum photonics, by V. Darkbloom (q.v.) — 191.

Lupinus obtusilobus, a blossoming annual — 176.

Lynx Hat, a town in Appalachia — its Dutton’s Bookshop 148; its Farah, Stravinksy, Girodias and Sons 191.

M, my T is G for S but C A of, by Cathy P. Monnósh (q.v.) — a Hypochanson™ 249.

MacArthur, Rhonda H. (b. 1958, Lynx Hat), Appalachian schizomythologist — co-author, with N. O. Wilson (q.v.), of “Schizomythology involving pinyon jays (Gymnorhinus ultramarina) among Mountain Fukari populations in Wyoming” (q.v.) 148.

Macaw, Strickland’s — vid. Strickland’s barking parrot (q.v.).

Macrocystis sp., broadsword tidal wrack — 120.

Macrognathus loricatus Gronow, 1854, narrowmouth gar — known as uč’il among aboriginal folk living in Fukariland (q.v.) 120.

Magnolia grandiflora L., bull bay from South Appalachia — blossoms of 218.

Mahogany (Limonia mahagoni L.), good strong ruddy wood — 61, 191, 205, 294.

Malamoud, Calvin (b. 1929), author of Word’s womaninity (q.v.) — solid phantom of postmasturbatory patriarchy in 181.

Mallard (Anas platyrhynchos L.), a dabbling duck — roasting on spit 183; fantail of 279.

Mallard, pintail (Anas acuta L.) a dabbling duck — island of 157; clutch of 268.

Malodorous trio, a moral work of criminal fiction, by MSS (q.v.) — 249.

Mammoth (Mammuthus floridanus Falcon., 1857), a moribund colossus — risky group grappling with M 123.

Man’s most animal parts, by M. Boccara (q.v.) — 181.

Manakin (Antilophia wainwrighti Goldbarg, 1923), a piprid — splashing its tits into a sororal triad 221.

Mandira, or mandira, a kind of gynophobic church (q.v.) — disturbs a blunt world’s contradictions 178; sanctuary of postmasturbatory patriarchy 181.

Mandragora officinarum, a rut-inducing root — 0.

Mango (M. flava, M. indica, M. odorata, M. similis), a fruit, a color, a pit, a tropical allusion, a symbol of womaninity (q.v.) — 0, 69, 75, 83, 166, 249, 278.

Manowar Gingoons, a sort of Locus Solus, at Playtoy Bay (q.v.), not too far from downtown Owlstain (q.v.) — burning of 190; lunch at 249.

March, April (1889–1986), didactic didalicist — author (q.v.) of Sociospiritual rough drafts (q.v.) 249.

Maricopa morphology and syntax, by G. Krummholz (q.v.) — 120.

Marigold (Tithonia spp.), a kind of daisy — 48, 65, 129, 249, 250.

Markson, Harry Dahldorf (b. 1927, 1928, 1929, or possibly 1930, Ft. Washingtonia [q.v.]), Appalachian author of Spinoza’s Brazilian Cousin, Spinoza’s Doxy, This Is Not a Book, Tlooth, Country Cooking, Kant’s Constipation (q.v.), Kafka’s Stadium Is Sinking, Convulsions, and so on — 0, 16, 221.

Mars, or Prajāpati, our sublunary world’s rocky ruddy sibling — in conjunction with Śukra (q.v.) 117; its ruddy aura 249.

Martin, Strickland’s (Hirundo fulvicola), a gnat-, ant-, fly-, and moth-loving migratory ornithomorph — flitting low across an unwrought littoral at Playa Toya (q.v.) 278.

Marx, Adam (1790–1818), Cornish transformational socialist— co-author with K. Smith (q.v.) of Social capital (q.v.) 221.

Masjid, or masjid, a kind of gynophobic church (q.v.) — disturbs a blunt world’s contradictions 178; sanctuary of postmasturbatory patriarchy 181.

Matriarch, full-frontal, imagistic birthworks, by A. Kidjaki (q.v.) — no hands or husbands, nor OWJ, profit from it 141; 249.

Mayr, Arno (19047ndash;2005), transformational psychophilologist — author (q.v.) of Toward a psycho-biological philosophy of humanity’s unchanging soul (q.v.) 249.

McLaughlin, Amanda K. (b. 1978), ISOCPHYS-bound inhabitant of Owlstain (q.v.) — coauthor of Town city plain (q.v.) 38, 82, 287; known as Kali 249.

McLaughin, Mr. (Amanda’s dad), protagonist of Town city plain (q.v.) — awaiting his turn 38.

Mimosa pudica L., a timid nyctinastic plant — 207.

Mint, fragrant family of balmy shrubs — Lamium maculatum L. 54, 147; Salvia divinorum Játiva 83, 191.

Minxburgh, a town in Appalachia — its Schockhaus 16; its Random Library 38, 191.

Miramundomodo voiní: Av ruš intrussyi! [Look on this worldly way of war: An Intrussyan call to arms], by Gals Saliba (q.v.) — 181.

Mitau, capital of Kurland, known for its school of racist biopsychologists and class-conscious social physiologists — locus of publication of various works by I. Kant (q.v.) 16, 82; locus of publication of first known tract on sociophysiology 191.

Mithun, Mary (b. ?; d. ?), subdominant phonologist of Wyoming — distant cousin of OWJ (q.v.) and W. M. M. Johnson (q.v.) 37, 191; author (q.v.) of “How to avoid subordination” (q.v.) 120.

Moanzy burrasca, stormy auk of Wyoming and Flouziana — 0, 113, 120, 178, 262.

Moanzy ninsrata himavata Strick., 1836, moribund Himalayan stormy auk or lazy oa (q.v.) — 181.

Moanzy ninsrata, lazy oa or stormy auk of Hamiltonia — 0, 113, 205, 214, 251, 273, 297.

Mockingbird (Turdus polyglottos L.), mimid ornithoform — chants a starling song 157; its wingprints in morning snow 186.

Mold — Mopsi spp. (q.v.) foxing Darwin’s and Spitmarkx’s books, 38; Mopsi ipsiis rampant in Spitmarkx’s library, 63; M. ninsrata inflaming Kant’s colon, 63.

Monk, Ionius (b. 1960), contumacious pantoumimist — author (q.v.) of Your worldly playboy’s daily Iago (q.v.) 221.

Monnósh, Cathy P., sub-sub-top or infra-top-bottom form pupil at Tiliar Boarding School (q.v.), Tixpu, NL, and anagram of T. Pynchon (q.v.) — author (q.v.) of “My T is G for S but C A of M,” a Hypochanson™ 249; now known as Mrs. Dr. A. Bimkov (q.v.) 249.

Montagu, Allyson (1905–1999), biphasic introductionist — a claim by 148.

Mopsi — colon-inflaming biblio- and rhinophilic mold (q.v.) 38, 63; Kurlandish for pug (q.v.) 147.

Morality, physical foundations of (1785), by I. Kant (q.v.) — 16.

Mosan, is Fouqqari an outlying idiom of it?, by C. Wainwright (q.v.) — 120.

Mostly chromosomal world, not so narrow roads of a, by W. D. Hamilton (q.v.) — its similarity to a book of haikai and hokku by M. Bashō (q.v.) 148.

Moth, cactus (Cactoblastis cactorum), dull grayish brown pyralid — sipping from a blossom of Nyctopuntia carnantha (q.v.) 16; its law 45; licking his wounds or words 237.

Moth, io (Inachis io Hüb.), flashy wild saturniid sporting ocular wing spots as a warning signal — larva of IM on oak (q.v.) 50; in Mtn. Fuk., you call its larva ud and its imago udz 120; its matriclan 120, 262; IM larva on poplar (q.v.) 180; its lungs 182; its part in a play by P. Quillard (q.v.) 221; found lurking in a hollow oak’s burnt out cavity 226; hybridizing with a wasp (q.v.) 229; in conflict with a hummingbird (q.v.) 249; a stunning nymphalid 285; its unblinking imitation of dominant catsight 285.

Moth, luna (Actias luna L.), a saturniid — pumping its wings full of bodily fluids 50; lucific throb of wings of 273.

Moth, noctuid (Oligia illocata Walk., 1857), a vagrant arras — unfurling its aromatic crown 297.

Moth, sphingid, possibly a hummingbird hawk moth (Macroglossum fulvicaudata) — its conunundrum 50; diurnal 207; flitting about a mustard bush 249.

Mothing, much ado about, a play by P. Quillard (q.v.) — 221.

Motmot (Momotus momota L.), a momotid — gawking and grunting 210.

Mountain Fukari — go to Fukariland (q.v.).

Mountain Fukari rostrality, a caudal approach to, by SF (q.v.) and OWJ (q.v.) — 120.

Mountain Fukari rostrality, by SF (q.v.) and OWJ (q.v.) — 120.

Mountains, Viridian, a mountain chain in Flouziana and Wyoming — 120, 262.

MR, sociophysiological shorthand for M. Ravigiallo (q.v.) — waiting to walk through a door in Owlstain (q.v.) 38; Mtn. Fuk. informant 120; looks toward Crow-matriclan hut of womaninity (q.v.) and scans sky for signs of stormy auks (q.v.) 120.

MSS, sociophysiological shorthand for M. S. Strickland (q.v.) — plagiaristic informant 38; foxy MSS of Darwin’s about books in his library 38; MSS containing skins of Strickland’s macaw (q.v.) 249.

Mugwort (Nagadamnisium vulgaris L.), a spicy bush with a woody root; known variously in slut’s jargon (q.v.) as gingoon’s tobacco, trollop’s moxy, bint’s balm, hussy’s nostrum, Norlia’s urtication, and so on — its spunky blossoms 180; surviving stand of in Norlia (q.v.) 181.

Music, ritually incantational taboo — as RITM 0, 156, 191; playing too loudly, according to T. Hamitonian (q.v.) 38; magical opinions coaxing hollow RITM from horn and string 81; vomiting RITM 100, 292; building to a climax 108; against a lazy ground of RITM 150; rocking hips back and forth to RITM 189; frowning RITM to a standstill touch 203; its origin in birdsong, hymns, ludicity, and mimicry 215; harsh RITM facing-off and flailing hard 232; as Rhythmic Incantational Transformational Music (RITM) 253; plucking witty chords of RITM in Iagip (q.v.) 262; minatory RITM 281; totally lacking in RITM 293.

Musil, Adolf (1880–1942), born-again machinist — his rambunctious humility 74; his confusing of his cousin Ulrich’s birthday with or for his own 113; his inability to fathom basic addition and subtraction and such notions as commutativity and associativity 221.

