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Editions MSS
The Safely Waking Loam

M. S. Strickland
First put out in the Summer-Fall 2002 issue of Esther Esmans The Meaner Side | Book Map |

Though staid compared to what you readers of Hester Esmans The Meaner Side typically excoriate your senses upon in that organ, said editrice thereof deemed this nourishing stromal patchwork quilt of diligent textwork enveloping a schizomythic oospore of a nixed preterite tercet of incipient ditto — “On a hill I stood; overlooking: Observing: / Past present future spread out before me: / Not separate but one” — suitable enough to put out for in the issue following hard upon our author’s (OA’s) trente-cinquième anniversaire, to celebrate which he, steeped in and with a recent, select, and very intense reading of the Appalachian conjunctivists, wrote the stuff, as well as feeling that it was high time he tamed by means of the shimmering versality of diligent textwork — in the chimeric medoid of the tetradic structure of the iterative litany of which the eternally vernal imposture of self may be imagined to frisk and prance and chub about like a fully masked and costumed ritualist indomitably pursuing, through the fancy-footwork and taboo-defying rhythms of the dance, the cathartic colature of be(com)ing — various of his oral speculations anent the emergence and embodiment of time from and in the organic (precisely, in other words, what Lamarck dubbed the orgasmic) resistance to entropy, not to mention bringing to fruition the lexical ecological pépins and the heteroclitical noyaux of rhesophrenic dissociation as well as the savage sociophysiological baies gleaned here and there, in Lutèce and Owlstain, primarily, but also I should emphasize that my brother, alias Victor K. Strigil, is no stand-in, despite the insistence of malevolent wags (soient frîtes ces langues ennuyeuses!), for either me or my nom de plume, M. S. Litarn, under which it is very likely I saw the thing through from proof to press.
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