Editions MSS
Editions MSS
Refouler exclusivement l’unique
M. S. Strickland

A yazdehanity of diligent rime argile

Beulah, Lutèce, Owlstain | 1993–2003

First published 2003 | Book Map

Chain-smoking the digitalin-containing blend of fermented, shade-grown, sun-dried, and flue-cured tobacco varieties the author M. S. Strickland, textworker, has been obtaining from a Tekruri quincaillerie on rue Poulet in the 18th ever since relocating to his current abode in the literary district of that same arrondissement and learning to roll cigarettes therefrom during a period which saw him traduce the uxorious thrall of Tetrastic bigamy, traffic in both les belles lettres et les éblouis de l’être in the form of well-received essais put out by various periodicals both local and more distant (among which we may include Hester Manses The Meaner Side, ISOCPHYS’s Journal of Sociophysiology, Ouida Willoughby Johnson’s Divastigations, Owstain’s SCAT, and the Appalachian Spiritual Institution’s JASI) and submit to the heat-erautist, anti-therapeutic manipulations, embrocations, and incantations of not just one, but two practitioners (Dr. I. H. Gryx and Dr. E. B. Nwie, respectively) of said psycho-haptic arts, thus enabling our author (OA) to refouler exclusivement l’unique sujet qui parcourt the disillusioning poignancies and enervating humiliations of life so as to allow that same subject to be the sensitive, receptive, responsive object of more efficient and well nigh irresistible seductions by ditto’s more piquantly insufflatory and invigorating fruits among which is and/or are the very yazdehanity of diligent rime argile, Refouler exclusivement l’unique, you readers of which will be sure not to be left untouched by whether in the form of the Gallo-Flouzianian originals or the Anglo-Appalachik travestissements of OA’s furacious imitations of Gerard de Nerval’s Chimères, promiscuously textual escamotages des lectures théoriques, amiable threnodies of elegiacal textwork, and nostalgic descants faisant songer aux maintes petites histoires que notre auteur a subies, senties, jouies in the assiduous Ishtar hands of a plural cast of, as the following choice redolent siren of a word would have it, womaninity.
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