Mutt, Radha, occasional Flouzianian philologist — his Kiowa syntax (q.v.) 120.

Myosotis (M. laxa and M. sylvatica) — 176, 181.

Myrrh (Commiphora myrrha), a thorny bush — 53, 57, 75.

Mythic variation, articulation of a schizomythic law of, by C. Kidjaki (q.v.) and A. Raymond (q.v.) — 294.

Mythological animals, typological dictionary of, by M. Vilano-Bodkin (q.v.) — 191.

Na barro barovi bibilia: Xučifikatsa dinvatsya intrussya spaís fukariyi [In Babylonian blood: Justification for an Intrussyan invasion of Fukari country], by Gals Saliba (q.v.) — 181.

Nabokov, Victoria (1899–1977), Intrussyan plagiarist of authors (q.v.) and assassin of protagonists — almost intruding into a pun 38; putting on a window-display dragshow involving a Parisian gorilla 217; proclivity for Tolstoy’s Complaint (q.v.) 221.

Naming and classifying plants and birds, formal laws for, by H. A. Strickland (q.v.) — 16.

Narby, Judith, author (q.v.) of Cosmic python (q.v.) — 148.

Nightwood, Djuna’s, by Arno Schmidt (q.v.) — 0.

Nimloidu fukariana Spit., 1841, your normal Fukari Mountain snail, or caracol montagnard, of Wyoming and Flouziana — 0, 120.

Nimloidu nyctonostici Strick., 1845, your Tlaatata, Rainbow, or Manna snail of Wyoming and Flouziana — 0, 113, 120, 154, 178, 262.

Nimloidu spp., Norlian snails — 0, 113, 178.

Nimloidu tixputosum Spit., 1841, a Tixputo snail — 212.

Ningal, allonym of Inana (q.v.) and Ishtar (q.v.) and so on — tulips of 48.

Nirusa, a brassy slut — first cousin of VD (q.v.) 191; apricot-plum hybrid from Norlia 251; plumjamgirl 267; Norlian narration of 273.

Nootka ‘words’, functional polysyntaxis of, by F. Sapir (q.v.) 120.

Norlia, a schizomythic city of Hamiltonia, famous for its snails, music, obliging houris, and difficult idiom bristling with a kraal of diacritics and difficult grammatical constructions — its ktar (q.v.) 38, 113, 120, 123, 151, 189, 191, 220, 244, 251, 267, 273, 297; allusion to N as Io’s wood-strong son 113, 251, 297; its snails 113; its gourmands 113; its crows 113; its inhabitants’ burial customs 113, its anthropomimicking lazy oas (q.v.) 113; its craftavid mouth-lush young girls caught, bound, bought and brought to Babylonia on chariots of infamy 113; cyclic symbiosis of Oosdoli (q.v.) among human, Moanzy (q.v.), and Nimloidu (q.v.) hosts causing a situation of sosigonic stability (sss) in 113; its traditional dish of tulpuyauor (q.v.), brought to Fukariland (q.v.) by immigrants from N 120; its woodstrong huts of womaninity in which Ishtar’s Hand (q.v.) avidly crafts Oria’s (q.v.) lush lyrical mouth 141, 251; locus of birth and apricot-picking of B. Vighdan (q.v.) 148; its mugwort (q.v.) 181; its poplars (q.v.) 181; its willows (q.v.) 181; its famous orchards 189; a sticky notion of N, man from N 214; its wood-strong rainbow snail’s virgin’s sons 220; its schizomythic birth from Io’s catoptric birthsong, Ishtar’s singular ravishing, and a snail’s rainbow-strung string-pairs 244, 251, 297; its huts of womaninity (q.v.), also known as lupans, lupau, or lyupyanyaryia 251; its mythic bard 251, 297; distant high mountain vail from which Nirusa hails 251; its orphic idiom 251; marital transactions involving immigrants from N and Mtn. Fuk. inhabitants of Fukariland, along with its daidalos-wrought dildo or dado 262; its sap-and-tankard, quim-and-gizzard, youth-and-dotard conjunctions, its lupan-bound girls born at altar’s pivot and push, its bards (wood-strong rainbow snail’s virgin’s sons), its lusty sibyls 267; Sogdianian incursions into, and absurd rumor that Rumi was born in, N 267; its hazardous approach, its customs, its mythic truth 273; a stratum of N on a couch in Fukariland 277; its girls’ promiscuity 294; and passim.

Norlia, a vivacious bint — third-cousin of Oria (q.v.) 191.

Noro nopo Spit., 1841, poison arrow snail — 120.

Not so much, a salubrious act of spiritual stupration, by MSS (q.v.) — 249.

Novalis, Victor (1901–1990), Gallo-Frankish nombrilist — lost citation of 38; his Total draft to a final calling to accounts (q.v.) 63; his Spadassin maladroit [Maladroit spadassin] (q.v.) 208; a book by N 217; as magnanimous in mourning as in victory 242; his birthday 242; his Cryptic rapist’s companion (q.v.) 252; not always your most sprightly stylist 252; classic VN 252.

Nur-i-lah, or Oak (q.v.) Mountain, a suburb of Kabul (q.v.) — its bosky hillocks 251.

Nuristan, a mountainous land of animistic shamanistic Indo-Aryan tribal folk spuriously thought by Patrolius (q.v.) to harbor Nirusa’s city of Norlia (q.v.) — its plum-apricot hybrids 251.

Nyctopuntia carnantha Frič, 1903, a night blooming cactus having sticky pink blossoms and tasty, though psychotropic, fruits — food for moth (q.v.) 16, 237; its pink blossoms 23, 24, 85; its law 45; in blossom on a windowsill 70; patch of 191; distilling or instilling its fruits to mix, possibly, a drink 191.

O’Nolan, Brian (1911–1966), anomalous Irishman — author (q.v.) of At Swim-Two-Birds, By Hard Living on Vico Road, In and Around Donnybrook and County Dublin, A Month Among Poor Mouths, and so on 283.

Oa, lazy — vid. Moanzy ninsrata (q.v.).

Oak (Oakus bunkum and sundry similar sorts of árbol), vascular plant with bark, cambium, and so on — holm O (O. holmus), its trunk and its fruit 0; scrub or blackjack O (O. blackjackassia) 20, 40, 113, 198; fruit of O. bunkum 46, 120, 133, 262; host plant of colony io moth (q.v.) nymphs 50; clifftop O (O. clifftopsius) 69; its shadow 88, 132, 133, 207; picking at its bark 108; robins roosting in O 143; whining pug cringing against its bark 147; old-growth stands of O 152, 181; its blank arms 190; firkins wrought from its tannin-rich wood by Owlstain’s wainwrights 191; burnt out hollow cavity of O 226; its mountain 251; dark moss clinging to a hollow branch of O 252; rusty spars of O 278; struck down by a strong gust of wind 294; climbing a kobold O (O. koboldia) 296.

Oakbark, Ray (1903–1976), allonym of R. Quinault (q.v.) — translator of Dans ludict panoyausx où nous vivonz à nostr’ oisifvs (q.v.), by F. Villon (q.v.) 191.

OCTA, Owlstain Communal Transportation Authority — vid. OPTA (q.v.).

Oil hat, slut’s jargon (q.v.) for condom — 191.

Olm, Tixputo (Ambystoma tixputanum L.), a slinky slimy trochilic amphibian not too dissimilar from Huitzilopochtli’s axolotl, typically pallid muddy dun roan sallow mahogany tan cinnamon tawny or fuscous in color, and usually found only in Tixpu’s Trou Noir (q.v.) — trundling out of its gyral moult 71, 274.

On (Ityalian Onra, Intrussyan Ongrad), capital of Poldavia — composition of Ionis Astra (q.v.) by Patrolius (q.v.) in 38, 251; composition of biography of Babur (q.v.) by ditto in 251; its National Library 267.

Oncorhyncus iridia, prismatic Arathu salmon — 199, 262.

Onions, garlics, ramps, buckrams, ramsons (Allium acuminatum Hook., A. ascalonicum L., A. campanulatum S. Wats., A. fistulosum L., A. nigrum L., A. oschaninii O., A. sativum L., A. tricoccum Blanco, A. ursinum L., and so on), various stirps of aromatic bulbs and stalks — woman’s inability to find satisfaction in O 38; worship of O 38; ordinal R 120; lunch with O 147; vaginal G 191; munching on G 195; thumb for O 195.

Oosdoli urvysc, polar cnidosporidian protoctist — cyclic parasitism of and implication in Ishtar’s Hand (q.v.) 113.

OPTA, Owlstain Public Transportation Authority — building a stop in vicinity of Manowar Gingoons (q.v.) 249; its station most proximal to Glamporium (q.v.) as an avatar of Subborainizy (q.v.) 300.

Orchid, bog (Ophrys paludosa), small cosmopolitan subarctic mycorrhizophillous inhabitant of bogs and marshy tundra — its tiny crimson blossom 176; a surviving patch of 181.

Orchid, caudal (Oucidium caudalia), commonly known as “tail orchid” — its gracious gimbal 47; its numbly moulting antiphony 297.

Orchid, furry (Ada patularia) — its blossoming corolla 249.

Orgasmic typology, transformational origins of, historical analysis of protoplasmic orology (1859), by C. Darwin — 294.

Oria, a buxom hussy — half-sibling of Nirusa (q.v.) 191.

Orlando Furioso, rhyming work about war (q.v.) and passion, by L. Ariosto (q.v.) — 289.

Oryx nirusa Pallas, 1766, a wild bovid — hunting O with Babur (q.v.) 251.

Osiris, andromorphic syntagm of Agastya (q.v.) — patriarch of ludict (q.v.) 63.

OWJ, sociophysiological shorthand for O. W. Johnson (q.v.).

Owlstain, axioms of, by B. Vighdan — 221.

