Editions MSS
Editions MSS
Diagram of cyclical parasitism in Hamiltonia involving Oosdoli urvysc, lazy oas (Moanzy ninsrata), Norlian snails (Nimloidu sp.), and humans.

Fig. 1. Situation in Hamiltonia. (A) Moanzy host cytoplasm sustains sutric invasion by Oosdoli sporoplasmids; cytoplasmic transformation, rapid binary fission, and cytoplasmic lysis follow with a burst of Oosdoli cnidocysts. (a) Nimloidu swallow Moanzy scat containing cnidocysts. (B) In Nimloidu gut, chaotic fusion of multipolar anisogamic Oosdoli oocysts churns out syncytial polysomic sporocysts. (b) Norlian gourmands savor pavonian Nimloidu in which parasitism by Oosdoli is rampant. (C) Induction of haptomonad photophilic Oosdoli sporoblasts from gut-bound sporocysts via mustard-biocatalysis prompts phototrophic ritualization in human hosts. (c) By munching on human carrion, Moanzy fulfill cyclic parasitic natural history of Oosdoli.

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