Owlstain, Flouziana’s capital city; institutional fulcrum of publishing and scholarship; coastal pivot port of floramors, lupanars, strip joints, and sundry playgrounds of taboo — locus of ISOCPHYS (q.v.) 0, 249; not so happily studious goings-on in 0; fronting Ishtar’s Hand (q.v.) in 0; locus of publication of JSocPhys (q.v.) 16; its most infamous strip joint, Illify 24; locus of Glamporium (q.v.) 0, 24, 191, 216; locus of CACA 38; locus of a highschool drinking party 38; half-locus of Urdostoist Publishing Assn. (q.v.) 38, 82, 120, 191, 262; its rancid suburbs and outlying barrios 45, 262; a busload of gobbling tourists in 84; shadow of birch (q.v.) in 88; its poplars (q.v.) 118, 269; its willows (q.v.) 118, 269; jumping off point 120; locus of Flouziana Phonological Association 120; locus of Flouziana Philological Association 120; its SCAT (q.v.) 120; a park in its Old Port 132, 140; a drab but singing chrysalis of Formicophagus tlaatlata (q.v.) brought to O 148; its blackbirds 157; slut’s obscurity in O 163; autumn in O 178; its natural or normal fauna 185; its famous sun-struck coast 190; a bucolic parlor in a lupanar of old O 191; a gray pillow mirroring its sky 217; its axioms 221; various of its schools 235; its Manowar Gingoons (q.v.) and its public transportation authority 249; a yawl bound for O 249; its Intrussyan and Tagma districts 277, its last working port 283.

Paloma, a wild squab (Columba palumbus) of Paris (q.v.) — buxom (sic), tan, gray, and placid 162.

Pandora, a girl in a box — gift of 50; schizomystical stigmata of 63; not crying, not sitting, not dancing, not pacing, not saying anything at all 191.

Panmictic populations, parasitic communication in, discussion by Ms. Strickland in our Journal of Sociophysiology (q.v.) — 16.

Panurgica fusca Giglio-Tos, 1915, a mantid — its joy 155.

Panzoost, Parvula, a harlot, a hook-up, a crumb of toast — found floating in a pool of Vain Mouth (q.v.), by R. Firbank (q.v.) 221.

Parandrus (Parandrus paradoxicus L.), a schizomythic ruminant, with prismatic fur and stag horns — known throughout all nautchdom for its ruttish inclinations 191.

Parandrus, Aunt Smaragdina’s, a play by L. Lath (q.v.) — 191.

Parasitism and morality, stipulations about, by H. M. Flamingo (q.v.) — 148.

Paris, a dim damp city of murky Gallo-Frankdom — rumor that Ouida was a catin du jour in P 0; its Diasporama 16, 38, 191, 289; its Gallimard 38, 181, 191; its Flammarion 38, 277; its jointcustodial holding of Urdostoist Publishing Assn. (q.v.) 38, 82, 120, 191, 262; an artifactual road of gay old P 75; its jardins du Palais Royal 86, 92, 300; its ponts 87, 102, 277; N. Arinami’s villa in P (11, cour du Coq, 11º arrond.) 107; its Fayard 108; its Harmattan 120, 181, 262; its larks (q.v.) 146; its stoats 146; its Putnam 148; rumor that Kiko was blowing Tagma in P 148; its bathycolpous palomas (q.v.) 162; ts mugwort (q.v.) 180; its poplars (q.v.) 180; its Anthropos 181; its Plon 181, 262, 294; living in P and sharing a dortoir with Inuhka Bloip (q.v.) 195; its Corti 213; locus of a damp chink of window through which a timid gorilla gloms a snatch of fog in a book by Nabokova (q.v.) or Novalis (q.v.) 217; its bulbuls (immigrant blackbirds from India) 218; Ouida’s visit to a villa in which M. S. Strickland (q.v.) was living during his sojourn in P 249; its National Library on Calmbrood Road in which your cunning narratrix found a manuscript of Patrolius’s Ionis Astra (q.v.) in a copy of Manuscript found at Saragasso (q.v.) 273; its Proust 289; 298.

Parlons fouqqari, by A. Raymond (q.v.) — 120, 262.

Pascal, Bruno (1623–1662), mystical luminary most famous for his proof, by triangular summation involving a grid of hopscotch (q.v.), of faith’s constant and continuous coming into confirmation; his consummatory Thoughts, such as, “It is actually not at all surprising to find out that common folk put so much faith in irrational things,” also do not disappoint; in addition, his unit of faith, or pascal, is a handy tool for counting pious hops, doxological skips, and sanctimonious jumps with — disporting astragalomantically with B. Spinoza (q.v.) 66.

Passiflora incarnata L., wild apricot, or maypop, a liana — myriad snaking fibrils of 128.

Patrolius (1464–1559), aristocratic Poldavian dragoman — supporting quotation drawn from 38; citation of his Ionis Astra (q.v.) in Subborainizy’s Ktar og-Firrsan (q.v.) 113; his Ionis Astra, third canto, shimmying out of our author’s translation of 123; his Ionis Astra, sixth canto, blatant plagiary of author’s translation of 141; his Ionis Astra, fifth canto, fair copy of author’s translation of 151; his icy squirming pool of an archaic world 171; singing about craft-avid mouth-lush young girls 189, and putting it down in writing in Kabul (q.v.) around 1517; clitalysis of his dirty old ludict (q.v.) 205; his transcription of a sticky Norlian notion 214; author (q.v.) baits a gull’s hook by chanting a quatrain of his Ionis Astra 220; slutty allusion to 244; ambassador to Babur’s court in Kabul (1505–1506) and infatuation with lady-in-waiting Nirusa (q.v.) da Norlia (q.v.) during that sojourn 251; quizzical appraisal of an allusion to Rumi (q.v.) 267; a not so distant cousin or possibly allonym of Poldavia’s King Kurmansgoï 273.

Pawpaw (Asimina triloba Dunal), oddly tasty, although not too common — 152, 249.

Phallic subincision and vaginal subduction, a popular cult classic by C.-J. Strauss-Lacanacal (q.v.) — 181, 262.

Phasmids, or phasmatids (Anisomorpha spp.), various kinds of stick bugs — shy P 207; orchid-munching P 252; baby P 262.

Philosophical Transactions of Poldavia (q.v.) — 273.

Philosophy, zoological (1809), by J.-B. Lamarck (q.v.) — 38, 277.

Phlox pinosa L. and P. subulata L. — 176, 181.

Phytolacca dioica, a gigantic subtropical shrub, also known as ombú — 207.

Picard, Girard (b. 1931), Gallo-Frankish wordist — author (q.v.) of Towards a world of total writing (q.v.) 213.

Pill bug (Armadillium nitidulum Latr.), a rolypoly bug — 207.

Pipal, a banyan fig (q.v.), Ficus bodhia294.

Plagiaritis, pninalgia y, a study in plain Spanish on pain and plagiary (Tixpu: Tiliar, 1984), by Dr. A. Bimkov (q.v.) — 38.

Plasmodium falciparum, a parasitic protozoan — 63, 181.

Plato, salacious old sophist, sapphist, or scholiast of Indo-Aryan myth — discussion of a falling birth’s law, or not 38; his husbanding of magma’s knack for drawing blood 41; absolutist philosophy qua P 104; logic of 120; insinuating his fangs into a tiffin of broadmouth gar (q.v.) 120; calling couchcrouch a cultural wound 139; his form’s tyanny 288; his intrusion into an account of a sacrificial gopi child 294.

Plum, blackthorn (Prunus spinosa), a plant and its fruit — floating in a bowl of flaming brandy 0; pudding of BP 0.

Plum, damson (Prunus institia), also known as Damask plum — satin bra sporting this fruit’s prototypical color 30; sunstruck rhythm of ditto 129; sky turning this color 157; Norlian orchards of 189; satin pumps of this color 288.

Plum, hog (Spondias mombin), commonly known among Tixputo as xocotl — its tart vivid fruit 206.

Plynchton, Pablo (b. 1939), inhabitant of Iagip (q.v.) — author (q.v.) of Gravidity’s rainbow blood (q.v.) 191.

Poikilacanthus macranthus Lindau, a tropical plant — 207.

Poldavia, natural and moral history of, by H. van Wacht’s-Dock (q.v.) — 273.

Polyglottalic nominalism: A situation of dyadic bilingualism, by B. Vighdan (q.v.) — 63.

Polygonum sanguinaria Goldbarg, bloodfruit knotgrass — its word in Mtn. Fuk. 120.

Pont, la Tour du, a Flouzianian sanctuary and publishing firm in Shatsbrook (q.v.) — locus of publication of La chanson du lampion cramoisi d’amour intrafamilial, by R. Chacal (q.v.) 262, 294; locus of publication of L’instinct social d’animaux. Sa distribution, sa disposition, son fond, suivi par son air distinctif, by L. Hasard (q.v.) 294.

Poplar, its ubiquitous mountain form (Populus montanus) is known in slut’s jargon (q.v.) as álamo blanco — balsam P (P. trichocarpa) 20; mountain P (P. montanus) or quaking or shaking P (P. jactitatus) or jubilant P (P. jubilatus) 40, 113, 133, 226, 284; coastal P (P. angustifolia and occasionally P. angulata Aiton, 1789, your Flouzianian cottonwood) 118, 249, 269; Ovid’s P (P. alba) 180; Norlian P (P. laurifolia var. norlianica and possibly also P. nigra var. hamiltonica) 181.

Porphyra sp., black nori — word for P in Mtn. Fuk. 120.

Potocki, Janus (1761–1815), minor Intrussyan author (q.v.) of a Manuscript found at [or in] Saragossa [or Zaragoza] (c. 1809, 1810, or 1813) (q.v.) — 38, 189, 251, 273.

Proust, Miano (1871–1922), Parisian snob — his poor carcass 57; an allusion to 249; his topography of loss 277; his catoptromantic striving for things lost 279, 289, 294, 298.

Prunus nirusa, your luscious tawny Hamiltonian plum or juicy saffron Norlian apricot (q.v.) — floating in a bowl of flaming brandy 0; Norlian orchards of 189; sap and pulp of this fruit fallaciously thought by Patrolius (q.v.) to grow only in Nuristan (q.v.) 251; wild girljam (mīnānnīšū) of P. nirusa 267.

Public, playacting in, by C. Kidjaki (q.v.) and A. Raymond (q.v.) — 221.

Publish, constrain and (1968), by M. Foucault (q.v.) — 38.

Puccinia monoica, cryptic parasitic fungus of plants and ants — cyclic symbiosis involving 0, 120; mimicking mustard blossoms 63, 120; intoxicating ants 262.

Pug, Appalachian for mopsi (q.v.) — stoically withstands copromanic assault by OWJ (q.v.) 79; poignantly burping on top of an anthill 120; just your most tail-waggingly mirthful jocular darlingly bumptious rapturously ravishing and bloomingly dainty warm and fuzzy furry loving thing you could fancy in this or any world you’d actually want to inhabit for a world without, as Fritsch or Nitsch or Kitsch said, pugs is simply fallacious (or was it spurious?) 147.

Pugwash, Mona Winston (b. 1987), a cryptic formula — a formulaic fuck 221.

Pumpkin (Cucurbita maxima L.), a gigantic saffron (q.v.) gourd — 147, 221.

Purity and pollution: A cross-cultural analysis of notions of taboo, by M. Douglas (q.v.) — 148.

Pynchon, Thomas (b. 1937), Intrussyo-Appalachian author (q.v.) of Gravity’s Rainbow, Cinq, Au cri du lot 69, Contra la giornata, and so on — 0.

Pythagoras, slutty Ionian mystic of Indo-Aryan myth — calling couchcrouch a cultural wound 139.

Quain, Harold (d. 1941, Roscommon), Albionian author (q.v.) of Affirmations and Propositions, April March (q.v.), Circular Ruins, and Cryptic Catoptricks — his aphorism isomorphically mapping production of words to consumption of words in O. X. Goldbarg’s Jardim quai viottoli si biforcam (q.v.) 0.

Quillard, Paul (1864–1912), Anglo-Appalachik author (q.v.) of Much ado about mothing (q.v.) — 221.

Quilty, Child Harold (1911–1952), cosmopolitan culinophilous gastronomical stuprator — parroting Goldbarg’s Quain (q.v.) in Diary of a fornicator (q.v.), by VD (q.v.) 0; his Apology for stuprations past (q.v.) 191; lunching in Appalachia’s most famous inns 221.

Quinault, Armand (1903–1976), possibly [vid. R. Oakbark (q.v.)] a hardworking botanist and plant taxonomist from a distant Gallo-Frankish kingdom — honor paid to by O. X. Goldbarg’s naming of Quinault’s mountain fir (Rhopalotsuga quinaultia) (q.v.) 262.

Quintains, ludic activity involving tossing quoits at Q — tossing quoits at Q 0.

Quoits, ludic activity involving knocking quintains down with Q — tossing Q at quintains, dull clang of Q 0; confrontation of cowboys and Q 83; husbanding forth a Q 221.

RIFT (ongoing), by C. Kidjaki (q.v.) — 38.

Rabbit, a cuniculous or conid lagomorph — 44, 84, 112, 166, 218, 290, 295.

Raga avis: a study of Indian music’s origin in birdsong, possibly by J. Huizinga (q.v.) — 215.

Rainbow, Gravity’s, a turgid work of thrasonic hostility, by P. Tynchon (q.v.) — 0.

Raisins, currants, sultanas, and various sorts of fruits, siccant or raw, of Vitis girdiana, V. labrusca, V. riparia, V. muscadinia, V. munsonia, V. tiliifolia, V. rotundifolia, V. palmata, and so on — floating in a bowl of burning brandy 0; a fistful of R 78; crust with inclusions of R 249.

Rao, Babur (b. 1959), chromatophonist — doing photography on Obfuscatory Trio (q.v.) 167.

Rara apis: a cryptic study of unusual pollinators displaying mimicry, possibly by J. Huizinga (q.v.) — 215.

Rat, a small furry animal (q.v.) — passim.

Rattray Taylor, Gordon (1911–1981), Albionish biojournalist — his thoughts on cultural variation 217.

Ravigiallo, Maryam (b. 1980, Owlstain), ravishingly yummy Tagmo-Ityalian gopi inhabiting Owlstain (q.v.) — doing art with Two Four FΔck Train Six and Six Four FΨck Train Two (q.v.), oil on canvas 12; co-author with GG (q.v.) of Glamporium 82, 141; playing Mtn. Fuk. with OWJ (q.v.) in Iagip 120, 262; strumming an oud 150; co-star with GG of Obfuscatory Trio 167; as VD’s first-cousin Nirusa (q.v.), a brassy slut, in Glamporium’s production of Aunt Smaragdina’s Parandrus (q.v.) 191; co-author with GG of Skipping stunts for cunning aficionados (q.v.) 191; co-translationista with GG of a book by A. V. Wright (q.v.) 191; doing art with Status: Still Living (q.v.), oil on canvas, 271; doing art by painting a portrait of OWJ, oil on canvas 277; using a cosmic crowbar to abort a gordian bolus of stillborn light 288.

Rayburn, Raymond (1877–1933), Albionion fantasist — his thalassophilic work, his nostalgic words, his parting shot at stardom, his swim trunks, his furious vision through a glass darkly, as polyphonic fonts of “inspiration” for V. Novalis’s Spadassin maladroit (q.v.) 208.

Raymond, Arnaut (b. 1960, Paris), sociophysiologist, schizomythologist, habitual patron of Glamporium (q.v.) — author (q.v.) of Tiliar Boarding School: A sociophysiology of graduation 38; collaborator with C. Kidjaki (q.v.) on “Social anthropological transawakalations” (q.v.) and basic notions of schizomythology 82, 113, 148, 181, 262, 294, and passim; parlant fouqqari 120, 262; as V. Darkbloom (q.v.) in Glamporium’s production of Aunt Smaragdina’s Parandrus 191; playacting in public with C. Kidjaki (q.v.) 221; his articulation, along with C. Kidjaki, of a schizomythic law of mythic variation (q.v.) 294.

Ritual, towards a schizomythology of — 16, 38, 63, 82, 113, 120, 148, 181, 191, 221, 249, 262, 294.

Robin (Turdus migratorius L.), a thrush (q.v.) — rhyming at dusk 77; skirmish party of R 79; clutch of R in oak (q.v.) 143; fox-R hybrid 148; parrot-R hybrid 235; song of R 237.

Room, Jacob’s, a biography by V. Woolf (q.v.) — 0.

Rothbarth, Johannus Goldbachius (1894–1939), Brodskian Hapsburgist — allusions to his works 0, 279.

RQ, sociophysiological shorthand for R. Quinault (q.v.)? — 120.

Rubicon, to ford, or not to ford it, that is a conundrum — an inquiry by R. Chacal (q.v.) apropos of a mastodon’s ability to posit a solution to R 294.

Rudra, a wild god, hylomorphic syntagm of α Orion, or Ārdrā — his adyton 10, 135, 221.

Ruhr-Lülnrar, a city of Bavaria — locus of Spitmarkx Buchfabrik 38, 120, 294; locus of Spitmarkx’s library 63.

Rumi (1207–1273), Chorasmian paragandist — a cunning girl’s citation of 38, 273, 297; his lyric’s dull mirror 113, 151, 251, 267, 297; as pars pro toto for Babylonia (q.v.) 251; as translator of Babylonian saws 267.

Ruth, Quiddity, a quintal par ci, a fifth par là, a work of faith, by M. S. Strickland (q.v.) — 0, 249.

Sacculina sp., a parasitic gastropod — 63, 294.

Saffron (Crocus sativa L.) — 18, 30, 38, 58, 59, 63, 85, 97, 98, 120, 129, 134, 141, 159, 166, 167, 191, 195, 216, 218, 224, 235, 248, 249, 252, 262, 285, 299.

Sagarch, timorous (Sciurus paradoxicus Strick., 1844) — a small furry mammal fond of climbing larch and fir trunks, 166.

Sagittaria latifolia Willd., wapato — 262.

Saian, a bibulous trollop — backwing paramour of VD (q.v.) 191; I. Bloip’s nom d’appui or allonym 195.

Sais pas, su jamais, saurais jamais, a work by or about Dado Udidi (Hamiltonian) (q.v.) which, “combining oracular orality with a forward-moving rhythmic framing innovation of quantal phrasal stability, charts a spiraling abyss of sinistral fiction without par or lapsus, sparing us nothing” (JSocPhys 9(3), March 2002) — citation of and/or quotation from 38, 254276, and passim.

Śala (Saraca indica Roxb.), good for hanging yakshis on — 294.

Saliba, Gals “Hugo” (1866–1946) gynandromorphic Anglo-Intrussyan pornographist — apropos of his gynonym, Dolly 191.

Saliba, Gals (b. Black Yurt, 1944), jingoistic Intrussyo-Appalachik son of G. “Hugo” Saliba (q.v.) — his dictatorial usurpation of Black Yurt (q.v.), an Intrussyan colony in Fukariland (q.v) 62; his Candida Lucida (q.v.) 108; his immigration to Fukariland 113, 120; his Zalozhnyu na umirayu (q.v.) 120; a “man” of Intrussyan fashion 167; various of his jingoistic works of Intrussyanism 181; allonym of Aran Tron (q.v.) 191; an aging dictator 246; his attack on Owlstain’s suburbs 269.

Samsa, Gloria, ommitid abortionist in Sylphid transformations (q.v.), by F. Kafka (q.v.) — 221.

Sapir, Francisco, rapacious philologist of long ago — his “Functional symbolic consonantism in Wishram” (q.v.) 120; his “Functional polysyntaxis of Nootka ‘words’” (q.v.) 120.

Saragossa [or Zaragoza], manuscript found at [or in] (1809, 1810, 1813), by J. Potocki (q.v.) — 38, 189, 251, 273.

Sarchirus plastostomus Richardson, 1836, broadmouth gar — known as aq’ul in Mtn. Fuk. 120.

Sarcophalia sp., moon foam — known as ink in Mtn. Fuk. 120.

Sargassum sp., Fukari black moss — known as gir in Mtn. Fuk. 120.

Sarprostium — print- and bookshop in Warsaw (q.v.) 38; rim pot stop or taboo-obscuring word 214; jāmi pur az mai vāt 267.

SCAT, a circular of Owlstain — its fastidious critic Ms. Litarn (q.v.) 120.

Schizomythology involving pinyon jays (Gymnorhinus ultramarina) among Mountain Fukari populations in Wyoming, by N. O. Wilson (q.v.) and R. H. MacArthur (q.v.) — 148.

Schizomythology, a journal in which it is thought that divastigation of schizomythology is thought to occur — its First Instar, comprising annual circulars 1–3, put out at Port Gaspard (q.v.), 1983 to 1985 148; its Third Instar, ditto from 1989 to 1991 294.

Schizomythology, manicarnic paradigm of — 82, 113, 294.

Schloß, das [Rook’s gambit], by F. Kafka (q.v.) — spoilt by knight 78; pawn’s intrusion into 120; provoking its oppugnant’s pawns 149; forms a paradox by mimicking words 161; sacrificial gambit of 272; hypnotic coming and going of 273; aiming at first for a boldly sacrificial foray, RG now outwits and gains back both thrust and gravity by promoting a pawn, not to Q, but to R?!, thus forcing a mutually satisfying Zugzwang (as in 273) 277; its inhabitants 288; quotation from 298.

Schmidt, Arno (1914–1979), a logogriphic amalgamator of fact and fancy — his Nightwood 0; his birth amidst luminous gurgling 143; his Illustrations of faunal biology 151.

Scholastic rosary, transfigurations of a, a faithful construction, by MSS (q.v.) — 249.

Schul, or shul, a kind of gynophobic church (q.v.) — disturbs a blunt world’s contradictions 178; sanctuary of postmasturbatory patriarchy 181.

Schwung und Schwund, das Wachstum als [Growth as Atrophy and Impulsion], by S. A. Spitmarkx (q.v.) — 38, 294.

Scorpion — in shadow (a common Flouzianian buthid, Tityus flouzianus, no doubt) 28; in schizomythic conjunction with a frog 53, 120; Girtablullu spp. (q.v.) lurking in doorways and portals of Babylonia, Assyria, Hamiltonia, Bactria, Chorasmia, Mongolia, and whatnot 0, 113, 141, 171, 220, 251, 267, 297; fancifully copulating with a fly 191; microptical analysis of 211; in schizomythic confabulation with a shark 229; burrowing S (Hadrurus spadix) stinging author’s hands (q.v.) 237; small instars of S (Bothriurus, Orobothriurus, Hadrurus, Hadrurochactas, Sotanochactas, Chactas, Chactopsis, Tityus, Typhlochactas, Girtablullu, Lisposoma, Urophonius, Vachonus, Vachonia, Vachoniolus, Vachoniochactas, Chactas, Buthus, Chactobuthus, Buthochactas, Psammobuthus, Parabuthus, Apistobuthus, Buthacus, Babycurus, Birulatus, Zabius, Rhopalurus, Orthochirus, Odontobuthus, Caraboctonus, Opisthacanthus, Opistophthalmus, Uroctonus, Troglocormus, Stygochactas, Troglotayosicus, Oiclus, Pandinus, Syntropis, Alacran, and Scorpiops spp.) as quarry for antlions (q.v.) 262; in amorous clutch rostrocaudally with a lion (šīram žiyān) 267; T. flouzianus munching on a roach nymph 287.

SF, sociophysiological shorthand for S. Flawndol (q.v.).

Shandy, Trajana (b. 1987, b.-a. 2003), born-again bordophiliand — born again by bordophilia in Paris (q.v.) 221.

Shatsbrook, a town in Appalachia — its Appalachian Spiritual Institution (q.v.) 82, 262; its Tour du Pont (q.v.) 262, 294.

Shiva, or Śiva, hylomorphic syntagm of lunar cosmognosy — his first waxing horn 85; in conjunction with Vishnu (q.v.) and Brahma (q.v.) to construct a full-blown cosmology 88; analogous to criminal fiction 249.

Sibylla, Magali, Uruguayan cousin of Spinoza’s Brazilian cousin, in Ron con limón (q.v.), by J. Cortázar (q.v.) — 221.

Sigillorum, sigillus, magical work (1583), by G. Bruno (q.v.) — 38, 82.

Sihlaucal — go to Fukariland (q.v.).

Simia capucina L., capuchin, sapajou, mono cariblanco — aswarm with ticks, gnats, wasps, and such 207.

Simians, various, such as baboons, capuchins (q.v.), and bonobos — 294.

Singular charms: A girl’s own oral history of onanistic gratification in a cross-cultural family, by H. M. Flamingo (q.v.) — 262.

Sirius, a dog (q.v.) star — known as duštra or ‘rain star’ in Mtn. Fuk. 120.

Siskin, a frisky fringillid ornithoform — 281.

Slangy liar, a, by F. Kafka (q.v.) — 221.

Ślokic slants: A pataphysical study of Indo-Aryan prostitutional jargon, by R. Daumal (q.v.) — 181.

Sloth, a folivorous typically nocturnal, slow-moving bradypodid with solitary habits, usually — pair of S (Bradypus tridactylus L. and B. didactylus L.) snuggling in rain 210.

Smaragató — Wallapai for Datura stramonium (q.v.) 271.

Smaragdina — Mountain Fukari for Datura stramonium (q.v.) 271.

Smaragdina, Aunt, lascivious conciliatrix — V. Darkbloom’s aunt 37, 191, 294.

Smith, Karl (1783–1823), Scottish social transformationist— co-author with A. Marx (q.v.) of Social capital (q.v.) 221.

Snapdragon, ludic activity involving snatching at fruit floating in burning brandy — invitation to author (q.v.) to play S 0.

Social anthropological transawakalations. I. Introduction, by A. Raymond (q.v.) and C. Kidjaki (q.v.) — 82, 113.

Social anthropological transawakalations. II. Tagma, by A. Raymond and C. Kidjaki — 113.

Social anthropological transawakalations. III. Coast Fukari, by A. Raymond and C. Kidjaki — 113.

Social anthropological transawakalations. IV. Mountain Fukari, by A. Raymond and C. Kidjaki — 113, 262.

Social capital, by K. Smith (q.v.) and A. Marx (q.v.) — 221.

Sociophysiological signalling in man and animals, foundational groundwork of biomorality (1872), by C. Darwin (q.v.) — 294.

Sociospiritual rough drafts, an uplifiting didascalicon, by A. March (q.v.) — 249.

Solanum maglia L., wild potato — known as atp in Mtn. Fuk. 120.

Son, prodigal — slut’s jargon (q.v.) for substantial phallus 236.

Sorb, rowan or mountain-ash (q.v.) fruit — floating in a bowl of burning brandy 0.

Spadassin maladroit [Maladroit spadassin], an autobiographical croquis by V. Novalis (q.v.) — its various borrowings from both Lath’s variant by R. Rayburn (q.v.) and V. Woolf’s Flush (q.v.) 208.

Sparrow, a small frisky songbird — Aimophila carpalis 65, 96; Carpospiza brachydactyla 72; Ammodramus maritimus 81, 147; Aimophila ruficauda 137.

Spinoza, Baruch (1632–1677), Ityalo-Dutch proto-sociophysiologist — his doxy 0; citing his Tractatus polistico-philoscophicus (q.v.) 16; quotation from his Tractatus logisticophiloscophicus (q.v.) 38; his command to chart a fiction of our days 55; playing dibs (q.v.) with B. Pascal (q.v.) 66; his ambition for a transvaluation of all supranational activity 95; F. Jacob’s satyriastic assimilation of his Brazilian cousin 148; a Darwinian variant of his rant 277; two quotations from his Tractatus logistico-philoscophicus 289.

Spitmarkx, Mount, a dormant volcano of Wyoming and Flouziana — its talus 16, 120, 121, 262; its stormy auk roosts 113, 120; its tundra 113, 130, 198; gangbang atop 176; its stands of ash (q.v.), larch (q.v.), birch (q.v.), and fir (q.v.) 237; chubbing about on 249; straddling MS 277; snow falling on 285.

Spitmarkx, Simon Abraham (1798–1869), ontonatatological anthrophycologist from Ruhr-Lülnrar (q.v.) — his Lufttoxophiloschriftabbildung (q.v.) 38, 63, 87, 289; his Wachstum als Schwung und Schwund (q.v.) 38, 294; mopsi mold foxing, and worms smirching, his books from Ruhr-Lülnrar to Bombay (q.v.) via London (q.v.) 38, 63; his spurious classification of in and on as two distinct organisms 120; his trip to Fukariland (Fahrt nach Fukariland [q.v.]) 120, 262; his variant of Strickland’s Nimloidu nyctonostici 120; his aphorism about souls dancing along an abyss 177; his Gavia arathusia (q.v.) 262; his tortuous junco (q.v.) 262; his loathing of war (q.v.) music 289.

Spring plain city, a spiritual microcosm of divinity, by MSS (q.v.) — 249.

Stagmomantis flouzianica Stål, 1877, a fallacious praying mantis — 191.

Stari kamikróvači mayá: Av dumsup país fukariyi [My old Croatian shirt: Towards a domination and subjugation of Fukari country], by G. Saliba (q.v.) — 181.

Starling, Aplonis, Basilornis, Cinnyricinclus, Coccycolius, Compsarus, Gracula, Gracupica, Grafisia, Lamprotornis, Mino, Onychognathus, Pastor, Rhabdornis, Sarcops, Saroglossa, Sturnia, Sturnus, and Sturnia spp., Old World ornithoforms, transarathumarian immigrants — singing in calico shadow 54; scouting for worms (q.v.) 79; sky shot through with S 114, 167, 185, 237; sky clad with S 121; clutch of S 137; song of S 157, 225; writing horror into moon 163; quaking 217; clastic frivolity shot through with S 292.

Status: Still Living, oil on canvas, by MR (q.v.) — 271.

Strauss-Lacanacal, Claudius-Julius (1908–2009), Gallo-Roman psychanthroposophologist — his Phallic subincision and vaginal subduction (q.v.) 181, 262.

Strickland, Agatha G. G. von (1896–1974, Krišnaborg), our author’s aunt and author (q.v.) of Promiscuous Paths Toward a Spiritual Romanticism, a gordonian study in good-samaritanism — 249.

Strickland, Hugh Alvin (1811—1853), Norlo-Albionish philologist and naturalist — author (q.v.) of Formal laws for naming and classifying plants and birds (q.v.) 16; author of not just Snails and slugs of Asia Minor (q.v.), but also Flora, fauna and phonology of Fouqqari Country (q.v.) 120; drawing on natural historical and taxonomical work with, and Mountain Fukari words for, snails in Wyoming and Flouziana, had inkling that Mountain Fukari roots inhabit “discontiguous, though sinuous, quanta” of grammar 120; incapacity to bring his hand to jot down “stupration” in his Journals 120; watching a Mountain Fukari woman spinning antlion silk 120; his Sublunary fritillary (Boloria sublunarii Strick., 1843) 162; portrait of an instar of a Barking parrot (Anodorhynchus latratus Strick., 1845) caught by 249; his “Synopsis of Flouzianian Odonata” (q.v.) 278.

Strickland, Ismail I. — class clown and son of Ms. Strickland (q.v.) 38.

Strickland, M. S., Krišnaborg-born (27 July 1967) Intrussyo-Appalachik alumnus of Tiliar Boarding School (q.v) and inhabitant — by turns, by tricks, by habit and proclivity — of Black Yurt (q.v.), Owlstain (q.v.), Paris (q.v.), and Tixpu (q.v.) — soulful scholar and author (q.v.) of Vast Divagations of Divinity (q.v.), A Compass in a Frog Pond (q.v.), Marjoram and Galangal (q.v.), A Quintal of Ruth, A Fifth of Quiddity (q.v.), this synoptic atlas, and so on 0, 249; alias Victor Hugo (q.v.) or Victor Novalis (q.v.) or Victor K. Strigil (q.v.) or Victoria Nabokova 38; anomalous foamy down of 38; fabricator of graffiti in or on a long-lost library book, a soulful balcony, a grand old stadium, a bathroom stall, and a tomb 38; informant of Dr. A. Bimkov’s Pninalgia y plagiaritis 38; blatant plagiary of his lyrical invocation to spiritual parturition, Awaiting Faith’s Monsoon: “Shadow swallowing cloud shadow swallows that continuous inconstancy skimming across this world’s monsoon of faith coming to pass tardily in a cloud of dusty sky building and contracting, building and contracting and crashing its bald crown through faith’s winking lips or lids, as dark as a cat’s pupil dilating and dilatating within this monsoon of faith’s pubic iris crashing down into our mutualistic hands’ bony cup(s) waiting to catch this fistular ritual dragging on from night into morning’s globular light mounting into a flaring squat of giving birth to a bloody soul of faith’s monsoon from which mind is born umbiculus trailing into rain’s jubilant hosanna” (JASI [q.v.] 1, Autumn 1990) 58; with his catchavid hands rubs OWJ’s (q.v.) wild and writhing thighs with poison ivy 69; sitting at a bar in Owlstain (q.v.), turns to watch two drunkards fall groping in ashy sawdust — this is or was prior to submitting to a voluptuous wordf∴ck by OWJ (q.v.) 82; plagiarism of his Batman of Faith: “Spirit is our batman, a blind ghost custom inflicts on us with faith’s sight taking wing on a flight of soulful hands, choking our habits with faith” 102; spiritual prison guard and tutor of faith 102, 252, 279; his totality of vision 138; his mopsi (q.v.) 147; alias Victor Copulano (q.v.) 148; outstanding contributor to Schizomythology (First Instar, Port Gaspard, Wyoming, 1983–1985), and faithful patron of Glamporium 148; spans invisibility from rim to hub with a waving motion of hands 156; alias Victor Lucas (q.v.) 195; a sluttish hybrid of his work 208; his bungalow on Port Astri Bay (q.v.) 209; wraps shaft in shroud of OWJ and drools 214; his wish to watch might a) satisfy a kind of play of light against rapidly strong ringing; b) gratify a mind of clay trying to gainsay a vapid lust thing; c) unify by writing day by day imagination’s punctual nobility; or d) magnify by waiting night by night for prostitution’s liminality 215; alias Victoria Nabokova 221; timorous author of How Plot Functions in Works by Young Adult Authors (q.v.) 221; his picnic with OWJ (q.v.) 240; his sad look 247; alumnus of Tiliar Boarding School (Class of 1984) who is now living in Paris (q.v.), at 23, villa Ballu, 9th arrond. 249; passim; his Contrition (q.v.) 249; his History-making words (q.v.) 249; his Malodorous trio (q.v.) 249; his Marjoram and galangal (q.v.) 249; his Not so much (q.v.) 249; his Proposals and corroborations (q.v.) 249; his Spring plain city (q.v.) 249; his Transfigurations of a scholastic rosary (q.v.) 249; his Variations on faith’s mountaintop (q.v.) 249; cryptic citation of 279; his ritual, his command, his faith 280; his hallucinatory authorship of a crosscountry girlchild 283; his mollusks 284; his strictly adult ardor 285; his dying birth 290; his calling 298; his concluding possibly that Ouida was not actually in a family way with his child and that that conniving trollop’s forcing him to pay four thousand francs, plus an auxiliary doling out of a thousand or two for “moral and spiritual suppport” was, if not actual blackmail, not far from an out and out hornswoggling of not just his capacity to supply additional cash outlays to various instars of, but his faith in, womaninity (q.v.) 300; just now noticing that this book lacks a vital sigil 300, and that that tas d’os pourris of parts 39299 simply will NOT fit into that sandy rift I dug in 38, nor in that tomb of magical mud I found in 234, and that possibly, just possibly, this book’s body’s divastigation (q.v.) is not that of my MSS nor of my OWJ?

Strickland, Ms., Tixputanian journalist, critic, and schizomythologist — author (q.v.) of “Parasitic communication in panmictic populations” 16; author of “Thoughts on various and sundry topics” 38; local luminary and illustrious columnist 38; a not so insignificant scholar 63; annotator of H. A. Strickland’s (q.v.) Journals 120; author of “Mutualistic foundations of biomorality” 298.

Strigil, Victor K., rapist, racist, assassin, pimp, traitor, plagiarist, culprit, criminal, sycophant, rascal, villain, outlaw, madman —14, 28, 30, 38, 77, 102, 109, 120, 139, 141, 177, 182, 191, 195, 198, 206, 208, 221, 234, 240, 249, 252, 256, 262, 273, 276, 279, 283, 290, 294, 300, and passim.

Stupa, or stūpa, a kind of gynophobic church (q.v.) — disturbs a blunt world’s contradictions 178; sanctuary of postmasturbatory patriarchy 181.

Stuprations past, an apology for, by C. H. Quilty (q.v.) — its walk-on part in a bibliography (q.v.) 191.

Subborainizy (1564, Corinth–1616, Bagdad), Doro-Tagma scholar, ornithologist, librarian, and birdman — his Book of Distaff Cuttings (Ktar og-Firrsan, c. 1600) 113; citation of his citation of Patrolius’s Ionis Astra 273; conjuring his ghost as an avatar of a station built by OPTA (q.v.) 300.

Sublunary fritillary, Strickland’s (Boloria sublunarii Strick, 1843), una mariposa huida of coastal Wyoming — mimicking with a dark wink Huard’s Boloria atrocostalis (q.v.), 162; trying to assail a hummingbird’s (q.v.) hoard of lilac (q.v.) 249.

Subordination, how to avoid it, by M. Mithun (q.v.) — 120.

Such, man’s historical going down and woman’s choosing of, victorious pornography (1871), by C. Darwin — 294.

Śukra, our sublunary world’s bright rocky sulfurous sibling; also known, in its gynomorphic syntagm, as Vulcan’s consort, Adonis’s doxy, Kypris, Inana (q.v.), Diana (q.v.), Ishtar (q.v.), and so on — sparklingly tops a mountainous horizon at dawn 16; holy star Io (q.v.) 38, 205, 214, 249, 273, 297; sluicing body into Ś 94; ionic astrum (q.v.) or ‘dawn star’ 113; in conjunction with Mars (q.v.) 117; slicing body into Ś 169; its andromorphic syntagm at uttarāyaṇa is known as Arjuna (q.v.) and its ditto at dakṣiṇāyana, as son of man or Krishna (q.v.) 300.

Sumac (Rhus trilobata Nutt.), skunkbush — on Owlstain’s outskirts 269.

Surnia oria Strick., 1845, Strickland’s Viridian Mountain hawk (q.v.) owl — 72, 86, 120, 230, 249, 256, 258, 295.

Swallow — crotch of Hirundo nigrorufa (Barboza di Bocaggio, 1877), a black and rufous S making annual migratory divastigations (q.v.) from coastal Arathu loci to riparian Congo country 7; H. rustica L., your typical anthroposymbiotic barn S, arrows down in 10, 75, and 237, and howls its particular whistling chirping cry in 44; colony of cliff S (H. pyrrhonota) 55; spiral flight of ditto 132; Attilacora fascista, a wrathful S 137; social S (H. nigrorufa? H. pyrrhonota? H. rustica? H. nigrita? H. dimidiata? H. lucida? H. albigularis? H. cucullata?) 219; gulls imitating H. pyrrhonota 288.

Swan — timid arc of Cygnus buccinator Richardson, 1832 88; Swiss C. cygnus L. 178.

Sylphid transformations [Schabwandlung], a study of carabid mating habits, by F. Kafka (q.v.) — 221.

Symbolism, Anykyusyan ritual and, by M. Wilson (q.v.) — 148.

Taboo, playground of, our fulcral locus of urdostoist (q.v.) clitalysis, our pivotal agora of ludict (q.v.) agon — formation of story on, through, across, against, or with which 0; in or out of or way past its bounds 82, 113, 294; locus of production of Aunt Smaragdina’s Parandrus (q.v.) 191; you or DU(H) (q.v.) could also call it “a playground of symbolic constraint” 221; its tawny volcanic sand, and constraining of ardor on 262.

Tagma philosophy, a sociophysiological introduction to, by H. M. Flamingo (q.v.) — 120.

Tamarind (Tamarindus indica L.) — slick mordant T 189.

Tansy (“And in that spot full of marjoram and willow [q.v.] and mugwort and balm and marigolds [q.v.] and mint and pumpkins twining, as a child, for hours I would try to climb up to that window full of xanthous rod-blooms, and catch a handful of tansy [q.v.] running high, running high” M. S. Strickland [q.v.], Faithful Paths to God’s Clarity [n.d.]) — 249.

Tarantula (Avicularia avicularia L.), a horrifying octapod — 241.

Tartakowski, Tatiana (b. 1985), flaming whipgirl of Tagmo-Intrussyan origin — playing hopscotch (q.v.) with OWJ (q.v.) at Play Toy Bay (q.v.) 221.

TH, sociophysiological shorthand for T. Hamiltonian (q.v.) — Mtn. Fuk. informant 120.

Thamnophis marcianus Baird & Girard, 1853, a timid colubrid — writhing in a coati’s maw 207.

Thompson, Sgt. Stith (b. 1955, Owlstain; d. 1986, Port Gaspard), marginal journalist — his class at Port Gaspard (q.v.) Vocational School 148.

Thrush (Turdus obscurus Gimmal, 1789), shy robin (q.v.) of Paris (q.v.) — victim of a hawk’s (q.v.) rapacity 72; thrusting 183.

Thrush, wood (Hylocichla cathartus Gimmal, 1789), a wood thrush (q.v.) — twisting frantically 282.

Thumb, a pollical digit, also known as aṅgula, bawd, boshi, ib-hám, or pulgar — kissing T 0; T up 30; thirsty T 30, 209; pinch of T, ring, and nail 31; T-snatch 44, 114, 123, 163, 195; T-tight 52; counting with fist and T 64; hangnail T 66; thrusting T into jampot 120; T up ass (q.v.) 123; snap of T 156, 253; T a lick 184; flurry of digits and T, tobacco-sallow T 191; T for onion (q.v.) 195; thick T 197; long T 220; T hard against larynx 237; all T numb 246; My T is Gungho for Stoic but Climactic Applications of Masturbation 249; T-and-pinky duo 249; God’s T 249; haphazard T 262; using your T 262; T a raw nail’s dirk stiffly in 265; T-thick 284.

Tiamat, schizomythic Babylonian matriarch of storms and scorpions (q.v.) — 113.

Tiliar Boarding School: A sociophysiology of graduation (1983), by A. Raymond (q.v.) — 38.

Tithonia rotundifolia, a kind of marigold — 207.

Tityra cayana L., a tityrid cotinga — socializing 221.

Tixpu, a barrio or prigorod of Agua Puta (jocularly known in slut’s jargon (q.v.) as Slut’s Wash, Blyatnyi Vodki, and so on), NL; a faubourg or barrio of Owlstain (q.v.), FZ — locus of Tiliar Boarding School (q.v.) 0, 38, 69, 100, 120, 166; 249; its ignominious shacks or huts in which impudicity is not uncommon, typically sporting crapulous roofs of tin or zinc 0, 9, 11, 20, 45, 52, 77, 82, 84, 95, 120, 142, 154, 156, 184, 191, 198, 213, 216, 220, 221, 223, 249, 252; its poplars (q.v.) 20; it raucous corvids 20, 238; locus of prostitution 24; locus of publication of Pninalgia y plagiaritis (q.v), by Dr. A. Bimkov (q.v.), and Tiliar Boarding School (q.v.), by A. Raymond (q.v.) 38; its infamous Trou Noir (q.v.) 38, 161, 221, 294; staying put in dusty T 45; its (paradoxically?) habitual suspicion 64; known for its altar to Pārvatī 94; its willows 125; locus of publication of Tagma sorghum: Yummy yum yum (q.v.) 181; its motmots (q.v.) 210; stray dog limping along a trail in 217; its lax laws 220; its blackbirds 252; its musk 258; locus of Maya indigo production 262; its willows (q.v.) 294.

Tlaatlata, gynandromorphic snailman of Fukari myth — antlion (q.v.) of 0, 120, 262; snail (q.v.) of 0, 120, 262; half-man, half-woman; half-snail, half-bird; half-human, half-animal; halfanimal, half-plant; half-plant, half-rock; half-rock, half-crystal; half-crystal, half-rain; half-rain, half-cloud; half-cloud, half-sky; half-sky, half-sun; half-sun, half-star; half-star, half-moon; half-moon, half-man 113; shawl of womaninity (q.v.) of 120, 262; winding mountain trail of myth of 120.

To corral a stray: Marginal control of anomalous words in Fukari by an archaic grammatical class, by M. Turbo (q.v.) — 120.

Toad, mostly Bufo spp. — 41, 65, 177, 250; chromatic C (Ansonia iridia Pillai, 1891) 274.

Tomato (Solanum rubrisycoticum Mart. & Rusby), a globular fruit having juicy crimson pulp and tiny pippins — lunch with T 147; Ityalian T 182.

Toucan (Ramphastos dicostalis Swainson, 1823), an altitudinal and bi-coastal trans-Arathu migrant — flying past a bungalow window in Port Astri Bay 209; swaying into a high matapalo in Tixpu 238.

Towards a world of total writing in which all may, nay should, join, by G. Picard (q.v.) — 213.

Town city plain: A cultural history of Tagma and Intrussyan incursions into Fukariland, by S. Flawndol (q.v.), W. M. M. Johnson (q.v.), and A. K. McLaughlin (q.v.) — 38, 82, 249, 287.

Toxoplasma gondii, sarcocystid protozoa parasitically cycling from bird to cat to man, from man to bird to cat, from cat to bird to man, from man to cat to bird, from bird to man to cat, and from cat to man to bird — its doxological function 63.

Tractatus polistico-philoscophicus, a scowling work of political philosophy, by B. Spinoza (q.v.) — 16, 38.

Transformation [Umwandlung], by F. Kafka (q.v.) — 289.

Trials, lawful [Prüfung als Anwalt], by F. Kafka — 16.

Triatoma maculata Stål, 1859, prismatic assassin bug — 120, 181, 191, 207, 262.

Trio, obfuscatory, A Tara T Dirty™ (q.v.) — starring GG (q.v.) and MR (q.v.), with script by A. Tron (q.v.) and photography by B. Rao (q.v.), in a production by M. S. Litarn (q.v.) 167.

Trogon (Trogon saffronicus Brisson, 1760), an odd bird — 235.

Tron, Aron, an arrant patron of Glamporium (q.v.) — his script 167; allonym of O. O. Bar-Ingstron (q.v.) 181; a slangy liar 191.

Trou Noir (Black Grotto), an infamous sin shack of Tixpu — its umbral holm 0; plural violation of a drowning child in TN 38, 221, 294; its intramural olm (q.v.) 71; its mouth swallows blood 161; its instauration of Full-Frontal Matriarch (q.v.) 249.

Trout (Oncorhyncus mykiss Walbaum, 1792), a prismatic fish — a fly-fish cast for 199.

Troy, a Luwian city of Anatolia — 38.

Trypanosoma cruzi, a parasitic protozoan — 63.

Tulip — calypso T, Tulipa ningalia (Gimmal) 48; T. clusiana L. 88; star T, Calochortus monophyllus (Lindl.) 176; T poplar, Liriomagnolia tulipia L. 294.

Tulpuyauor, a Norlian dish of snails in a cumin and moustard roux au jus — 113, 120.

Turbo, Mihály (b. 1957), Buda-born sociophysiologist, schizomythologist, and founding faculty chum at ISOCPHYS — coach at Tiliar Boarding School (q.v.) 38; rummy 26, 78, 121, 129, 190, 195, 232, 238, 251, 273, 277, 282, 287; co-author with B. Vighdan (q.v.) of “Comparison of cyclic parasitism by Oosdoli urvysc in contrasting populations of Hamiltonia and Babylonia” 113; fallacious linguist 120; author (q.v.) of “An appraisal of Wainwright’s (1925) triadic classification of root class in Mountain Fukari” (q.v.), “To corral a stray: Marginal control of anomalous words in Fukari by an archaic grammatical class” (q.v.), “Grammatical class in Mountain Fukari is a form of obviation” (q.v.), and “Grammatical class in Mountain Fukari is obviously a syntactic fiction” (q.v.) 120; co-author with Hupa M. Flamingo (q.v.) of “Clit, clitic, and community: Sociolinguistic signs of primordial matriarchy among Mountain Fukari” (q.v.) and “Why a caudal approach to Mountain Fukari rostrality is just as wrong as any” 120; collaborator on Schizomythology (plural instars) and various chatroom communications 148; miraculously bicycling in Buda (q.v.) 148.

Turnip (Brassica rapa L.), bulbous taproot of a kind of mustard (q.v.) — worship of 38.

Two four fu§k train six and six four fϖck train two (oil on canvas) — a painting by MR (q.v.) 12.

Ubag, Osnak and, a curious pair of “sociophysiologists” — sisti fitna with Ginot, in pursuit of slut’s jargon (q.v.), dancing, chanting, drinking vodka, tossing Ada (q.v.) 191.

Ubu, P., cock-holding cuckold of his Cocu cocufiant (q.v.) — hard to fathom 221.

Udidi (Hamiltonian), Dado (b. Iagip, 1971), Arathu-plying gingoon and occasional inhabitant of Iagip (q.v.) and Owlstain (q.v.) — author and/or protagonist of Sais pas, su jamais, saurais jamais 38; playing Mountain Fukari with OWJ (q.v.) in Iagip 120; groping for communication in a cholita (q.v.) 148; autistic son of T. Hamiltonian (q.v.) 181; as A. Tron’s paranymph Babur, a shy (or sly) lascar, in Glamporium’s production of Aunt Smaragdina’s Parandrus (q.v.) 191; author of This world as compass and sinking 221; AI’s polololito 249; co-clitalyst with OWJ (q.v.) of Patrolius’s Ionis Astra 267.

Ur, city of Babylonia (q.v.) — 220, 267, 297.

Urdostoist Publishing Assn., publishing company straddling Owlstain (q.v.) and Paris (q.v.) — 38, 82, 120, 181, 191, 262.

Vain mouth, by R. Firbank (q.v.) — a book of odd jottings 221.

Vals, Hugo, allonym of G. “Hugo” Saliba (q.v.) — his Turning happy tricks in drag 19.

Various and sundry topics (1996), thoughts on, by Ms. Strickland (q.v.) — 38.

VD, sociophysiological shorthand for V. Darkbloom (q.v.).

Vighdan, Bartram (b. 1953), ISOCPHYS-founding sociophysiologist originally from Norlia, now living in Owlstain, natch — author (q.v.) of “Globarš: A ritual Tagma physiological philosophy” 38, 63, 82; vodkaphilous imbibulator 49, 119, 150, 190, 195, 232, 238, 241, 282; author of “Polyglottalic nominalism: A situation of dyadic bilingualism” and “An introduction to practical applications of achromatic inspissations to situations of dyadic bilingualism” 63; co-author with M. Turbo of “Comparison of cyclic parasitism by Oosdoli urvysc in contrasting populations of Hamiltonia and Babylonia” 113; obliging words and acts of thanks and submission to 120; collaborator in chatroom communications 148; picking and munching walnuts and apricots in Norlia 148; panting moaning groaning gasping author of Axioms of Owstain (q.v.) 221.

Vilano-Bodkin, Maud (1875–1967), Intrussyo-Albionian schizomythologist — author (q.v.) of Typological dictionary of schizomythic mammals (q.v.) 191.

Villon, François (1431–1463), Gallo-Frankish vagabond — author (q.v.) Dans ludict panoyausx où nous vivonz à nostr’ oisifvs (q.v.) 191.

Viridian, a town in Wyoming — its Douglas Fir Publications 120.

Viridian, G. P. (1878–1951), propagator of B. Vighdan (q.v.), promulgator of sociophysiology — author (q.v.) of “Towards a futurity for any sort of sociophysiology” 191.

Vishnu, or Viṣṇu, hylomorphic syntagm of astral cosmognosy, or simply astrognosy — his sacrosanct ouroborostic hylophany 85; in conjunction with Shiva (q.v.) and Brahma (q.v.) to construct a full-blown cosmology 88; analogous to passion plays 249.

Wacht’s-Dock, H. Van, Dutch historian of unknown caducity — his Natural and moral history of Poldavia (q.v.) 273.

Wainwright, Carlton (1873–1946), Appalachian Wakashanist — his “Fouqqari, an outlying idiom of Mosan” (q.v.) 120; his “Triadic harmonization among words of Fouqqari” (q.v.) 120.

Wainwright’s (1925) triadic classification of root class in Mountain Fukari, an appraisal of, by M. Turbo (q.v.) — 120.

Walnut (Juglans duclouxiana S. Wats.), a hardwood, its nuts, its bark, and so on — 46, 50, 148, 189, 252.

War (jung in Nr.) — civil W 0; politics and W 30, 46; W saw (a quasi-palindromic word) 38, 82; W hymn 75; affliction such as Ishtar’s Hand (q.v.) conducing to W 113; im Anfang W das Tabu 120; W as sacrificial trading 127; all-out W lacking any glint of an ultimatum 148; consolation of an imaginary W 165; W brings so many out of hiding 190; W wound 191; whoring and W-ing 191; anti-W hymn 191; W and prostitution 221, 279; constant W 242; man o’ W 249, 278; avant la W 249; W music 289; W and schizomythic alimony 294.

Warrior — W-king 38; was any Roman woman a W? 60; W guard-nymphs 113; moonmad W 195; rapacious W 221; W morph 262; ktar-swilling W 267; Norlian W 267; Sogdianian W 267; roughshod W 289.

Warsaw, vistular city of Masovia, known for its ducal folk and craft traditions — locus of publication of J. Potocki’s (q.v.) Manuscript found at Saragasso (q.v.) 38; locus of publication of W. Gombrowicz’s (q.v.) Furdydurkus (q.v.) 82.

Washingtonia, fort, an oppidum of South Appalachia — its Ballpoint 16.

Wasp — mouthful of humming Polybia flavitincta (Fox 1898), a polygynous social W 30, 209; swarming Apoica thoracica (Buysson 1906), also a polygynous social W 38; tail of Andricus kollari (Hartig 1843), a cynipid W 53; plant galls and various cynipids, such as Andricus, Biorrhiza, and Cynips spp. 63; finch hunts Trypoxylon politum (Drury 1773), a crabronid 84; spiral flight of W (two pompilids, possibly, fighting for domain control) 96; ditto for “watching W warp a slanting path through air” (although “charcoal viridian ruby gold” brings to mind an asocial prismatic wood-pulp W such as Gigantocyttarus iridoclavatus (Zikan 1949) 97; Chirodamus fulvicornis (Dahlbom 1853), a pompilid 120; sun-drunk Polybia nidulatrix (Zavattari 1906), a polygynous social W [again!] 173; fictitious fig W (almost any agaonid, but most probably an instar of Avpocrypta, Apocryptophagus, Camarothorax, Dolichoris, Kradibia, Liporrhopalum, Lipothymus, Marginalia, Odontofroggatia, Parasycobia, Sycobia, Sycomacophila, Sycophaga, or Sycophilomorpha) 191; tarantula hawk W (a pompilid instar, no doubt, of Fabricius’s P. plutus mimicry-group) 204; in “that swarm of buzzing flying things,” you may spot cyanic or cyanosmaragdous, fulvid, auricomous, rufous, rufulous, rubious, and livid or purplish chrysidids (cuckoo W); phytophagous torymids such as Palmon mirus (Girault 1913), Podagrion parvulum (Masi 1940), Torymus socius (Mayr 1874), or Platykula albihirta (Ashman 1887); myriad tiny mymarids; and robust palynophagous and frugivorous tiphiids such as Agriomyia, Anthobosca, or Tiphia spp.; in addition, that “tiny tiny tiny W, all crimson and black, that had no wings, though, gosh, could it sting!” is actually a nanitic mutillid cow ant, Smicrotilla tixputana (Bischoff 1920) 207; hummingbird (q.v.) hunting wood-boring siricids 212; imaginal strigillations of Zyzzyx flouziana (Strickland 1845), a cymophanous crabronid 224; parasitism of io moth (q.v.) by various chalcidid W, such as Anastatus axiagasti, A. bifasciatus, A. biproruli, A. dasyni, A. disparis, A. hirtus, A. mirabilis, or A. thalassina 229; millions of throbbing apocritans! 242; froward Agriomyia marginalis (Smith 1877), a tiphiid W 249; parasitism of antlions (q.v.) by chalcidids such as Lasiochalcidia or Hybothorax spp. 262.

Whorf, B. L., glottalic absolutist hiding out in Fort Washingtonia (q.v.) — his “Grammatical classification” (of what? [q.v.]) 120.

Why a caudal aproach to Mountain Fukari rostrality is just as wrong as any, by M. Turbo (q.v.) and H. M. Flamingo (q.v.) — 120;

Willow, Salix discolor (pussy W), S. cordata (furry W.), S. nigra (black W), S. glabra (bald W), S. lucida (shining W), S. triandra (almond W), S. vulpina (foxy W), S. aurita (nymph W), S. candida (candid W), S. gracilistyla (stylish W), S. babylonica (Babylonian W), S. acutifolia (sharp W), S. fragilis (crack W), and so on — 40, 77, 118, 125, 133, 181, 249, 269, 284, 288, 294.

Wilson, Monica (1908–1982), South Appalachian ritualist of Anyakyusyan origin — author (q.v.) of Anyakyusyan rituals of king- and kinship (q.v.) 148; author of “Anyakyusyan ritual and symbolism” (q.v.) 148.

Wilson, Nancy O. (b. 1962, Port Gaspard; d.1986, Port Gaspard), Wyominian schizomythologist — co-author, with R. H. MacArthur (q.v.), of “Schizomythology involving pinyon jays (Gymnorhinus ultramarina) among Mountain Fukari populations in Wyoming” (q.v.) 148.

Wishram , functional symbolic consonantism in, by F. Sapir (q.v.) — 120.

Womaninity, totality of distaff things — initiation into 0, 120, 189, 251, 262, 294; woman’s infinity 6, 76, 120; from infancy to 38; staid W 76, 113; clitics of 120, 262; contact with 120; huts of 120, 189, 251, 262, 294; infusion of 120; instars of 120, 262; shawl of 120, 262; sigil of 120, 191, 262, 294; conjoining with masculinity 123; its virtuous disgust 124; compass of 148, 181; transformational W 148; control of 181; W of word 181; tidal flow of moon fluid 191; slap-happy sapphic haptic thrill of 195; a story that I, R. Linda (q.v.), script 221; drastic surgical mutilations of 249; condition of 262; its crimson sin 262; physiological start of 262; ubiquitous W 262; cowl of plump W 272; shot through with W 273; dogmatic distortions of 294; fistula, fulcrum, hub, and pivot of 294.

Woolf, Virginalia (1882–1941), prolific author (q.v.) of Orlando, Orlando, Flush, Jacob’s Room, Lucas’s Daddy, Barth’s Goatboy, Djuna’s Nightwood, and so on — 0, 208.

Word and action, Norman sanction in, by G. H. von Wright (q.v.) — 82.

Word’s womaninity, by C. Malamoud (q.v.) — 148.

Worm — book W, trails and casts of 38; silk W 38; inch W 50; analogy of faith to a parasitic W 62; hook W 63; all-swallowing world W (possibly an allusion monthly blood, probably an analogy to Milky Way) 63, 120; schistosomiastic W womb 63; dracunculiasis-inducing spool W 63; insightful young W, its drowning 71; starling (q.v.) scouts for W 79; poultry (q.v.) W 86; dark W smirching bright divinity’s lair 102; unwind monstrous brain W 191; parasitic gut W 191; monstrous W throbbing with continuous coils of agony 191; shadow-loving Ascaris umbraphilia (q.v.) 206; slimy black flat W (unknown sp.) 207; gobbling W 208; W which is as much world 219; W casts 241, 295; victory of W 247; analogous to umbilical cord 249; plural of W 252; small W as quarry of or for antlions 262; hollow young W (similar to that insightful young W of 71?) 274; W analogous to stoma, somach, colon, anus 294; slow W of pain unspooling 296; W wood 298.

Worms, R. (1869–1926), Gallo-Frankish social pathologist and organismal sociologist — his Will and obligation (1891), his Morality of Spinoza (1892), his Natural historical foundations of sociology (1896), his Social orgasm (1896), and his Biological foundations of social transformation (1910) 252.

Wort, St. John’s (Clusia lythrum var. mutilum Lindblom, 1836), a psychotropic bush — 21, 120.

Wright, Arvind Victor von (1873–1939), Normo-Saxonic author (q.v.) of a singular Bildungsroman (q.v.), Gadsby: Champion of youth (1939) — translation of said B into Ityalian by GG (q.v.) and MR (q.v.) 191.

Wright, Garbo Howard von (1916–2003), Krišnaborg-born bi-cautious john — his Norman sanction in word and action (q.v.) 82.

Wrist, distal radioulnar and radiocarpal joints including ossa carpi such as your scaphoid, pisiform, os hamatum, os lunatum, os capitatum, and so on along with various vinculi muscularia — rubbing your W 0; in W is rhythm 30, 253; on palm and W scribbling words 35; snagging W with thorns 38; flick of W 48; virgin W 87; W-guard 88; watch-clad W 96; itching on palm and W 178; nails in W 198; W-thin hilt 205; fiction’s frail W 218; strapping of hours, days, months to W 249; binding of W and skull 268; compulsory W-ring 274.

Xwarpo, a sycophantic old minion — his ktar, his many arms, his indignation 191.

Yarrow (Cicuta maculata L.), also known as arrowroot, sanguinary, woundwort, and badman’s playtoy — 111, 176, 181.

Young adult authors, how plot functions in works by, an instructional manual that shows how plot functions quantally in said works, by M. S. Strickland (q.v.) — 221.

Your worldly playboy’s daily Iago, by I. Monk (q.v.) — this is just plain silly 221.

Yum, Tagma sorghum: yummy yum, by O. O. Bar-Ingstron (q.v.), which author (q.v.) is also known as A. Tron (q.v.) — a youthful magnum opusculum 181.

Zalozhnyu na umirayu, a work of Intrussyan propaganda and pornographic Intrussyanism by G. Saliba (q.v.) — known in Flouziana as Mourant couchant and in Appalachia as Dying birthing 120.

Zaragoza [or Saragossa], manuscript found in [or at] (1809, 1810, 1813), by J. Potocki (q.v.) — 38, 189, 251, 273.

Zinc — St. Arjuna’s Z infusions 35; bartop in lupanar of Old Owlstain 191; pots, pails, or roofs of Z 235; blood on Z 296.

Antlion. From a photograph shot by Otto X. Goldbarg, c. 1924–1927, of a Mountain Fukari clay bowl (#2004.24.13595) found with Ossuary 162 in Room 21 of Swarts Ruin, Grant, Wyoming, and on display at Harvard’s Display Institution of Old Folks and Tribals in Boston, Mass.
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